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We Need You! Let’s Make CTP Teams Great Together!

We Need You! Let’s Make CTP Teams Great Together!

CTP Teams started with one purpose and that was to create a fun and engaging community of like minded people. We truly believe in the ‘team’ aspect in business and life and truly feel CTP Teams is the best representation of this online right now.

That being said, there is something missing….You!

We are looking for action driven players to step out of their comfort zone and help us create this blog and community into the most vibrant and rewarding experience online. We know how powerful, and effective blogging can be for one to;

– Build Their Personal Brand
– Get Their Name Out There
– Gain Confidence In Your Writing Skills

And most importantly…It shows massive leadership!

Why not leverage the activity of CTP Teams and this blog and be the ‘official reporter’ for your team. We wanna know how your team thinks, what their passions are, what they enjoy the most, what they want to see improved and what better way than from YOU….The community itself!

We Need You!

We’re looking for writers to contribute (as much or as little as they can) to the blog and help share the stories of success your team is experiencing! As long as it’s traffic exchange and CTP Teams related, you can write to your heart’s content. No one will edit your posts, you are free to SHOW your passion!!!

Because we don’t just want the warm and fuzzy stuff…We want it all! Warts and all šŸ™‚

If you are interested, we would love to have you on board.

Simply make a comment below with your email address and Skype name and Jon will hook you up with an exclusive writer’s account for the blog. As well, we are putting together a private Skype room for all authors, leaders and writers of the blog. We wanna be in touch with you and find out what you personally, would love to see happen for the future seasons of CTP Teams. Oh yeah, and other bonuses exclusive for the CTP Teams Writers šŸ™‚

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone, contribute to the amazing community we have and be part of something memorable! I know there won’t be too many that do take action, because it’s a risk…But I guarantee you this, you’ll be so thankful you did decide to step up!

Action takers sign up below šŸ™‚

11 responses to “We Need You! Let’s Make CTP Teams Great Together!”

  1. I have to admit my passion for team surf hasn’t been what it once was. Mainly being focused on my own site. But due to one mainly the encouragement of far too many people to mention I joined “The Cash Surfing Network” team. And just a bit more than a week in have already made some great contacts. While I was familiar with most on the team, and had spoken with many of them. This has just kind of made us closer, for lack of a better term. And while I’m admitting things I have probably focused a bit too much of my free time on the team and surfing, this stuff is addicting : ). But in a good way.

    I can only see my experience being more enjoyable as time goes by. And like any “networking” done who knows to what relationships might develop from this. I for one am a big supporter of this concept.

    email: presley@tattoosocially.com
    skype: presley.mitchell75

  2. Joy Pasour says:

    Jon’s got it going on! like the side messages on blab, they are amusing.

  3. Scott Rohn says:

    Right when season 5 was starting I got a job working over nights at Wally World. So between that trying to get used to the new sleeping schedule and trying o post to my blog as much as possible. I have not surfed as much as I had in previous seasons. Thankfully my team as done just fine. My email is scottrohn@outlook.com and my skype is scott.rohn1 thanks

  4. Martin Bolger says:

    Hi Jon, if you don’t mind the warts and all I am willing to contribute. I think it will be great to see what everyone really thinks about the goings on in CTP Teams.Skype ‘ martin.bolger16 ‘

  5. Birdie Hurt says:

    I have no idea what I would contribute to CTP Teams blog if given the opportunity. All I know is that more than anything I consider my passion to be writing, I am highly opinionated but usually keep a civil tongue in my head, and surfing for my team has pretty much taken over my thoughts during every waking hour.

    I have quite a history with CTP Teams… I missed the first season because it happened during my honeymoon. Then, I threw a hissy fit in chat because team leaders are never around to accept or deny applications; on that fateful day a lovely lady I will not mention by name convinced me to go Kore4 and start a team. I later left that team because of conflicts with other people, and joined my current team. Ever since then, even when I don’t have much time to be online, I am checking the schedule and how my team is doing and fretting about helping out as much as I can.

    If you’re not worried about a crazy bird-brain (pun intended) putting her two cents in, my email is birdie.hurt AT gmail.com and my Skype is birdie.tims

  6. Rajkumar says:

    At the outset I thank you for this wonderful opportunity you have given us. I belong to EASY TEAM and I am very happy to convey our thanks for offering this kind of deed from CTP.
    Significant possibilities coming always into view from CTP and its allies, giving me beautiful interchanges to listen to as I write. May God bless CTP in all its activities.

  7. mvitalyus says:

    CSN team !!!!!!!!!!!! 47928% !!!!!!!! PTS BONUS Earned by Team Members gaining Subscribers*!


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