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Are You Ready! The Playoffs Are About To Begin…

Are You Ready! The Playoffs Are About To Begin…

Midnight! March 3rd! 2016!

Please note: This post contains crucial information for all team players. be sure to share this with your team mates before March 3rd!

The Playoffs are about to begin, it will be tournament based like previous playoffs! Where team 1 faces team 16, team 2 faces team 15 and so on…

We are making sure our promo partners are a HUGE part of these playoffs so this is how we are scoring things;

– All match ups will be CTP XP based!

– The more promos you complete, the more of a multiplier you get for your team!

– You can get a maximum of 15x multiplier (5x for completing the Daily Challenge, 5x for completing 5 Sub Games and 5x for opening 5 Vaults)

– We listened to YOUR concerns and took away the 1 million XP per dollar spent at ListViral. Instead we evened it out across the board and every dollar that is spent from now on is worth 100,000 CTP XP. No matter which TimTech program you purchase at!

Here is the payout schedule for all winning teams…

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $125

And remember, your teams have been winning bonus cash all season long as well!

We hope you enjoy the playoffs and good luck to the Top 16 teams for making it to the tournament!

The craziness starts on March 3rd at 12:01am!

16 responses to “Are You Ready! The Playoffs Are About To Begin…”

  1. Good changes! I can’t wait to get started.
    Go Team Wealth Builders!

  2. Suzanne Howarth says:

    What happened to Cash Surfing Network?

  3. Ajay says:

    yes surprising CSN off board from team playoff list ?

  4. Hi Jon,

    I have noticed that few members have billions of XP in their account and they are in play off. I wanted to see that all the member start freshly when the play off start(tomorrow). So, with that everyone will get a chance otherwise if they start with that much XP in their account other team will not get any chance. Please remove all the XP from everyone before the play off start and start it freshly.

  5. Ajay says:

    hi jon is the playoff seeding not sorted out still. My team is showing seeded 16th which is way too low if we consider the points accumulated tally?

  6. Finally !! Great changes Jon ! let those who use TT most win.
    Think many will like this change

  7. Ajay says:

    let’s see. but seems dice has got loaded heavily in favour of teams with TE owners with big bonuses : hope teams don’t indulge in “buying out wins” instead of “surfing to win”

  8. Anne Bergaman says:

    Let’s see what that they want. Not happy with TT pages .surfing too fast or the wrong shape

    • Jon Olson says:

      Tim told me he made some changes to our server this week that should have helped. If not, send in a support ticket so we can track down what’s going on.

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