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Matt and Val Team Up On Massive CTP XP Giveaway

Matt and Val Team Up On Massive CTP XP Giveaway

On Monday Matt Badura was a special guest on fellow SurfAholics Alpha team-mate Valentin Mavrodin’s first live Spreecast show.

It seems like they enjoyed working together in giving away CTP XP that they decided to do it again…but this time on a much bigger scale.

Matt and Val are literally giving away millions of XP…starting today.

millions of XP giveaway

They are promoting this like crazy in the TEs right now so be sure to click on their page to see what the guys are up to.

The guys even secured Site of the Day at Sweeva for today which is International Day of Sweeva but more about Sweeva in the next blog post.

22 responses to “Matt and Val Team Up On Massive CTP XP Giveaway”

  1. Thank you Patrick for another awesome post.Yes,me and Matt plan on giving away XP in `left,right and centre`,if I may quote you on that one from a previous post of yours.So come join this historical event!We will surely offer you the best support we can to whatever questions you might have!

  2. charlotte ericson says:

    Great offer! Already a member of the sites though 🙁

  3. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job!

  4. Raj G says:

    Excellent offer!!!

  5. wow this is awesome. thanks

  6. steven schofield says:

    Great work guys.

  7. excellent idea guys, I see xp has become a hit for timtech

  8. Lynn M says:

    Great idea guys! WTG!

  9. Ken Wolff says:

    WTG! Making great use of the current kraze.

  10. Virginia says:

    This is just insane! So insane I clicked.

  11. You guys Rock great job

  12. Sig says:

    Success with your Team up work.

  13. Patricia Dean says:

    Great splash

  14. I loved what Jon had to say about the post this pm on spreecast. You guys are leading the way.

  15. WTG Guys, good collaboration

  16. Karen Kuty says:

    Way to work it, guys! Woohoo for you!

  17. Val and Matt did a great job!

  18. This was a great show, and for Val’s first cast, I think he rocked it!

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