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Check, Check and Double Check

Check, Check and Double Check


  • Happy Holidays!
  • Happy New Year!
  • Happy Valentines Day!

Oh wait, you mean it’s almost March? Wow, I’m so behind the times. I just thought, because I saw those messages on splash pages while I was surfing a few minutes ago… well, my exact thought was “Why am I still seeing these things?”. The answer is simple: somebody posted a time-sensitive advertisement on a Traffic Exchange months ago, and has been merrily surfing away and dumping credits into it ever since. Now, I’m not going to say I’ve never done this, it has taken me by surprise a few times when I have checked on what I am advertising, to see something sorely outdated (or even broken) still in rotation. However… I usually keep mental note of what websites I surf often, and those aren’t often the offenders, since I change what I am advertising in my favorite sites frequently. The problem is mostly with Traffic Exchanges I use much less frequently. I try to maintain a habit of checking what ads I have in rotation immediately after logging into a website I haven’t surfed at in quite a while. It is good practice to check on what ads are active, and whether the links are working properly, and then make sure Auto Assign (if applicable) is correctly designated.


While I’m on the topic of being up-to-date, another thing I have had to correct in the past is my user profile (anyone still see my maiden name on a Traffic Exchange, please let me know which one!). Websites sometimes change what info they require for their Terms Of Service, or maybe an old email address needs to be changed to a new one, or the best change is when TEs add new downline builders, and there are fields just waiting to be filled with referral IDs!

Happy surfing, and keep it fresh!

Birdie Hurt, the surfer who doesn’t want to live in the past.

7 responses to “Check, Check and Double Check”

  1. Anne Bergman says:

    Good question? I see them too 🙂 They must have too much credits lol

  2. Anne Bergman says:

    I forgot say :Great post

  3. Jon Olson says:

    Great post and I agree….Part of being a savvy owner is to stay on top of all your ads and keep them up to date.

    Reminds me to go check ours LOL

  4. Hey Birdie,

    Excellent post. I mean of course you want to seem current to those your advertising to. I mean it all comes down to branding right. And not updating or changing your ads to fit the times shows tells alot of people why should I follow what this person is saying, they don’t even know what month it is 🙂

    But what really sticks out to me is getting the most out of your hard earned advertising. I mean not only does it kind of brand ya in a bad way, having a out of date page or whatnot is basicly just throwing creds, money, and hard work down the drain. We all want to get the most bang out of our efforts.

    All this being said I’m sure we all have done this to different degrees. It’s why I think it’s more important to focus on avenues of advertising that work for you and are easily managable, vs using everything under the sun and it just getting swept aside by the sheer number of ways to advertise. This might be a good stepping off point to please no more podunk te’s please 🙂

    As always bravo!!

  5. Bill Darton says:

    😀 HaHa… I am pretty sure I still have a Hallowe’en themed splash page circulating some of the more obscure TEs. It was created using AdKreator when I first started going through the CTP Training.

    Thanks for the post Birdie. Nice to see someone “exposing their warts” instead of just bragging about their success. Thanks for keeping it real!

  6. Patsy j Payne - konnektions konsultant says:

    Short n SWEET
    Thank U sooooo much Birdie.
    I use my trck.me account to help keep track of holiday splashes.

  7. Stephen Hall says:

    yea i’ve noticed lots of ads for discontinued of te that are long gone way
    ifyou have and old ad out there delete it no one else can do it the only other way is to report it to the webmaster so he can delete it….i still have a few ads for old membership program that i quit a long time ago… but when i see them i delete them or change to my new ad…

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