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The Playoffs Begin March 3rd

The Playoffs Begin March 3rd

The Playoffs BeginMarch 3rd

Here we go…..Are you ready???

Here’s some sneaky tips and tricks to get your teams a higher seed over the next day or so as well as some strategies to win your first round match ups;

1. The Game Changer: Grab Your 10x Multiplier at eHost – Simply put, this could be the best $2.75 you will ever spend! Here’s why…Not only do you get your team a massive 10x multiplier for the entire season, but you also get your very own hosting account. As we move into 2016, you are going to see a lot more content and articles from TimTech about blogging and why it’s important…Here’s your hub and home base! Grabbing a hosting account at eHost will set you up with a one click install for your very own blog. Are you serious about success? A hosting account is a must!

2. Kore4 For More – This s a no brainer for the bonuses alone, but let’s break it down and see why you owe it to yourself, to Kore4 your account today! We’ve paid out over $206,000 in commissions at ClickTrackProfit alone and a huge chunk of that has gone directly to Kore4 members. You already know about all the bonuses and upgrades you get for your team, but this is an evergreen upgrade and something you will fall in love with, each month. Take a dive in 2016 and invest in a Kore4 upgrade and get the top levels in CTP, I Love Hits, StartXchange, ThumbVu and Sweeva!

3. Plan Your Attack As A Team – Communication is key! Every season we see the last second wins from the teams that WORK together! There is some huge strategy that goes into the planning for playoff match up, and when you start creating these game plans with your teams you all have a common goal. Roll up your sleeves, and start getting your plan in action!

4. Support The Promo Partners, They Are Supporting You – Our promo partners are critical to the success of each and every season, and during the playoffs it’s no different. These hard working traffic exchange owners are THE BEST in the business, it doesn’t even compare. So when you are taking part in the promo at their traffic exchange, support them. Come back to them! Upgrade in a program you really enjoy. But most of all, let the owners know they are appreciated! A little gratitude goes a long way! I’m serious…THANK the sponsors 🙂

5. This Is Supposed To Be Fun…Enjoy & Embrace It – Do you know who seems to enjoy their time with CTP Teams the most? The winners each season? The people with the most XP? The one who spends the most or surfs the most? Nope! It’s the individuals that absolutely thrive in a team environment. You see, this was built for one purpose, and that’s to get like minded people together. We ca achieve so much more when we work together, so embrace it and get to know your fellow team mates…You never know who you may meet in the trenches 🙂

The season has been a lot of fun, but you guys know what we are really playing for!!!! It’s the PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!! Let’s rock this and have a ton of fun!

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