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Grow your Membership with One Simple Change

Grow your Membership with One Simple Change

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about, I was thinking about some of the issues or problems people in this community have the most difficulty with.  One of these is the need for new members, new sign-ups.  This is something we as affiliates deal with as we try to grow our networks, as well as the program owners.  There are many things we can do to help us in our quest.  However….

there is one issue that I have come across before, but just recently realized how prevalent the issue is.  As I am working on updating the information on my blog and going through the many, many programs I am a part of, I want to start more actively promoting the programs to add to my income and help in my recommendations.  There is one MISSING piece of information on over 80% of the traffic exchanges.  That is….How much will I make when I refer a new member, when they upgrade, etc.  This is fundamental information needed if you are going to spend time, energy and money to promote a program and treat this as  REAL Business.

I’m a numbers person. I come from a banking/financial background so when I consider adding a product/service, etc to my product line, I want to predict the potential ROI (return on investment). I would never choose to promote a product, without the information clearly spelled out about price, commission, how and when you get paid, etc.  Unfortunately, after looking at FAQ’s or the Affiliate Toolboxes for almost every traffic exchange I am a member of , that information is totally missing.  You are provided an affiliate link, maybe some pre-written letters, splash pages and a wealth of other information, but NOT what you get as a result of getting referrals for them.

I would love to promote my favorite programs much more.  In my opinion, simply adding a short description of how to earn commissions, etc would increase the volume of promotion substantially, while at the same time reducing the time for support to have to answer these questions one on one. So PLEASE , my request to program owners, would you add this information to your sites?

My goal this year, is to continue to enjoy growing my business and so I want to make informed decisions, not spin my wheels just hoping that something will happen.  As they say, if you fail to plan…..you plan to fail!  What do you think?

Carla Frey

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14 responses to “Grow your Membership with One Simple Change”

  1. Shon Jimenez says:

    That is true. You almost never see this info, which is why I placed that information on the page where you upgrade. I probably could and should put it in other places as well. Good info for us owners to have. We need to know more stuff like this.

    • Carla Frey says:

      Thanks Shon, Feedback both ways is so important. Its good to know that you have the information available. Big Thumbs Up from me!

  2. Paul Germana says:

    I agree that members should know exactly what they get for what they do. A lot of new members are often turned off when they find pennies for surfing. However if they can get their mind around the concept of being an affiliate and stick to promoting a program, then they can begin to earn commissions and start to build a network of members; like minded members who promote evergreen products and deliver quality traffic for free and paid members all around. It’s our goal 🙂

    • Carla Frey says:

      Thanks Paul, that is what I would love to see happen at more sites. Everyone is happier when they know what to expect in a relationship and when someone decides to promote your program, it IS a relationship. Keep up the great work!

  3. Jon Olson says:

    Bang on!

    I would even take it a step further and say to owners….Give your members tools to promote how much they have earned from your program. Something we don’t do a good enough job as, as a whole, is talk about how much we’ve earned in commissions and paid out etc…

    I’d love to see folks screen shot some commission payments to show others how viable and rewarding these programs can be.

    Imagine that, combined with what Carla mentioned in her post above…Huge potential!!!!!!!

  4. Rich Richter says:

    Well said Carla, numbers is the first thing I notice when I log into CTP. It ‘POPS’ at me every time.

    • Carla Frey says:

      Yes Rich, I love numbers…I admit it I am a bit of a geek when it comes down to it. Numbers can provide a glimpse into what is possible and what is just hype!

  5. John Brewer says:

    I agree Carla,

    I often have to look at the splash pages and things in the affiliate promotion section in order to find out how much I earn for promoting a program – very annoying.

  6. Bill Darton says:

    Great point Carla 🙂

    Quite often the information is on the Upgrade page. However, if you are already upgraded, a lot of programs will simply display “Your Upgrade Expires On (XX/XX/XX Date)” …and that’s it!

    What I do like… is when a site has an Upgrade Page that shows a comparison chart between the various levels of upgrade. This is especially beneficial if you want to consider changing your upgrade to a different level.

    Another somewhat related thing that bothers me is when a site keeps offering you OTO Upgrades when you are already upgraded. I am no techie but I would think it would be simple to write a script to fix this. The system should be able to recognize whether a member is already upgraded when they login. The program owner could then make different (more appropriate) offers that would only be available to upgraded members.

    • Carla Frey says:

      That’s a great idea for the comparison in the upgrade area Bill. I agree about the programs where you are upgraded, if there is a way for the system to know so you can get more appropriate offers. That would be a better use of the screen time for both the member and the owner. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Ken Wolff says:

    Thanks for posting that Carla…I recently volunteered as admin on a site that needs some work in that area…I do not know the html coding so am going to have to get some help. I do know one thing for sure. As an affiliate I can say that I have earned more from getting referrals than I ever did from clicking for cash. If I am clicking it is for other reasons like getting social and developing relationships. Some of it is for earning credits so you can get your site seen. All things considered the numbers need to add up to show a positive result in what you are trying to achieve.

    • Carla Frey says:

      I agree Ken, its important to know why you are doing the actions you take. It helps you know if you are moving closer to or farther from your goal.

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