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So Are You Using Video Yet?

So Are You Using Video Yet?

First thing first I want to thank Jon Olson for giving me the chance to be part of this blog. And now back to my question “So Are You Using Video Yet?” If you have I applaud You High Five and all that. If you haven’t and don’t plan to. I’m kind of curious has to why you have or will not adopt to the changes that are going on in the advertising sphere of traffic exchanges or any other kind of online advertising. It’s the age of Video  embrace it use it to your advantage. get out from behind the old way of advertising get in front of a camera and make a video. Your going to find out it’s actually fun and nobody is going to bite your head off . Hey if they do its only because they haven’t come around yet. Mark my words in a couple of years video pages are going to be the norm in traffic exchanges. So if you start now today. You will be ahead of everyone who keeps putting it off dog video camera

For me my first video I was extremely nervous making it and especially showing it. But you know what people like it. So then I was like this is cool. So I made another then another. Now all the sudden I’m not just a pitcher on a splash or squeeze page. I’m a real person. and you know what else video has really helped me with my branding. Maybe just maybe it could do the same for you

Over at my blog Scott Rohn’s Thoughts I did a couple of blog posts about doing video that could help you once you start making videos. It’s like Jon always says “Everyone should be using video in the advertising” Something like that. In one post I showed how you can get your video uploaded to You tube Super Fast. Then there is another post where I show you how to add your video to a squeeze page at adkreator and how to make it autoplay. Yes Autoplay if your video does not autoplay it will never be heard .

I’m ending this blog post knowing that there might be a few of you guys that do at least one video. To you that do I say thumbs up keep going. I also know that most of you won’t and that’s to bad

Thanks for Your Time


Scott Rohn



5 responses to “So Are You Using Video Yet?”

  1. Carla Frey says:

    Scott, this is a timely topic for me as it is the one thing I have determined to start doing this year…after your post, I will make it a priority for the next month to make my first one. Thanks for the extra kick to get going 🙂

  2. Great to see your first post here Scott. Been looking forward to it.

    Really what stuck out at me is what’s keeping most people from doing it. Like anything we do the first time is the hardest. With the leadership you have shown with your videos, and than the business. Than now with your blog encouraging others to just go for it, and it’s actually fun is a great help to those trying to get over those “first time” jitters.

    Keep it up.

    • Scott Rohn says:

      Thanks for your comment Presley. Yeah the business of making videos for others didn’t really take off. But that doesn’t mean it won’t ever be back who knows. and believe me I know how nervous people are about taking this step. I was super nervous my first time. And was even more nervous letting people see it. But I threw it out there and noone threw stones and me.And lets not forget it was Blain Jones who was actually the first one to take the ball (do videos) and run with it, I just took over from where he left off

  3. Exactly. May come back. But either way I’m sure it did alot for your online confidence.

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