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Top Tip – Your CTP Profile Page Is Very Important

Top Tip – Your CTP Profile Page Is Very Important

People in CTP Teams can be ever so helpful. The other day, for example, I was contacted on Skype by a CTP member who had this to say:

“Hello Patrick, I have noticed that many members who are veterans in CTP and their About Me section empty. Perhaps you could write something about the importance of editing the About Me section? That would be great.

“The About me section is a great way for CTP members to promote their programs. If people haven’t done this already then they should really take some time to do so.”

So I thought about it and I agree…everyone reading this right now go to your CTP profile page and check that it actually gives some information about you, what you do or what you promote.

These pages get checked out more often than you might think…for example when anyone clicks on an individual CTP Team page, the list of names which is brought up are all clickable links to the individual members’ CTP profile pages.

You can use good old-fashioned plain text, or you can spice it up a bit with images or banners and links to sites you would like people to see…your blog or best affiliate offer for example.

It supports BB Code, which is a simple markup language developed to be used on bulletin boards (hence the name), and you can find a friendly guide to BB Code either here or on the Settings page of CTP which is where you go to edit your profile.

OK so mine is not brilliant but at least there is some information for people to find…

CTP Profile Patrick Griffin

This is good…

CTP Profile Page Stefan Berg

And so is this…

Awesome patrick screenshotOops how did that get there…wrong image. I would never, ever, ask anyone in TELive to tell me I was awesome so that I could slip it into a CTP Teams blog post. 😉

The image I was really looking for was this…

CTP Profile Page Valentin Mavrodin

OK so those two guys like lots of color but you can take the understated approach and be equally effective…like this for example…

CTP Profile Page - Matt BaduraNow over to you. Maybe it is time you updated your own profile page.


44 responses to “Top Tip – Your CTP Profile Page Is Very Important”

  1. Stephen Whittle says:

    Creativity is a good thing when using your CTP profile. I myself give away two badges there. 🙂

  2. You really are AWESOME Patrick!Everybody could actually confirm this in the coments that would follow!Great quality post right there.As always actually 😉

  3. charlotte ericson says:

    CTP should have a training module for BB code….
    Fantastic blog post..as always

    • Bob Sims says:

      Hey anyone remember the “Pickle Man” ?
      He had a good training instruction on CTP Profiles.

      How about learn with nick ?…..Bet he will come up with something if he has’nt already.

  4. I agree that people should spice up their about me pages.
    It is not hard to do and if people want to know about BB Code just type in BB Code into any search engine and you will find reams of information and how to’s

  5. My about me section is always filled in and it has all the evergreen programs on it so I don’t need to change it, as those programs will be around for many years.

  6. Patrick – you are awesome!

  7. Selya Rollins says:

    We need more top tip posts like this, great idea Patrick!

  8. Patricia Hedge says:

    Good post too many people don’t take advantage of their profiles for sure!

  9. Lynn M says:

    I totally agree with the point of this post. When I’m surfing a CTP site, I check out people in chat’s profiles all the time. Sometimes I’ve even signed up for something through one of the links on their profile…. and even if I’m not actively surfing, sometimes if there’s something I’m interested in checking out and I know that person’s a member of CTP, I’ll go to their profile to look for a link.

    Case in point, it’s very important and would benefit anyone to put links or banners to all or some of their primary activities on their profile!

  10. R Van Sky says:

    I just did added to my about section the other day. Studied a little about BBcode and it was trail and error, but I got it done. Ta ta for now!

  11. Patrick great post. You could also say the same thing about spreecast profile pages as I see most of them are not filled in either

  12. sarojini says:

    Great idea

  13. Maya says:

    He’s right, fill in some details and your favorite websites.
    I’ve been asked about them and it got me some sign-ups.

  14. Evelyn Kramer says:

    BB code can be frustrating even with all the help online ; BUT is super simple if you are a StartXchange member,
    go top the forum and do your set up there. They have a great BB code generator right there. Start a post, and lay out your About ME information. Preview until you like it then
    copy and paste into your CTP settings area and save.

    Before leaving StartXchange I suggest either leaving your
    info there, or leave a big fat THANK YOU to Tim Lindon and the team for having that jewel right there.
    Seriously if you are a Kore4 member, you have all the tools you ever need to get branded, noticed and eventually make money.

  15. Steven Schofield says:

    My profile page is fill in another top tip from Patrick.

  16. Thank you for the tip.

  17. I have had signups from my profilepage to – it works, I’ll 2nd that 🙂

  18. Good update post Patrick!

    I have been here nearly 5 months and I don’t believe I have changed my page once. A lot has happened in that 5 months and a lot of changes. Thanks for the reminder Patrick.
    Now, as soon as I can find the round tuit!

  19. Nice tip, I’ve had something on mine from the beginning, and like you mine is not to brilliant but it does have links to my favorite sites!

  20. Tom Wacker says:

    Hey ya. Mine might be a little stale, but still has good information about me. Yes, I still ride a motorcycle, and yes, I still like a good cigar. But it seems trackery wasn’t out yet, it might be time for an update.

    Thanks, Patrick.

  21. Mary Golon says:

    Many leave the page blank, don’t have a photo or bother with the training. The more info I get about people, the more I tend to trust them and do business with them.

  22. Yeah … very great idea!

  23. Virginia says:

    I still need to make a pretty banner but I did at least put something. It’s gotten me traffic before too, so it’s worth it to update that profile.

  24. Georgia says:

    Totally on target. I was trying to gather info about some of my team mates only to find that their CTP profiles were blank. How do you know who you are partnering with?

  25. Wendy says:

    Those people put CTP profile in TEs really let me have impression.

  26. Patricia Dean says:

    I hope all those people who have blank profile pages, read this post & take action.

  27. Sig says:

    Yes agree profile page is good to have.

    And when allso people understand they can share other CTP members and friends pages, on Twitter etc.. If they like and allso for help others…

    You can even do that on any CTP profile.

    So how ever you do it… make it nice, sometimes simple is best…

    Tivoli is cool..but maybe not on a profile?

    Success to all,

    Sig, the nuts Viking

  28. Karen Kuty says:

    Great idea, Patrick! I have my business philosophy posted, but it doesn’t have embedded contact info or business info. My bad. Time to fix it!

  29. I agree with this post too that filling out your profile in any program that your in will let others learn about who you are and what products or services that you own or what you are promoting. I always try to fill in as much information I possibly can in my profile so, people can learn like and rust me for who I really am.

  30. Victoria Stein says:

    Super blog post, and great information already expressed here!

    I do take the initiative to introduce new members on setting some information onto their profiles,…as well as best approach to making contacts.

    And, by updating my profile weekly, helps to keep my focus on my preferred business sites and activities.

    Sign-ups are a bonus, and I enjoy reading about people and sharing with others in this awesome community!

    A win-win!

  31. Marye says:

    Probably one of the most neglected parts of the program (yep I’m guilty too) – thanks for the memory jog 🙂

  32. Mandy Moomy says:

    great information and nice to be reminded every now and then!

  33. Raj G says:

    I quite often come across some profiles,
    with excellent utilization of the space…!!!

    I give away useful internet tools for visiting my page….

    ~ Raj

  34. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions. I learn so much from my fellow surfers. Great Post Patrick. I do have a profile and I have been wanting to improve on it so I will be studying this blog again.

  35. Ken Wolff says:

    Thank you Patrick and to the member who brought up this subject. I often visit profile pages to get to know what people are excited about. When I get to a blank page you can imagine the impression that leaves. I try to update my profile every day with banners and links to the Daily Challenge, Gold and Silver Vaults, and to the Sub-Games. I don’t always get it done but there are always some colorful graphics that do generate additional people in my downline on a regular basis.

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