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Why are Social “Experts” anti-social??

Why are Social “Experts” anti-social??

First I would like to thank Jon for the opportunity to add my 1/2 cent here at CTP teams!! I plan to focus the majority of my blogs on the “Social” aspects of our industry. Not just ways I have found effective in growing your followings and all that standard fair, but to suggest we focus on quality vs quantity. But more importantly make this “Social” blog, well Social πŸ™‚ Really want to encourage your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

For my initial post wanted to cover a topic that really irks me. Not just in the Social theater, but in all aspects of business. When someone calls themselves an “expert” in anything several thoughts come to my mind. The initial one is, “Wow this guy is full of himself, you might want to take your shirt off because your humility sure isn’t showing” I mean there’s nothing wrong with confidence in oneself. That’s a key trait to have to be a business owner. But one can be confident and humble at the same time.

Along with the over inflated view of oneself this person must have, I also think well they will never learn anything new. I mean if you know it all, why bother reviewing your current knowledge, and increasing it. You know everything right, so why bother consulting with others and doing any research? They have already branded themselves as a non expert in my eyes.

My third and final thought is, I don’t recall anyone who ever called themselves a “expert” or “guru” actually living up to their self proclaimed greatness. If your truly a step above others in your field than others will call you that. So unless everyone drops what they are doing when you enter a room, and give you a standing ovation, than I think we all some growing to do.

Another aspect of these type of people are they are very stand offish and rarely take the time to engage with their audience. Which in most fields just proves that you think your better than most, in the Social arena it immediately calls the bluff of your so called guru status. And this is where I segue into my primary reason of this post.

Call it Social Networking 101 if you want. But in order to get any value from you social following, you must engage them. And no this doesn’t end with, hey thanks for following me. Now the side thing is so many people don’t even do this. I mean come on, atleast acknowledge them people, lol. And as first impressions are so important in the social arena, the initial greeting can set the tone for your entire relationship with a person, or the lack thereof. So always thank the person for taking interest in what your talking about, and than open the door for further discussion down the road. A simple I hope to speak with you sometime, or looking forward to our future discussions can go so far.

Now once you’ve opened up the lines of communication, take it a step further. Dedicate a bit of time each day to look at the people who follow you. In many cases you can easily muddle through the non pertinent followers, just by looking at their profile or general descriptions. Once you’ve done this and have found some interesting contacts, than do a bit of research. Visit their sites or blogs, see what product, field, or talent you may have in common. Once you’ve picked a few “prime” followers, engage them further. And it’s as easy as, “Hey I really like your site” or “I checked out your blog, that was a excellent post” Now once you have shown some interest in what they are doing, people naturally open up. And from personal experience I can tell you how effective this is. When so many don’t even acknowledge a follower, let alone engage with them on a deeper level, there are so many untapped contacts and potentially valuable people up for grabs.

As the conversation continues to grow with this person, other people will see how you engage your followers. And than the snowball effect begins. More and more people will directly attempt to engage you. The reciprocity in being “Social” with someone is a very understated and misunderstood commodity. So I challenge you to go to all your social networks today and just see who has been following and attempting to engage with yourself. And just do a general inventory of your “lists” of followers to try to find some gems in there. And I will end it here, as the previous sentence hints at the topic of my next blog. Plus I have a tendency to ramble if I don’t check myself. Probably too late for that, but what can you do.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my initial blog post here at CTP Teams. Again I strongly urge feedback, discussion, and even constructive criticism.

Be well, and remember to “Get your social on” each and every day.

Presley Mitchell

14 responses to “Why are Social “Experts” anti-social??”

  1. Birdie Hurt says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings “All I know is that I don’t know everything”, which is my version of some wise sayings of Socrates https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_know_that_I_know_nothing.

    Basically, there will always be something new from me to learn and therefore everyone I meet could possibly teach me something. How then, could I ever deem myself worthy of the title “expert”?

    On another note, only vaguely related, I like what someone once told me about the difference between a “professional” and a “novice” (some people say that it’s that a professional gets paid to do whatever, but I beg to differ) is that a professional knows how to cover up or fix mistakes, and a novice does not.

    So I may never be an expert at something, but I could be a professional. πŸ˜‰

    • First thank you for the reply : )

      And yes that’s one of my favorite sayings as well.

      To me even if you could somehow plug into the net and learn everything at once, the next day you are no longer a “expert” Everyday some new technological development, a discussion, or just a new way of looking at and doing things come along. So anyone who shuts themselves off to new info is automaticly not a expert in anything other than being closed off that is.

      And on your second point, I completely concur. The only thing I would expound on is that a professional along with being able to correct a mistake, is they take complete ownership of it. Even if it wasn’t their fault directly if someone or something involved with their co or brand if you will is at fault they take it and fix irregardless of cause.

      Again great points and look forward to your posts as well.

  2. Jon Olson says:

    Great stuff man, and thanks so much for this post. I hope a lot of team leaders and players take the time to read this and share it with others because it’s great info.

    • Hey Jon,

      Again thank you for the forum to to discuss the issue of being “Social” as it pertains to our field. And just business in general. It’s my main focus not just to stress being “Social” is a innate function of trying to promote well whatever someone is promoting, but integral in “branding” ourselves. I can’t think of the number of great sites, videos, blogs what have you that have caught my attention, that I never visit after attempting to engage the person in charge of those places. Either they were completely non responsive, or there ego’s got in the way of any true communication or exchange of ides.

      And yes I hope it can be useful, but have to admit it’s a bit self serving as well in the sense of looking for new ways all the time myself to engage people. Just hoping we all get better at doing so through continued discussion. Not only will it make all our connections here stronger and more fruitful, hope it will benefit us all in our individual dealings with people beyond here as well.

      Thanks for everything you do, really keep alot us going that may have thrown in the towel in the past.

    • soph142 says:

      Advertisers too!

  3. Scott Rohn says:

    Awesome stuff on your first post for the CTP Teams blog Presley. I’m looking forward to many more.

    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the kind words, but thanks for getting involved as you always do. Knowing you’ll be posting at CTP teams will be of benefit to everyone. Your personal blog is awesome, and full of some great info.

      Hope to talk more.

  4. Lynn M says:

    We’ve been talking about this kind of stuff a lot lately at the late night Blabs when you’ve been there, of course, but I just wanted to say spot-on post, Presley! Great to see you posting here πŸ™‚

    • Hey Lynn,

      Know it’s always great to see you involved. Big supporter of your sites, as you and Brian are some of the most engaged people both at CTP in general, but even more so at your individual sites. One of the few places I come back to on a consistent basis. So if anything would tell people to use yall as a model of how to do what we are talking about.

      And the few times I was on blab, and subsequent visits of being in the office not only has this conversation come up. It’s also a great example of how to engage, or not engage people can go either way. I’m sure we all have visited Blab’s and other video platforms where they don’t even acknowledge you. Now being on the video side of it, I’ll be the first to admit it’s hard to follow the chat while engaging the people on the video side. I just have come to learn it kind of depends on the type of blab going on. If your having a more “formal” discussion I think it’s a good idea that one of the people in the main discussion kind of acts like a emissary between the chat discussion ad the main group. Even having someone in chat familiar with topic is of even more help. Now that remains true for any “group” discussion.

      Now a single or small discussion group those are almost geared towards engaging those in chat. Jon’s “Plus 1” is a perfect example of how to do this. But that being said I’ve visited many a blab or other platform single person presentation where it’s like they just expect you to listen and not say anything or engage with you. Kind of back to my original topic of not being engaging. And this type of presentation can quickly label you as one of these anti-social “experts” Heck I’ve seen recorded youtube’s with more engagement than some live shows. That’s crazy, but just they way the video was done and with subsequent follow up in comments and in social media made the recorded video more “Social” than the real time even. That is complete crazyness to me, but it happens everyday.

      Ok this response is turning into another blog post : ) , so I’ll end it here.

      Just so happy to have you here.

  5. Carla Frey says:

    Great post Presley! You are so right. Just be engaging authentically with your followers, you will already stand out from the crowd simply because so few are doing it. I look forward to your next post.

    • Hey Carla,

      You know it’s great to see ya here, as your another very engaging person I would point to other’s as a example of those that do what we are talking about properly.

      The trip you just got back from is a good thing to draw from as well. Having multiple days of conversing with new and energetic people had to be rewarding in so many ways. And a perfect real world prep to carry over into our everyday communications. By being open to new ideas, while also sharing our knowledge is infinitely more rewarding than being closed off and assuming you know everything. One a person like that probably doesn’t even know half as much as they think they do, and two are closing themselves off from some valuable info and some great new contacts.

      So just to follow up to being “authentic” as being critical, couldn’t agree more. And it’s one of those things of you might be able to fake a few people for short periods of time, but either a person is or isn’t. So as your a sincerely authentic person, keep it up : )

      And agree anyone doing so will kind of be different than the crowd, but the crowd is who we are trying to engage. Sometimes a great contact just needs to be engaged and you never know what they may bring to the table. Not to say I don’t agree with your point, it’s right on the money. Just kind of expounding on it.

      And i for one look forward to your thoughts here, and the continued valuable exchanges we have had in the past.

  6. Sandra Venema says:

    Hello Presley πŸ™‚

    Hope you are wel ;)lol

    Love your post and trying to get more social and engaging is what i try to do for sure!
    I see so much i can do better and I love to get to know people!
    So many TE’s have a social network attached to it that its just really hard to keep up with all…oh and maintain other work as well of course

    As you know I love animals but I love people also!
    I am always curious what is behind other people…call it passionate πŸ™‚

    I would like to say that I appreciate you very much Presley.
    You are an awesome guy and indeed very social.
    Thank you again for making a page for me!

    Take care and I wait your other posts!

    • This is starting to ebb towards some of the things Carla speaks of in her recent blog.

      What I try to is focus even in these other social “domains” is one find the te’s that are both a effecting branding effect, as well as the most social of them. The more people who participate in chats and say skype. Than the greater chance to build a network. And many now have a team aspect to build on the sense of working together, just like here at ctp teams.

      Any of these exchanges you visit the most and get the biggest return from, naturally would be what to focus on. In the same way I would focus on the primary social network you use. Naturally you will build and maintain “social” relationships in the main one you utlize.

      Glad you liked the page of course.

      Hope to hear more from ya πŸ™‚

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