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Season 5….Starts Very Soon

Season 5….Starts Very Soon

Are You Ready- Season 5 Starts Soon...

After a much needed break, we’re gearing up for the brand new season at CTP Teams…

This season is going to follow the same exciting team vs team daily competitions like the previous one, but with some big changes to scoring and your team mates qualify to win each and every day.

First the good news, you will be competing for DAILY cash prizes for your team every single day. That’s right, there will be playoffs again and a season ending prize, but in this season, every day is your chance towin…More on that later…

The new scoring system is based around two ideas….

1. We want a lot more emphasis put back on surfing!

2. We want to really give a ton of value to our promo partners!

So with that, this is how you ‘score points’ in the new season;

– To qualify for points that day, team members need to surf the Daily Challenge and complete it. They also need to claim 3 Vault N Keys and 7 Sub Games.

– Once a team member qualifies, they can start racking up the points…

– A team earns points every 3 vaults, every 7 sub games, every 5 eggs, and every 1 mill XP.

The teams are going up against each other for points, the more points you score during any given match up…You win!

We’ll dive more into the in’s and out’s of the up coming season but this is something that we heard from you, the players! You wanted more emphasis put back on surfing and much more value for the people that are hosting the surfing promos with us. We think this new point system will rock and with the added daily cash prizes….Season 5 is sure to be a huge hit!

50 responses to “Season 5….Starts Very Soon”

  1. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Sounds very interesting indeed – I like what I’m hearing!


  2. The new season sounds so fantastic!!!!!


  3. Bill Darton says:

    Looks like TimTech has Plus 1’d (and then some) the CTP Teams competition for Season 5!

  4. Caroline Sabourin says:

    The only problem I have with this is are the Ventrino sites. Their timers stall when tab surfing so it will not always be possible to complete everything every day.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Yeah, hopefully the owners of the Ventrino’s see this and get their programming team to work on a fix. We’ll monitor it though.

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    As a part-time person, I do not have enough hours available to surf for me to qualify on days that I work my dayjob, and I don’t think I will be alone.

    I think the results will be very interesting.

    I will be watching.

    • Jon Olson says:

      The number one complaint from last season was we got away from ‘surfing’….We tried to make it much more about surfing with this new scoring system πŸ™‚

  6. Ajay says:

    Jon I agree with Karen. the idea of making people do Dc, subgames and vaults is nice. But feel you can relax the clause a wee bit. Say DC site minimum condition upto tier 3, sub-game upto 4-5.There are indeed some sites in DC which load very slow.
    Otherwise a very innovative and good idea for this season

    • Jon Olson says:

      Appreciate that. We’ll monitor it for sure….But we really want it to be a challenge and something for people to work towards πŸ™‚

  7. Like Karen Kuty says this will benefit those who engage in this more or less full time. Those who have the time to surf all day. I left the Alpha team and joined the Bravo team because I donΒ΄t have time the hole day and it sometimes takes me a hole day to just complete the DC because of my medical issues. Now I must do more then just complete the DC to qualify. I think it is an unfair system.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Last season, again, the number one complaint was that is was unfair that people with the most XP won…Now it’s unfair when it comes to surfing.

      Looks like the TE world is filled with unfair situations πŸ™‚

      Do the best you can, that’s all anyone ever expects I think,.

  8. Maya says:

    “– To qualify for points that day, team members need to surf the Daily Challenge and complete it. They also need to claim 3 Vault N Keys and 7 Sub Games. ”

    Yeah right….no season 5 for me then

    • Jon Olson says:

      So would you rather that teams buy their championships with XP?

      • Maya says:

        Jon, there is a lot of grey between black and white. I’m sure you know that.
        I’ve always been very active surfing..but on the places I want and on TE’s that are interesting to me. Not surfing 4 TE’s for the subgames when 3 of them are not interesting for me.
        Having to surf DC 1000 pages each day….nah….too much.
        If you decide to make it 500 pages..tier 4 I think.. it is acceptable.

        Have you surfed the requirements for qualification yourself and counted how much it will take?

  9. Buck says:

    Lot’s of luck to those that have time to do this, as for me I just am not able.

  10. Deborah Cook says:

    I think I will have to watch from the sidelines as well this season. I love surfing but I doubt that I will have enough time to qualify each day either. I am disappointed because I love the team aspect of CTP but I am sure it will be interesting for those competing.

    • Jon Olson says:

      The surfing required isn’t anything more than just a Daily Challenge. Which a lot of people do each and every day.

      What would you suggest for a better scoring system? That caters to surfers and owners of the promos?

  11. Anna Smith says:

    I think this a great idea and can’t wait to take part. But, maybe what’s needed to qualify is a little over the top, (just a teeny bit) especially for those with limited time.

    Go Renegades!

    Happy surfing all πŸ™‚

    • Jon Olson says:

      We were listening to the people that voiced their opinions the most….The people wanted surfing to be brought back into the competition and the promo owners wanted more value πŸ™‚

  12. I would suggest that the qualification itself, once completed, should give the member 2 points, and then they could start earning more points as per what you indicated above. πŸ™‚

  13. Are the totals for DC, vaults, subs and eggs going to be reset every day? It’s going to be difficult to keep track of when you start qualifying for people that complete more than the minimum each day if they aren’t. Maybe have a column showing when you qualify each day if it’s not reset. Just a thought…

  14. Thomas Walls says:

    When you say complete the daily challenge, do you mean collect up to the 1000 surf badge? Or, just say 50, 100, and the 250?

  15. Tom Rasmussen..tomr21 says:

    Some of us dont have all day to surf getting to 1000 would be difficult
    while also going for vaults and subs.
    500 would be a better top for the DC.

  16. Mark Manypenny says:

    Needs a bit of tweaking apparently, I surfed and completed the DC right after reset (like I always do) and had my vault qualifiers before going to bed at 5 AM, but had to requalify my vaults when I got back up to get my sub games qualifiers….and the stats aren’t showing me as qualified……seems to be a bit of a cluster. Just saying.

    • Mark Manypenny says:

      Definitely the batter is still gooey on the scoring and stat engine (i.e., it’s not even to the half baked point yet).

  17. Hi all. I have talked with my Team and looked ten ways to Sunday at the situation. As an Owner, the numbers are just too much. I appreciate the pains CTP is taking to provide value. I love it. But as a responsible Team leader and game player, It’s too much.

    I have a DC set up each week so yeah having people complete is great but realistically I am happy when people get to 250 or even 100 if it’s just to qualify. I think the Promos are set at an OK number but better numbers would be 2 vault n key and 5 sub promos.
    I think these numbers would keep people from spending the whole day just to qualify. To me these numbers are good on both sides.

  18. Boris says:

    Here’s my twopence.

    I guess you guys have numbers, you do track don’t you πŸ˜‰
    If the average DC completion across all teams and team members is, let’s say 2 tiers set the bar one tier up (so 3 tiers) if it’s 3 set it to 4 (it is a challenge after all.

    Same for the subs, if the average completion is 1 game, set it to 2, etc. For the Vaults do the same, but both vaults, ie. 1 for each or 2 for each vault (or whatever is the average + 1)

    Also, all the tasks you need do to qualify should carry their respective points value, but the points do not kick in until the qualifier is finished.

    I for example rarely finish the DC in one sitting, but split it to 2-4 tiers in he morning and 5th in the evening

  19. Randy Sult says:

    It looked like Tim said (or someone I can’t remember) in skype room that the “qualifying” would be done as a team. i.e. I did 2 vaults and my teammate did 3 so that’s 5. Or is it each team member must qualify before the points start? Here’s my suggestion for either way.:
    1. If it’s each individual team member, I don’t see any problem with what you have proposed. Like you said, Jon, people complained when some “bought” XP and now they complain when they have to surf? I don’t have any presumption that I will complete DC every day either, but most days I’m sure I can. Even Tom Brady don’t score a touchdown every possession but you don’t see him quit the game. Come on people it’s a surfing game!
    2. If it’s team qualifying (adding together the efforts) then you need to raise the bar!

    In the end though does it really matter? Phoenix will win anyway. (That’s sarcasm, by the way, in case you are easily offended).

    “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

  20. Michael Dell says:

    I am all about the surfing and I think ya’ll have a great idea on this season. The only thing is, I tried it out today to see how long its going to take on average and it took me about 3 hours to get qualified. I think 3 hours just to qualify to start scoring is a bit much. Not sure what the solution is but if there is a way to maybe get that down to an hour then start scoring I think people may be a little happier. In my mind I think people are not going to have enough time to get much scoring done with such a long qualifying time. Myself, like many people work a full time job, with some of the longer timers in a few of the TE’s it will be really hard to compete day after day when you have to spend 2 to 4 hours a day just to qualify, then you need to spend another few hours trying to keep a good score going.

  21. I agree that more emphasis on surfing will improve the competition but I think you could have accomplished this by making the XP from purchases smaller and/or the XP from surfing bigger. It strikes me that having such a high hurdle to get any XP will only cause you to have fewer people surfing more on any given day. You have to ask yourself what is better for an advertiser having 250 people seeing your ad once or having 50 people see your ad 5 times?

  22. Have you even thought about how much you must suft just for qualify! It is a lot of sites….. And, after that, you can start the game. Many will probably be more or less serfs, donΒ΄t have time to suft other sites…… And, it you are sick one day, or having a family dinner, or going for a socker game with you kids…….
    It should be fun, not more or less a compulsion for some.

    My words and thoughts.

  23. Phil Lenz says:

    Having three different reset times makes your effective surf day from 8a EST to 12a EST., not a 24 hour day. I tried to get a jump on the DC by getting close to 500 surfed, but after 8am, my daily reset to zero levels making it impossible to qualify that day.

  24. More work than before and THAT is what the customers of Timtech wants….more traffic to their sites they bought promo for VERY good Jon.
    Will give more traffic…more advertising…more fun….and more sales !!
    WTG !!!
    Now just get it running fast as h…
    Ole πŸ™‚

  25. Georgia says:

    I agree with Callum, Cathrine, and Phil. I probably would only be surfing on weekends if you leave the rules as they are stated, because I would never have time during the work-week to get all the surfing done to qualify, so why surf at all.

    Also, if the reset was at the same time of day for all of the qualifiers and items that give points, then it would make things a lot easier.

    I think it would be good to lower the qualifiers and increase what gives you points. For some reason seeing my points stack up quickly is more of an incentive to me to get more points so I surf more. When it takes forever to get points I give up, thinking I’ll never be able to qualify or get enough to help my team.

    It might be a good idea to have the same qualifiers but only one per ‘team duel’ and different for each of the duels, similar to how you were doing the duels last season. That way you’d have surfers at each of the promos working to qualify.

    Have fun everyone!

  26. Janice Campbell says:

    I feel for you Jon! What a dilemna! You can’t please all of the people all of the time! I’ve read through all of the comments/replies and can relate to both sides of the fence. I try to surf the DC every day and complete at least 2 vaults. I find myself surfing through to the 100k badge on the days you have a nerd site with the 100k badge in the vaults. What I found last season is that the same complaint was heard over and over again, 1000 pages for DC is too much, this was very apparent when I looked at how many people would only surf to tier 2 or 3. I also know that most of those people were not upgraded and had slow timers (which does take way too long).

    I looked at your daily challenge list for January and half of February and thought to myself: “Wow, this would be an awesome downline builder to promote, with our own ref id’s.” Imagine giving your members the ability to promote the daily challenge page? Would this not be an added benefit not only for TimTech’s members but also a way to engage more TE owners in wanting to participate? There are a lot of duplicate sites during that time frame which is why I came up with that thought.

    I’d like your feedback on that. As for the new season’s rules, “you live and learn.” It’s okay to fail at something once. A lot of members are not upgraded on every DC, so with that said, I think lowering the tier is a solid idea. Maybe to tier 2 or 3. Completing either/or 5 vaults or subgames each day is a little more realistic, as well. You don’t always have nerd sites in those, so even KORE4 people may not be upgraded in all sites and these do take a little time with slow timers.

    As for me, I’ll be doing my best to complete what I can every day.

    You guys at TimTech are awesome sauce and I know you’ve already put a lot of time and energy into making this a rewarding experience, so KUDO’s to all of you.

    Again, please give me your thoughts on the DC as a downline builder for us!

  27. Maya says:

    Another tip to get the qualifiers with the same anmount of surfing but in less time:…
    dont put the golden eggs on those TE’s that are in the vaults or subgame.
    there are plenty left to put the eggs in.

  28. Has anyone actually run the numbers to qualify?

    The Daily challenge is 1000 clicks, Vaults and Keys is 462 clicks and the Sub Game is 980 clicks. That is a total of 2,442 clicks.

    At an average surf rate of about 7 seconds it will take almost 5 hours just to quailfy.

  29. Jon Olson says:

    Loving all the suggestions everyone….Sorry I havent been responding, was away yesterday at the doctor’s all day.

    But we’re a go this Monday….The 18th for Season 5….Qualifying will be as follows…

    500 pages (or level 4 in the daily challenge)
    3 Sub Games
    3 Vaults

    Once you qualify, all XP and points start to count.

    We’ll make the official announcement very soon, there will be daily cash prizes and a season playoff with a grand prize as well.

    Let’s get ready to rock…This is going to be fun!!!!!

  30. Tommy says:

    Members have to complete Tier 1 of the Daily Challenge, 3 Vaults, and 3 Sub Games. I have followed o lot of teams and members and it looks like this is to much for most members. It should not be so hard to qualify so more members could take part. The way it is now many members do not surf at all and that is not good for TE owners?

    • Jon Olson says:

      If members don’t surf at all, not sure how they are good for TE owners. Sure you want people to upgrade and buy credits, but the goal of a promo is to attract the member to join and then attract them to stick around long term….Surfing is a good way for new members to judge a newer TE.

      • Tommy Andersen says:

        I think many members give up surfing because it is to hard/difficult to qualify for points. In my opinion more members would surf if it was easier to qualify.Even at the top CTP teams it is only a few members that qualify for Points every day.

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