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Round One – Let’s Rock!

Round One – Let’s Rock!


And here we go…..

The first round of Season 5 Playoffs is under way and the teams are rocking out of the gate already…


Some early favored teams to win Round 1 are clearly in the lead…But it’s early and ANYONE can take home a spot in the second round…

– We see CSN well ahead of the Journeyers who are in tough in the first round match up. Can the 16th seed take on the mighty CSN?

– Ubers and Lucky 13 could be the match up of the first round. While both teams have a very successful history, we’ll see if this match up lives up to the billing!

– Ajay Team is a team on the rise! They are up against Surfaholics Bravo which is sure to be a tough match up!

– Phoenix! The two time defending champ is really in for an intense battle with In To Win. Both of these teams have a lot to play for…We’ll see how this turns out soon..

– Renegades finds themselves in a head to head battle with Ultimate Surf Warriors…Renegades, with an early advantage!

– Easy Team is up against AdKreator. Let’s see if Barb can rally her troops because they are going against a very focused group with a lot on the line…

– Beginners and Winners are leading versus WealthBuilders in this first round. Can Evelyn Kramer get her team to the levels we saw in previous playoffs?

– And finally Surfaholics Alpha (who Jon i spicking to win it all) is ahead of Success Seekers so far in the match up. Will they get through to the second round?

This is always the most fun of the season, these first few rounds and so far everything has been running smoothly!

Be sure to note: You get 100,000 CTP XP for every dollar spent at TimTech sites during the entire playoffs so use this strategically! NUGGET: This included ALL purchases for the upcoming Badge Hunt as well! As well as all the bonuses you can earn for your team through surfing…It’s an open game for anyone to take!

Good luck to everyone…Let’s have some fun!

4 responses to “Round One – Let’s Rock!”

  1. I guess I can. Lol
    Go Wealth Builders!


    • Jon Olson says:


      I’m surfing my tail off boss 🙂

      • mvitalyus says:

        And while you are at it, Jon, try to correct absolute nonsence which the current scoring is right now. At one moment in the morning noone from Renegades has qualified yet but their score was 16,105,813,007

        Also there is usual competition going as if the playoffs are not on yet.

        Best Regards,

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