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Why CTP XP Really Is The Height of Fashion

Why CTP XP Really Is The Height of Fashion

We all know that XP is really fashionable…after everyone wants to use them…either to collect for team points, or give away or both.

But The Strays team leader Virginia Herron has taken being fashionable and XP to a the ultimate level with a really creative way of giving the points away.

As you may know, Virginia runs Poshsperity, her own online fashion boutique. (We recently spoke about the importance of updating your CTP profile page and she uses that link to promote this online business.)

Anyway she is giving away 5,000 XP for purchases of $50 or more with an additional 3,000 XP up for grabs to anyone who does a YouTube video on their purchase.

So this takes in word of mouth…social media…peer approval…smart move I think and a smart use of XP from The Strays leader.

Click on the screenshots below and check out her online boutique.

Virginia Herron fashion sitePoshperity screenshot



28 responses to “Why CTP XP Really Is The Height of Fashion”

  1. what a great idea, so this proves xp can be used in physical products also not only for T.E.s or digital products like blog training etc.

  2. Nice what a wonderful idea, at the end of the week, where do all of the xp points that we have earned go? I know that as individuals on our teams, we rack up a lot of xp that are accumulated to see what rank our team is, once its over, they disappear where do they go once we start over at 0?

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Your XP stays on your profile page at CTP and goes towards determining the level you are at.
      It is also shown on the teams page for the weekly challenges but as these are weekly challenges the counters are reset to zero each week.

  3. charlotte ericson says:

    Your store is really nice, Virginia.

  4. Steven Schofield says:

    Awesome work Virginia, well done .

  5. Kathy Dyer says:

    Great idea!

  6. Gary says:

    This idea is the best. You always see people giving away XP to join a list or a program but we almost never see XP given away for something out of the TE world.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      This is the great thing about it…the possibilities are really endless. This is a really great way indeed to use XP. Very creative.

  7. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job Virginia!

  8. Carl Davies says:

    That is creative ideas indeed. Well done Virginia!

  9. Raj G says:

    CTP XP is going places and becoming popular day by day.

  10. Think outside the box! I Like!

  11. Great and wish you good luck with the shop 🙂

  12. Great way to use XP and very creative

  13. Sig says:

    This is what I really like, creative and great way of business.



  14. Creative way of combining CTP teams, experience, and a true business.

  15. Virginia says:

    Thank you for all the positive feedback :).

  16. Wendy says:

    WTG Ginny! Hope you have a great result.

  17. Wendy Scott says:

    Well that really is “out of the box”. Congratulations but I wonder how many customers are into CTP , and how do you explain it?

  18. Marye says:

    Awesome way to promote…WTG 🙂

  19. Patricia Dean says:

    Great site, Ginny, do you make the jewelry?

  20. Ken Wolff says:

    You are a shining star Virginia! Leading by example.

  21. Wayne D. says:

    Thanks Virginia for this valuable lead on how you can use physical products and XP to promote your retail and traffic business. May have to take this lead with my own creative edge to my health and beauty store.

  22. David McKay says:

    At the time that Virginia started the offer I said it was a great idea but I was only thinking from one side. The TE side.

    Now I’m thinking about the advertising of her site outside of exchanges. A customer that asks “What is XP?”. Opportunity to build a different type of relationship with a retail customer?

    Would love to know how you get on Virginia. Keep us updated. 🙂

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