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What Are You Enjoying? What Are You Not?

What Are You Enjoying? What Are You Not?

So.....Are You Enjoying Season 5-

So we’re a little over a week into Season 5 of CTP Teams and we’d love to hear your feedback….

I know there has been a few hiccups along the way, but we’re working hard to get those fixed…FOR GOOD šŸ™‚

But that being the case, like it was mentioned in previous posts…This season was built and designed for two groups of people…

1. The Surfer

2. The Owner

We wanted a fun surf environment that people felt like they were rewarded for completing the qualifications every day. And at the same time provide big value for our promos partners who without them, we couldn’t host a season.

So how are we doing?

What are you enjoying? What is frustrating you? What would you like to see improved upon?

CTP Teams is about YOU, no matter if you are a surfer or owner (or both) but it doesn’t grow without you and your passionate involvement.

Let’s hear those comments šŸ™‚

71 responses to “What Are You Enjoying? What Are You Not?”

  1. Ken Wolff says:

    I learned at an early age that if you do not have something good to say, don’t say anything at all. I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one. No really! It was way to hard to qualify. When you throw in the hiccups it was very frustrating. I do like that you can see how your team is doing and gauge your participation on the need. I did qualify one day but have not felt the need to on other days. That all being said…I log in and do what I can when I can and love it!

    • Jon Olson says:

      I appreciate the comments Ken, and yup the hang ups are frustrating. We thought we fixed it last week, but will get it taken care of so it doesnt happen again.

  2. mvitalyus says:

    I love team sports. It’s astonishing to watch and fascinating to take part. And team sports work ONLY when you have the players, coaches, owners, spectators, referees, etc. as separate entities. It would be nuts if team players were also owners and coaches and referees at the same time. NBA would not exist if a player who has a contract with Adidas, for example, gets 10×3=30 points for three pointer and all the others have 3.

    Of course, CTP team completion is a marketing project not a sport. But when you see only 23 out of 51 teams playing you have to think that something is certainly wrong.


  3. I believe your intentions were good, and I’m sure the traffic increased for the TEs involved in the promos.

    I have fun, although I would’ve used a 2 out of 3 sets of requirements to qualify (not 3 out of 3). Maybe with a little extra bonus for those doing 3 out of 3.

    Other than that, I like it, maybe the eggs collected before qualifying should be added to the points, once qualified? šŸ™‚

    • Patsy j Payne - konnektions konsultant says:

      Hi Jon
      I agreee with Adrian. I have a slow internet and also have lots of offline responsibilities. It is VERY DIFFICULT for me to qulify at 3 each. I would be thrilled at TWO each and qualify (to set the example for my team) and still give owners lots of traffic … Also, the eggs comment. It is useless for me to egg hunt early in my surfing day, which means less traffic for the egg sites and WAY LESS egg points for my team, critical in DUALs.
      We are one of the teams that short on duals, (OK?) or not, not sure. Today is our third dual…

      • Jon Olson says:

        It’s very important for us to make sure each promo type, is part of qualification. That was something we felt we had to do for our promo partners because last season and previous ones, the DC was much more valuable than the Sub Games, etc.

        • I understand your position on treating partners equally. But I’m also a big fan of allowing people to choose. After all, that makes a difference between two people/businesses that started at the same level and have two opposite trajectories. And CTP is a training platform…

          I disagree with those saying it’s all about increasing TimTech profits. TimTech is a business, so they should value purchases and upgrades. As should we all if we want to grow. Free stuff can only get us to some point, but never to the top.

          • Jon Olson says:

            It’s funny you mention that….One of the first things we wanted to do, way back when CTP was being formed….Was to give people the choice….Do they want to start training to be a list builder….Or a surfer.

            Might be something to think about going down the road for sure…

            And yup, it’s a business šŸ™‚ It’s why we pay out the most commissions every single week in TE Land šŸ™‚

        • Tom Rasmussen..tomr21 says:

          How do you stop the save link as cheating
          People are saving in a note file then claiming once Qualified

          • Tom Rasmussen..tomr21 says:

            I guess its really about personal integrity

          • Jon Olson says:

            Do you have evidence of this? And proof that people are cheating?

            I really hope people don’t game the system.

            We are trusting our members to play fair.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks for the feedback sir, cumulative eggs huh. Makes sense, we’ll see what we can do.

  4. I am a member of Surfaholics Alpha and the other day we were pitted against Cash Surfing Network. The focus of Season 5 was supposed to be surfing. We totally dominated them in every aspect of surfing and had the lead all day long. With about 5 minutes left we led by over 4 billion XP points! At the very end of the day CSN bought the victory with XP. I was very ticked off and seriously considered just quitting CTP Teams. I worked very hard that day to contribute the most I possibly could to my team and at the end I felt like I totally wasted my time. Maybe season six you can take XP out of the equation.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Not sure that’s ever going to happen. XP is the currency of the ‘game’ and while we made surfing very much the main part of this season, XP will always play a vital role in it.

      • Mary Goble Thomas says:

        But if the XP from purchases is worth so much more than the XP from surfing, like it is now, is it still really about the surfers and owners, or is it still about the purchases? I wonder if the fact that less than half the teams are participating is more about that (“we don’t have enough money to compete”) than about issues with the qualification. It really hit me in the last playoffs – unlike the NBA or NFL, where when our favorite team is eliminated we can still watch some great plays from other teams, in the last playoffs I realized we were just watching to see who could give the most money to TimTech. Why am I still here? Because I still admire and believe in TimTech’s application of gamification to promote activity and sales in traffic exchanges. I hope we can get back to that focus.

        • Mary Goble Thomas says:

          Oh, and BTW – GO BRONCOS!

          • Mary Goble Thomas says:

            And what if the Superbowl was like the CTP playoffs? What if the team who writes the biggest check to the NFL wins it all, and the efforts from the players mean nothing? Would that be ok?

        • Jon Olson says:

          It’s a very valid point, but comparing us to the NFL…Even though I’d love to think we’re near that level LOL isn’t even close….I sure wish it was though lol But you bring up some good topics….The most important think for this season, was to put emphasis back on surfing. Maybe we even took away the focus on XP too much?

      • Vitaly (mvitalyus) says:

        You do not have to take XP out but you have to make 10 mln XP=1 point or a victory can be just bought 5 min before a game ends (look at today {01/31} game between WB and USW. Look at the domination of USW in all aspects and equality in XP and then the captain of WB just buys XP 3 minutes before the game’s end. THAT IS REALLY SUCKS)

        • Gary McKown says:

          WOW? I thought this was all about surfing at all the different TE’s? Being awarded XP for surfing. Now you can purchase XP just to get a win?
          Wrong,I totally agree with you and everyone else, should be a clause after 20hrs XP store is closed. Put an end to those who don’t want to surf.

  5. Ajay says:

    Jon it’s going great. Just a minor suggestion on team standings list. Can you add column of total duels played by a team so that teams have a fair idea of where they actually stand pointwise. I suppose as of now there are teams which have played -7-8 duels and some teams which have only played 4-5 duels.
    On the egg front of those which are collected pre-qualifying yes it would be great if they are also added on to team sheet once a guy qualifies for that day.
    Great going and me and my team are thoroughly enjoying the tournament

  6. I will keep mentioning this on every season until done. Since it all has to do with activity and involvement why don’t you give a team bonus for referring new members to CTP? It is good for all parts and contributes a LOT to the activity. I really do not understand why you are not doing this. I really liked it when you added the bonus for gaining subscribers. Why not also for referrals?

  7. This will probably not be a very well received post for some but, it needs to be said. Ok qualifying for the day is a great idea. Here is the drawback…only tier one of DC is required and that is 50 pages the other 2 promos are 420 pages for the sub game and 462 pages for the Key and vaults. The sites doing the DC that have been doing them when they didn’t count at all last season unless the challenge was the most XP are still being slighted. It should be changed to the daily 50 page requirement instead of the daily challenge. Honestly there is no challenge in surfing 50 pages IMHO. All promos should be treated equally. Now if it were tier 3 required for the DC it would be better from an owners perspective. Not complaining just pointing it out. The DC is still good for activity but, the emphasis is on the sub games and key and vaults now. But, those complaining about the requirements? Seriously if you don’t like the requirements need to re-evaluate why they are on a team….after all it is a competition.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Good suggestion, but that’s why we added the multiplier for the DC…..Sure it’s only tier 1 of the DC but you get those huge bonuses if you go high up the ladder in the tiering. That was to offset the 50 surfing only to get qualified.

      But I do agree with you….Everyday is supposed to be a challenge. And not just ‘easy wins’ for everyone…We want people to put in the effort every day, because we know how much that works out for everyone in the long run. Showing up everyday, working hard šŸ™‚

  8. I hae not much to add that has not been already said…. however, I will agree that 2 of 3 categories to qualify, DC to Tier 3, and cumulative eggs that count once we are qualified…. I collected a bunch trying to qualify last night… since they count towards team points (beyond the XP), it would be nice to get them all….

    • Jon Olson says:

      I can guarantee that it will always be all 3, not 2 of 3…Because that messes with one promo partner and that wouldn’t be right.

      Tier to DC 3 could be an option for sure and the eggs might be a great idea too.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Jennifer Hansel says:

    Is there any way to make it so golden eggs do not show up on daily promo sites? It takes much longer to qualify if you cannot collect vault keys because of the eggs.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah I saw that has been an issue some times….Problem is, Golden Eggs are 100% random. So we’d have to change the entire code to fix that. Best bet is to surf another site for that hour right now. But we’ll see what we can do.

  10. John Brewer says:

    I pretty much agree with what Ken W. and Adrian said. The intentions were very good. One size will never fit all in something like this, so folks who have complaints should not be put down, but maybe encouraged to see things from a different perspective – which is not always easy for folks who have no idea about what it takes to run a TE and how the promos affect things.

    For me, I don’t have the time to surf as much that is needed to qualify. I managed to do it once, but it took away from time that I needed to build the other aspects of my business. That IS NOT a complaint. It is simply a statement of fact FOR ME.

    Maybe if the vaults and keys were done like the DC so that for those who do surf more get bonuses, that would help those who may not have the time to surf like crazy, but can sacrifice a little extra time to help their team as much as they can.

    For those who have the time to surf this season is great. The XP issue is something that needs to be worked on somehow – especially if this season is supposed to be about surfing and not spending money for XP. Also, the eggs that were collected before qualifying should be counted – period. It’s only fair, and I think that would be better for the TEs hosting the egg in the early hours of qualification.

    Another thing for me is that if there is a TE in the sub or vault that I don’t want to join if I am not already a member, then I simply won’t qualify that day. But that’s on me.

    The major word here is FOCUS. I have mentioned this before and it is nice to see others starting to mention it. It’s not an easy thing to run a business, but we must remember that the bottom line has to be more than profits. Yes, we are in business to earn money, but that does not mean that we should loose site of what business principles need to be. I thought we wanted to start doing that in this industry. Isn’t that what we started talking about some time ago at the blabs?

    More suggestions should be given as well. I am not always very big on ideas, but there are folks out there who are. Jon keeps asking for suggestions – where are they? I see some, but not as many as there should be. We who are just users and not owners don’t always have the correct perspective on things. That’s why owners need to educate us in their comments. It helps.

    • Jon Olson says:

      I agree 100000%. I’d love for the suggestions to flow šŸ™‚ More comments, the better ideas we all can come up with.

      As for the people that are not a member of a site, the reason an owner does a promo is so that they can leverage our activity and member base. That’s why they pay for the hosting šŸ™‚

  11. Erik Badeaux says:

    I agree with eggs collected early should be added after qualifying.

    I think xp for purchases should only count when a certain % of the team qualifies.
    Say at leat 75%.or maybe purchases that day have to be in before an early time to be counted for that day so no last minute puchases stealing the victory.If after that time then it goes to the next day.no surprise for the competition.

    The daily challenge site qualification is fine with me because sometimes when I have the time or I am upgraded there I can go for extra incentive.

    I find I can qualify in a little over 2 hrs if I concentrate on just that!

    It still drives you to promote promote promote which is great for everyone.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Interesting idea for sure, thanks for that sir.

      After a certain percentage, XP starts to count. Could encourage more surfing too.

  12. Birdie Hurt says:

    My one suggestion would be to change it so that Submarine Bombs and Vault Keys don’t disappear from a website during the Golden Egg of XP hour… so many times I have been working hard to complete a set and get interrupted by the doggone egg. Everything gets put on hold for an hour!

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah I saw that happen multiple times. The only suggestion I would make, because the coding for that would be intense…Surf another promo site until the hour is up and then go back to claiming eggs šŸ™‚

  13. Jon says:

    In the name of fairness regarding DCs, K&Vs and Sub Games for both surfers and owners, why don’t you devise a point scoring system where the Vaults and Subs are tiered as the DC is? I’m not entirely sure how this would be done but I’m sure the superbrains at TT will come up with something.

    Also, the comment about egg sites being 100% random. While I do not dispute that, a lot of people here have limited surfing time and want to complete these tasks without interruption. Surely it wouldn’t take too much code tweaking to exclude promo sites from eggs for the duration of their tenure as a vault or sub site.

    These are simply suggestions off the top of my head but reading the above comments, there was one that got my goat a little. To simply say “surf somewhere else for an hour” seems a little flippant and dismissive of the problems that a seemingly large proportion of your customers are having. It’s almost like saying “yes we know our product isn’t reaching the desired standard but we will persevere with it anyway so get over it”. How about just getting the product right before launching it. Or at least suspend it until it IS right. There’s no shame in doing that. Even big businesses like Toyota recall defective products so that they can correct them. They take them out of circulation and make sure that they are right before releasing them again. it doesn’t seem to affect them on the income or PR front. If anything, it elevates their reputation for not settling for flawed products which leads to greater sales.

    To quote the great Tom Wacker – just sayin’ šŸ˜‰

    • Jon Olson says:

      Oh no I appreciate that very much, but my suggestion was while I may not be able to so Vaults for one hour, I can go work on my DC and Sub Games for that hour. I guess people try to do everything at once, but perhaps if we slow it down, we would enjoy surfing more?

      Utopian dreams lol I know.

      But you raise very valid points Jon, appreciate that very much. And yup, I’ll see what we can do about those Eggs and Vaults.

  14. Lena says:

    I agree with Ken Wolff. I log in every day and surf the same programs and I love it.

  15. garylee says:

    As a business owner and a surfer I can see both sides to this dilemma. TimTech wants their TE site owners happy and paying for services such as being entered on sub, vault, and daily challenge features. TE site owners want more surfing and getting not only new customers but ones that pay for upgraded membership because that is where they get their money from. Surfers want to be able to take part in a team where they feel they are getting a fair shake, features are actually working, and a minimum day contributes a little to the bottom line and a big day contributes big to the bottom line. When it comes to TE the buck all starts with the surfer. Knock out the surfer and the whole food chain fails. Knock the microscopic plankton out of the ocean and the entire worlds food supply can be devastated.
    In examining the surfing of this newest TT tournament format the general consensus among the surfers is that it sux.
    A surfer who used to jump on and surf even though he only had an hour now is not on member TE’s at all because their small contribution is worthless. It’s not a small contribution it’s worthless. They now surf non-member sites on those days or pick another computer job to do instead.
    TE owners who think they are getting so much value by being a vault or sub game PAYING contributor will wise up and face the fact that with this new format they have surfers joining their sites (under protest)and surf the minimum to get their vault or sub only to never return…and for sure not putting any money in their piggy bank. For a TE owner I see a format with no ROI. Money going out and not coming back in for even a break even amount.
    So TT do I have the answers so everyone can make a million, no. If I did I would do it myself and make more money that you are doing. In my opinion though don’t piss off the surfers. They are your plankton and even though we are small we start the buck rolling. I have heard you say many times that it is all about surfing this round yet I still see not surfers but people and companies with money buying their way through these competitions. For the right amount of money I can win every tournament you put up under the present conditions. Every competition I can kick every butt out there by simply just spending more. You need a point system which must be earned not purchased or rigamortis will soon set into this format. Many teams simply refuse to surf and I can win simply by one person on my team qualifying.
    So now the question I have to ask TT, is did I fire 5 shots or 6? Are you going to start taking care of the lowly plankton like me or continue to take care of your customer (the TE owner)? Let’s make it about surfing and not about purchasing XP. For you both us surfers and TE owners hold value. Don’t shut us out. Make us ALL earn it.

    • Jon Olson says:

      First time I heard that surfers hate it, kinda shocked to hear it.

      The whole point of this season was to cater to everyone that said we got away from surfing during the last seasons. So we made the focus of this season – Surfing first.

      Guess we need to do a better job at catering to the surfers, which we are always trying to do.

      Again, always up for suggestions!

  16. Randy says:

    It’s strange to me to see “surfers” saying they don’t want to surf to qualify because it’s too hard. I honestly don’t get it. I am an owner and a surfer. I don’t qualify every day, but when I do, it’s very very easy. In fact, I surfed a hell of a lot more under the old format than I do now.

    I think this seasons format is a win for everyone. I hate to sound like an ass but if you can’t get 3 sub games and 3 vaults and 1 tier of DC then don’t play. If a team of 25 had everyone qualify on the same day and then quit surfing and not buy a single XP, I would bet they would be unbeatable.

    As of this very moment less than half of my team is “qualified”. I still haven’t qualified yet and neither has the one person on my team that has the 10X bonus. Yet we are currently destroying a very solid team. And it’s NOT because someone “bought” some XP. So trust me, there’s nothing wrong with the format.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks for the comments sir, that’s really the goal of this season…Was to put surfers first. šŸ™‚ In every aspect but still give our promo partners big value.

    • John Brewer says:

      Well Randy, the fact of the matter is, surfing enough to qualify may be easy for you and many others, but it is also not as easy for just as many of the same number.

      If you pay attention to what “garylee” said – the folks that can’t surf enough to qualify DON’T PLAY. I surfed a whole lot more last season as well. There were times when I could surf a lot and times I could only surf a little, but I knew that my “little” added to the bottom line.

      You are sadly mistaken when you say this season’s format is a “win for everyone.” It has it’s good points and it’s bad points.

      Your team is doing well – good for you. That in it’s self DOES NOT mean that there is nothing wrong with the format. In the end, when all is said and done, it will be the team who forks out the most money for XP stuff that will be the winner because surfing alone won’t cut it when you are up against folks who have the bucks to spend. That is simply the way it is. It will take a real smart cookie to come up with a system that is as fair as possible across the board – it ain’t easy.

      I applaud TT for creating CTP Teams and the whole XP thing. Very brilliant stuff. But that DOES NOT mean that it’s the next best thing to sliced bread, and TT knows that. Why do you think Jon is asking for suggestions?

      If everything was such a “win” for everyone all Jon would have to say is “stop cryin and start surfing.”

      Get real dude. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but on thing I was taught in the Army was that when we “assume,” we make an ASS of U and ME. So that assumption of yours that this season is a win for everyone is totally out of place.

      • Randy says:

        Didn’t say it was best thing since sliced bread. Nor did I make any “assumptions”. My opinion is based in fact. I can see the increased activity at my own site. Then of course, there’s this thing called math and it goes like this:

        I want to qualify today let me see how much effort this will take on my part as a matter of time.

        We will assume that every site in the promos today has a 10 second timer (which is never true, but let’s pretend)

        So let me start by opening 5 tabs on my browser and logging in to the 4 sub sites and the DC site. I then proceed to click through 105 pages on each of the sites. With a 10 second timer that would take 18 minutes. But let’s be fair and add a couple bathroom breaks and some frame breakers and a bad dialup internet connection and say it takes me an additional 10 minutes. So in less than a half hour I’m done with 3 sub games and 2 tiers of the DC.

        Now I open the 4 vault sites and surf to 231. Assuming these also have 10second timers that would take me another 38 minutes. Throw in a nap and it’s an hour. I have now opened 4 vaults.

        So in 1 and half hours I have went above and beyond for my team that day.

        Tell me again how hard this is.

  17. Suzanne Howarth says:

    The only way to stop teams buying the win is to stop giving xp for purchases.

    Promo partners get xp for purchasing promos which leads to teams with the most owners winning.

    I don’t know what the answer is. I am an owner, I love getting the xp for purchases. Maybe give more TT points instead,but then again they can be converted to xp anyway.

  18. Suzanne Howarth says:

    Also, I had the DC at my site the other day. The surfing numbers were great, but only 11 completed the DC to tier 5…

  19. I love the even balance where the owner’s like myself are getting some of the action

    with the different choice of promotions available. The surfing is great, being able

    to use RR to built my lists is a plus as well.

    This Season 5 has been a win/ win all around great time.

  20. garylee says:

    I’m just curious Suzanne what was your ROI as a TE owner? Money paid for being the DC compared to new sign-ups who became paid members while you were the DC. Is this new format worth it for you? As a surfer many of us have complaints about this seasons format but I would be very interested in hearing from you. I hope it is a great deal for you. I want to see TT not only survive but to really thrive. Overall it’s the best system out there and I would just like to see a few improvements. As I said in my earlier comment we all need to make money for this system to work. Not only surfers but TT and TE owners as well. Love to hear more suggestions. Thanx for the info from the side of the fence I don’t usually play on since I’m just a surfer.

  21. Erik Badeaux says:

    My suggestion is to add more TE’s sometimes get tired of surfing the same ones.

    And I strongly agree about eggs can’t be at sub and key sites,too deflating, surfing for a goal and the egg pops up.I know,you should check first but still.

    I still hve alot of fun trying to achieve my goals in what ever timeframe I have that day.I just try to contribute what I can.

  22. Marye says:

    I can’t help but thinking that the Teams who have paid for the XP Advantage should be pitted against “like” Teams that would have the same advantage…

    I mean if you have an advantage in the beginning like this one

    570% PTS BONUS Earned by Team Members having Flags on Badges!
    5070% PTS BONUS Earned by Team Members gaining Subscribers*!
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for m***! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for b***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for s***! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for v***! (Ends 2 weeks from now)
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for g***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for f***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for s***! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for e***! (Ends 2 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for m**! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for l***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)

    (and that’s not even half of the bonuses)

    how can a Team (even with strong surfers) but only a bonus ration like this even hope to win this duel?

    96% PTS BONUS Earned by Team Members having Flags on Badges!
    18% PTS BONUS Earned by Team Members gaining Subscribers*!
    500% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for m***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for p***! (Ends 2 weeks from now)
    200% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for r***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for m***! (Ends 2 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for s***! (Ends 4 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Earned by p*** renewing Kore4! (Ends 6 days from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Earned by r*** renewing Kore4! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Earned by m*** renewing Kore4! (Ends 3 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Loyalty Bonus for s***! (Ends 2 weeks from now)
    100% PTS BONUS Earned by r*** renewing Kore4! (Ends 3 weeks from now)

    This team has no chance of winning in this scenario even if all of their Team qualified and surfed all day..the odds are stacked against them right out of the gate….

    It would take definitely more effort on the part of setting the duels to have “like” advantages pitted against other similar advantaged teams with the same or close to the same – but it would definitely level out the playing field so that ev1 would have a real chance on succeeding.

    • Although much of the Bonuses mentioned if from sufing a lot and being active its also from Supporting TT with upgraded all over their business which is good …for all of us !! Support what you believe in and I do so..upgrade everywhere – cause when I invest in TT it comes back to me…lots to in $$ and fun
      But I see your point. a very good one to
      Suggestion is to add two divisions Division A Where the big teams are lets set a limit / requirement of at least 5K as total team bonus
      And Division B for those with less…
      That could work and also be cool

      • Marye says:

        thank you for your comment Ole šŸ™‚ I appreciate your feedback

      • Jon Olson says:

        I like that….If everyone upgraded, imagine the wins everyone would get…Sure Timtech would win, but we pay the most out every Friday in commissions for a reason…We want you guys to WIN and win big!

  23. Maya says:

    I loved the idea for another season with fair chances by surfing.
    But I am disappointed as there are still high bonusses for purchases.
    And for the third time we were beaten after surfing hard because of a purchase.

    Success with the buy-offs, I’m really done this time.

    A very very very disappointed member of a great team,

    • Jon Olson says:

      Getting qualified is very achievable for everyone, and no one is ‘buying’ their wins. This season is about surfing primarily.

      Sure there is bonuses, but the freemium model that Timtech has since we started is why we do things this way.

      • Marye says:

        If this was truly about the surfing and not the purchases…how do you explain this result?

        The first team (as you can see) surfed far less than the 2nd team – there were more vault, egg, DC tiers, etc collected by the 2nd team…but in the end the 2nd team lost by almost 600 points – they had about equal amount of qualifiers…team 1 only had 1 person surf to the 4th tier and a couple surf to tier 2 / while team 2 had 2 people complete the dc along with the rest of the team that finished tiers 2-4 so this doesn’t work as far as who outsurfed who(m) I love the duels but to be quite honest its so unbalanced that i’m ready to give up…and that would be sad…..

        (final score ***team 1 -3429 team 2 – 2839)

        TEAM 1

        1 KORE4 K*** Qualified x10 1 4 3 9 11.6M
        2 KORE4 A*** Qualified x10 4 4 3 116 42.7M
        3 LEADER P*** Qualified x10 2 6 3 20 12.9M
        4 KORE4 K*** Qualified 2 3 3 0 26.4M
        5 MEMBER C*** 0 0 0 0 94.7M
        6 KORE4 R*** 0 2 0 0 24M
        7 MEMBER K*** Qualified 2 3 3 0 8.5M
        8 MEMBER H*** Qualified 2 7 3 5 3.2M
        9 KORE4 S*** 0 0 0 0 44.3M
        10 MEMBER M*** Qualified 2 3 3 1 1.4M
        11 MEMBER G*** 0 0 0 0 6.7h
        12 MEMBER J*** 0 3 3 0 1.8M
        13 MEMBER H*** Qualified 1 3 3 0 3.2M

        Team #2 –

        1 LEADER M*** Qualified x10 5 4 3 121 160M
        2 KORE4 A*** Qualified 5 4 3 59 63.7M
        3 KORE4 J*** 1 0 0 0 320.2k
        4 MEMBER K*** Qualified 4 6 12 8 8.3M
        5 KORE4 J*** 0 0 0 0 46.5M
        6 MEMBER B*** Qualified 4 6 4 30 4.2M
        7 MEMBER Vi*** Qualified 4 23 8 66 16.7M
        8 MEMBER F*** Qualified 2 3 3 0 8.4M
        9 MEMBER M*** Qualified 2 4 3 8 2.1M
        10 KORE4 T**** 0 0 0 0 3.4M
        11 MEMBER I*** 0 0 0 0 2k
        12 MEMBER A*** 0 0 0 0 53.6k
        13 MEMBER O*** Qualified 2 3 3 0 1.9M

  24. Birdie Hurt says:

    It seems that many, if not most (or all), surfers agree that chalking up a win by buying XP is the lowliest, sleaziest way of winning.

    TT is steadfast in insisting that XP will not be removed from the competition because it is the currency in use.

    Suggestion: devalue the XP. The measurement system this season is based on “points”, which the promos and XP contribute to. Okay, if you can make it “One point is earned every 3 vaults, every 7 subs, every 5 eggs, and every 1m XP”, surely it wouldn’t be that difficult to change it to something like every 10m XP or every 100m XP is a point. Or whatever value seems to work well by making it a little more difficult to buy a win with…?

  25. garylee says:

    Good comment Birdie. I hope Jon is listening cuz this is the best idea I’ve heard yet.

  26. Suzanne Howarth says:

    Buying the win = Using xp links from purchases.

    This is what is meant buy team members when they complain about about teams who at the last minute use these links to gain the advantage, making in some cases the hard surfing work obselete. It is happening this season and to say otherwise would be ignorant.

    It is very difficult to address this as these xp links are a special reward for members/owners continued support, and rightly so.

    One thing that could be changed is making the value of all xp links the same. What I mean is, currently we get 10,0000 xp per $1 spent. The only exception to this is List Viral, which gives 1 mill xp link per $1 spent.

    While List Viral is a good system, I believe, and many I have spoken to agree as well, is that List Viral should be the same value as all other xp links. That is, 10,000xp per $1 spent.

    I am sure List Viral is a good enough system to stand on it’s own and not rely on this extra incentive.

  27. Brandon says:

    Again this year is about the golden rule- those with the most gold, rules. Make a straight surf competion based on page views. Then you will be rewarded on EFFORT.

  28. There was a time – when seasons where fun to surf ( before Lisviral crazy amount of XP bonus for each dollar), I remember then TE owners was happy, they got loads of traffic because most XP was collected on Loyaltybadges and on keys. Now if one want to win it seems you just qualify, no need to surf and stress to get eggs / keys / loyalties for surfing ..and at the end of day just use a few dollars on Lisviral and you get like BILLIONS of XP not beatable with surfing all day …
    AND this has the TE owners noticed with lack of traffic much more less surfing on keys and as a result (when I write this ) nearly ALL keys ar not ordered by TE’s …before when Listviral bonuses where not an option I remember keys was pre ordered LONG time before because the owners knew it would bring much traffic.its not like that anymore is it..so I repeat as I have said to Jon several times –
    “I want the big XP bonuses removed from Litviral, make it 100K a dollar instead of 1 Million a dollar.
    THAT would bring back the crazy surfing again and many more teams would participate when they know they cant be beaten by a few dollar buys at Listviral…geeze how har is this to see?

  29. garylee says:

    If ListViral is a good program TT shouldn’t need such heavy handed bribes. I don’t use it but I’m sure it works great for the people that do. Listen to Ole.

  30. Lynn M says:

    OK, I’ve been thinking about this post & subsequent responses ever since it went up & trying to decide if there was anything I had to add that hadn’t already been gone over. I think I have now, maybe.

    DAYS OFF. It was definitely one thing mentioned many times last season that teams overall LOVED, probably more than anything about last season’s changes.

    It seems that, for the mot part, we’re not getting much of that this season & I think maybe a revisit to how the scheduling should be formatted would be a good thing before the next season starts.

    Case in point – as of today, Lucky 13 has had a duel for 16 days straight and still has duels scheduled for the upcoming next two days. Many of the other teams are in similar situations and I expect some teams are getting pretty tired out.

    We’ve also had a lot of days where the other team’s score was a big fat zero. While it’s nice to have some easy wins I guess, those teams’ participation seems overall mostly useless.

    I think last season’s pre-season qualifications that x’d out a lot of teams that did zilch kinda worked better for the season overall.

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