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Surfers First….The Focus Of Season 5

Surfers First….The Focus Of Season 5

You spoke! We listened!

The 5th season of CTP Teams is about a week old and so far the numbers have been staggering. We heard you, the members and you wanted more emphasis placed on surfing and fair gamesmanship. That is what Season 5 has become…


We are hearing from our promo partners that they are seeing record breaking numbers of new members joining, surfing through the roof and all around excitement for their programs hosting the bombs, Daily Challenges and Vaults. (Heck we’re even crashing a few servers every couple of days from all the activity….)

You are making this season one of the most active in recent memory and while there’s been a few hiccups (it wouldn’t be CTP Teams without a few of those) things are increasing day after day…

We are paying out commissions each and every Friday (Over $200,000 to date!!!), we just hit 160,000 members at ClickTrackProfit and wow…The passion is back baby!!!!

Thank you for standing up and demanding a change in the way we score this competition. We’re huge fans of the ‘surfing first’ mentality for this….We hope you guys continue to rock with us!

Good luck to all the teams!!!!

31 responses to “Surfers First….The Focus Of Season 5”

  1. Reason I wish the error in my account could be fixed ASAP as I want to form my own

    Team and Cash in on this excitement.

  2. John Brewer says:

    Well…. I’m glad that the promo partners are having such great success, but to be honest with you, I wonder if that success will transfer to long time users for your TEs.

    I fully agree with encouraging surfing and all, but not everyone will join a TE just to qualify. That is not a negative comment for the sake of being negative, it’s just my honest opinion.

    The basic idea fir this season is good, and the changes that were made are much better than the first ideas, but I’m not sure that the seasoned folks who are interested in finding places to promote their offers are willing to join a TE just to qualify.

    Again, this is not a negative comment for the sake of being negative, it’s simply my take on this season.

    For some reason the original spirit of CTP Teams has been lost. I would venture to say that I am not the only one who thinks that way, but many are simply not saying it for one reason or another – which is OK.

    TT dudes, what happened?

    • Jon Olson says:

      So what would you suggest? This season was created because people’s were very vocal that they wanted surfing to be the focus of the competition.

      So I’ll ask, what would you suggest to revive the spirit you feel is lost?

      • John Brewer says:

        Well Jon, like I said, the surfing requirement in itself is OK. Those who don’t like the promo sites don’t have to surf them – period. It’s also great to hear that the owners are having great results. It’s good to have the owner’s perspective on things, it helps non owners like me to see things from the other side.

        But as I said in my previous comment, it’s not really about the surfing, it’s about the original spirit from TT that even led to the creation of CTP Teams. Something (for me anyway) is missing from the TT side of things. It’s hard to suggest what I would do about it because maybe it’s just me.

        If other CTP Team members who may feel the same way, or at least a little bit in that direction would say what is on their mind, maybe what I am feeling would be more evident.

        Right now it seems I am just a lone voice in the wind, which is OK with me – been there, done that.

        Jon, you well know that I have spoken up for CTP badges and all that stuff when TT haters were telling TE owners not to get badges. The whole badge, vault and sub game idea is outstanding. That is not necessarily my point.

        In my humble opinion the heart and soul of TT that used to be there is somehow not as it used to be. Maybe you can privately ask the opinion of some folks you have really grown to respect over the years. People are sometimes willing to say things in a private setting that they don’t want to say in a public setting.

        So…. I guess what I would suggest is that you ask some folks you respect. Folks who are not afraid of telling you negative things as well as positive things. Those are the folks who’s opinions are worth their weight in gold.

        • Jon Olson says:

          OK, I’m a big boy, I can take it 🙂 Doesn’t need to be in private, if you think something is up, please do tell me. I’m ok with looking in the mirror and seeing where we screwed up.

          It would help in the long run for sure. 🙂

  3. Well, I am loving the traffic… with one promo I doubled my traffic and running two the same day, I tripled by traffic… Not sure about the long-term effects of the traffic, but I am also seeing income from the new members…. traffic + exposure + income = IT’S ALL GOOD!!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Randy says:

    Completely disagree with earlier comment. CTP Teams has brought more “surfers” into the fold than anything else and they do translate to long term users. And this season seems to be even better so far exactly because of the focus on surfing to “qualify”.

    As an owner of a TE there’s nothing better than having activity. And any active member of any TE (especially an upgraded member) should crave new eyes on their ads and increased hits.

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me why an advertiser wouldn’t want their ad seen by as many people and as many times as possible.

    Let it rip TT! The owners will convert those new users to long time users if they are doing the right things.

    As for me, even from the marketers side of my brain, I’m throwing my bait where the fish are. If the fish leave then I’ll move the boat, but when I know for a fact that there’s going to be fish in that new pond, I’m hanging a line there!

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks man, appreciate the feedback and business over the years! We’ll keep people coming into CTP for sure and get more folks joining your TE’s 🙂

  5. Rob says:

    Day 1 : Hosting the mine in a new type format for me as in 3 days in a row versus once every 6 days on average.
    6 new members so must be most CTP mine players are already members.
    Surfing is definitely up and amount of members surfing 148 for the day.
    That is not a record by any means surprisingly if I go back through stats my best results from mines and vaults was in their early days of inception.
    Day 2 : Lets see what happens ??
    Day 3: To come yet.

    Outside of what is what and teams etc hosting mines and vaults since their inception I can only say yes it does bring increased traffic to your site on any day.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks man, yeah the original seasons had lots of excitement for sure 🙂

      Appreciate the feedback and sharing the numbers!

  6. John Novak says:

    Mr Brewer, as a site owner and one who utilizes CTP and Tim Tech for it’s promotions, I have known from the beginning that just adding badges was not the answer. It is easy to get a bunch of traffic on one day and watch it drop off the next.
    It has always been and always will be the responsibility of the site owner to make the site a place where members see value, and want to come back to and surf and advertise.

    If a lame site hosts a promo, and does nothing to change the site to improve it or enhance it in any way, then they alone are at fault for their own failure.

    As for the current set up of Season 5, it seems that it is a much more level field, and I have experienced more of a team atmosphere with my team, than in the prior seasons.

    It was no big secret that Tim Tech wanted to fine tune the competition, and I really believe that it is heading in the best direction yet.

    Now, this set up is not for everyone, and nobody is forced to partake in it.

    But for myself, I feel that I am getting full value for my advertising money spent with Tim Tech.

    And Randy, you are absolutely correct, activity breeds activity. Current members love to see new eyes on their ads.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Thanks John, appreciate the kind words man and all the business and support over the years.

      It’s not always the stuff people wanna hear or see, but at the end of the day all we are ever trying to do is improve the experience for everyone.

      We’ll get it right one day 🙂

    • John Brewer says:

      Thank you for your words and insight Mr. Novak.

  7. Hey John, I just wanted to share some results from the last 2 sub games I have booked with TT. The first one, I sold a Lifetime and another OTO, plus a couple of other small sales and had fantastic traffic. One of my upgraded members will be receiving a lovely commission this payday coming; she is also a member of the CTP community. The second sub game booking I sold another Lifetime and a couple of smaller sales.

    Since relaunching my site mid September 2015 I have consistently been booking sub games each month and this season so far has been giving me the best results. I know there are hiccups along the way, especially when changes are made, but as a TE owner I am enjoying being part of the process.

    • John Brewer says:

      Leone, that is not surprising to me because your TE rocks!! 🙂 I get very high percentage of viewers from your TE – even before Season 5 started 🙂

      So the extra exposure that your TE gets as a result of you buying promos will most definitely be a long term benefit for you.

  8. russell says:

    There have been a number of areas of CTP that I feel have somehow wandered to the sidelines and not really been taking part in the main play.

    I have been a consistent CTP Promo owner ever since I opened my sites a couple of years ago, so much so that for the past year and a bit I have been having my sites take part in 18 promos a month with CTP. As well as being one of the major players in the XP aspect.

    Unfortunately I saw a decline in the results that these promos were bringing.
    When I speak of results I am talking numbers.

    My primary reasons for taking part in promos with CTP was
    1) To utilise a system that was seen as a valuable leverage in bringing new members to the sites, as Rob speaks above, a lot of the team players are already members of my sites, so the team games does not necessarily bring in new members anymore, My membership grows daily and the promos that I have had this month has not seen an increase in that consistent growth.

    2) I loved being able to offer the members of my sites participation in what I saw as a valuable community collaboration and by engaging my sites in promos with CTP I was also allowing my membership to engage with CTP and what it has to offer.

    Now unfortunately I saw a decline in what these promotions could bring to me as an owner as well as a number of frustrations that were brought about over the past two months with new changes that have been made and the fine tuning of these changes. of which I might add now deserves kudos to the TT Team for persisting and listening to owners so that the system could be functional and equitable .

    Yes the last couple of seasons have not necessarily had a focus on the Sub Games and Vault and key promotions. But it would appear that this season is focusing more on being able to give the owners a better return for their financial investment and getting CTP members back into surfing again. giving sites members a greater opportunity to promote their own business opportunities and get potential signups to their programs of activity.

    Just remember folks to promote you and what you have to offer.

    I am as an owner though sitting on the sidelines and seeing where CTP is going to go with this seasons activity and any following seasons to come.

    Team play is great for garnering community spirit, but one must remember that CTP after all is a great training program to help you grow your business and one mustn’t forget this, in all the fervour to beat the next team.

    Sadly as an owner I am not participating in CTP Promos as much this season, and my reasons for that have been made clear to those who it matters to and for reasons as stated above.

    With the lack of focus and the decline and devaluation of the promos and XP, a lot of members lost heart and as a result many owners too have become somewhat disgruntled.

    I will relish the opportunity to take part again, once I see the direction of TT and CTP stay the course, remain true and consistent and remember that the customer (members and owners) comes first.

    It is all well and good to have new members come in every day, but member retention has to be a priority for reputation to be upheld

    • Jon Olson says:

      Appreciate the feedback sir.

      Yeah there’s been ups and downs with this since we started CTP Teams, and growing pains for sure. It’s important for us to set things in motion and create a system that’s easy to use for members and owners who want to grab a promo or two.

      We think we’ve hit a sweet spot with the back end of it.

      Now it’s up to us to keep the competition vibrant. I’m sure we’ll win back your business 🙂

  9. soph142 says:

    Loving it all, even CTP ooppsies. We are all human (except our dearly beloved IT providers) Fun All, enjoy

  10. soph142 says:

    Soph Silly Season
    Nothing new!
    So on days when team not scheduled to play I can go my own way? Without letting team down??

  11. John Alt says:

    Why is it that one team has played 9 games and some only played 3 times? Is that fair play. If you need names I can supply names.

  12. John Alt says:

    Why has not admin gotten back to me since 2 weeks ago with my ticket. I still cant get vaults so can not qualify and help my team with my 3 million xp. Please respond asap.

    • Jon Olson says:

      You seem to be the only person we have heard of that cannot get any vaults….Might wanna check your browser settings 🙁

  13. Brandon says:

    Forcing us to sign up to sites to be qualified benefits the owners, not the surfers. This season should be titled- “Owners First”

    • Jon Olson says:

      Fair enough, but if an owner has sponsored a promo, that’s what they are trying to do…Get sign ups, sales and activity 🙂

  14. Deborah Cook says:

    Not sure about anyone else; but so far I am really enjoying this season….much more than previous seasons. Qualifying is easily manageable and the benefits for extra surfing are great for the team. Thanks Tim Tech for listening to everyone that took the time to offer suggestions.

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