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Season 5 Informational Meeting

Season 5 Informational Meeting

EDIT: The Season Starts TONIGHT At Midnight, January 18th….

If you missed our informational meeting about changes being made for the upcoming season, have no fear, there was no meeting. You can make the next one. All kidding aside we’ve made some big changes for the upcoming season, here are the latest details:

SEASON 5 START: Jan 18th 12am EST

SEASON 5 END: Feb 29th 11:59pm EST

PLAYOFFS BEGIN: March 3rd 12am EST

PRIZE POOL: $1000 + $1 each win

Teams are collecting Points

There will be a playoffs like previous seasons, except this time your placement will be based on team points NOT the win loss record. Every day teams can collect points, whether they win or lose the competition for the day the points count towards the playoff placements.

The Point Breakdown

One point will be given for every 3 vault games, 7 sub games, 5 eggs, or 1 million XP collected. The points for the team are based on an aggregate total of all qualified team members. So if a member is qualified and completes 1 vault game, another team member can complete 2 more to score a point for the team.

To Qualify

Every day at 12 AM EST a “new day” begins. To Qualify you must complete one Tier of the Daily Challenge plus 3 sub games and 3 vault and key games. Once this happens any XP you’ve earned while unqualified will be released and added to your team total, and any sub games, vaults, or eggs you collect will start to count towards your team.

The Daily Challenge Multiplier

There are 5 tiers to the Daily Challenge. If you complete 1 tier, your vaults will count as one. But if you complete 2 tiers every time you complete a vault you’ll be adding TWO to your team total. Complete all 5 tiers and you are now adding 5 vaults every time you play!

The eHost Multiplier

If you host your site or blog with our Season 5 Sponsor, eHost, your entire team will receive a multiplier bonus. It works exactly like the Daily Challenge multiplier except it applies to everyone on your team. If 10 people on your team switch to eHost, you’ll have a 10x multiplier that lasts the entire Season 5.

The Daily Competitions

Every day you’ll be playing against another team to see who can claim the most points for the day. The team who wins will receive $1 towards their Team Cash, and will score 10 bonus points towards their playoff placements. On Sundays the bonus points will be 10% of the points collected for the day.

Jon was live on Blab today and went over the details for the brand new Season….

25 responses to “Season 5 Informational Meeting”

  1. Graham McCallum says:

    This sounds much better and looking forward to getting off and running

  2. Georgia says:

    This sounds a lot better. Looking forward to the new season!

  3. ajay says:

    nice move Jon! Lots of innovations . Good

  4. Javier Godoy says:

    ..mmm…. sounds really good! . I see powerfull incentives to compete this season !!

  5. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    It does sound much better! Could the “new day” possibly start at midnight EST instead, so that we have a full 24 hours to complete the Daily Challenge? Otherwise it seems there would be 8 “dead hours” of Daily Challenge, and that also wouldn’t be as good for the DC sponsors since we have people surfing from all over the world, and many are awake during those hours. There might even be night owls like me in the USA who like to surf after midnight EST (10 pm here in Colorado).

  6. Mark Manypenny says:

    Would have preferred a midnight eastern reset time, but I’ll adjust šŸ™‚

  7. Deborah Cook says:

    Thanks Jon, it all sounds much better for everyone.

  8. Much better. Now everyone has the chance to qualify, while it pays to carry out the whole days DC.

  9. John Brewer says:

    This constellation is much better because it gives incentive for those who don’t have the time to surf as much. It allows them to be able to help their team as much as they can.

    The changes are also good for those who do have the time to surf a lot because folks should be able to be rewarded for their efforts.

    Much better guys!

    Let us all remember though, at the end of the day this is supposed to be about networking and building our businesses. No matter what objectives folks have, we need to constantly improve in networking, building our businesses, and being true to the principles that we preach to others.

    Yes, we are in business to earn money, but it’s not always about profit. It’s about becoming the type of people that folks know, like, and TRUST. Building trust is like building a wall with Legos. If we betray that trust the wall is knocked down and it will take lots of time (if at all) to rebuild it.

    Good luck to all the teams!

    • Jon Olson says:

      I really hope people see what some of these teams (Lucky 13 specifically) has accomplished by taking part in the competition…..The networking!

      That’s the side effect of showing up every day and taking part…Building those business relationships!

  10. John Alt says:

    My captain just told me something that upsets me . He said teams with kore4 members will have advantage over teams without. My team has 2 against teams that have 24, 25 kore4 members. Why can’t we just have contest where just surfing by members not by bonus points. Thanks for letting me comment John Alt (Success Seekers)

    • Jon Olson says:

      Simply put, Kore4 is a part of our funnel and something we want everyone in CTP to be involved in.

      We’ve paid out tens and tens of thousands of dollars in commissions to people in Kore4 last year, and if more people took advantage of it, everyone would be crushing it!

      We want more peoplein Kore4, and that’s our way of rewarding people that take action.

      • Bill Darton says:

        Maybe, as the popularity of CTP Teams increases, you could set up a Junior League for non-KORE4 members. Then they could compete among themselves. The team leader might only have to be upgraded at CTP and the rest can be free. Since they are not able and/or willing to invest in their business, they could play for virtual (non-cash) prizes like credits/XP/batteries etc. The Junior League teams could be associated with the Pro (KORE4) Teams just like the “Farm Teams” in pro sports.

        • Jon Olson says:

          That’s an interesting idea for sure.

          Something to think about!

        • Rob says:

          I like this idea.

          Pay nothing get nothing so to say.
          Same situation as an amateur in anything.
          Pay to be a pro player and you earn.

          Does leave a problem for those in between though.
          As in having a lifetime upgrade at everything and not been K4.
          Where would they be placed in this situation?
          In my situation I choose not to take a K4 upgrade as I find it better to use that money in investing in my members with CTP promo’s.
          More than likely others are doing similar and are in a similar situation.

    • John Brewer says:

      People who are Kore4 get extra bonuses. Period. There are those who have it in their budget to be Kore4 and they choose not to, which is OK. It is their choice.

      Those who are not Kore4 don’t get those bonuses. Period. Nothing unfair about it. There will always be people who would like to invest more in their business but can’t. That is simply the way of things. That does not mean that people who get certain bonuses for making certain investments (like we do when we upgrade in any type of program or service).

      I don’t understand why this should upset you or anyone else. Let us all be realistic here. Some will ALWAYS have some sort of advantage over others. That is simply the way of this world. Those who are not Kore4 still have every opportunity to surf, promote, invest, etc.

      This is much bigger than CTP Teams. This is about business building.

  11. Dani Samuelne says:


    Its ok, but this time – 8AM EST – how much GMT time in Europe?????

    oh and this season be is total chaos…so sorry but this not clear me totally…:(


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