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And still….Champions! Your Season 4 Team Phoenix!

And still….Champions! Your Season 4 Team Phoenix!

Wow…I know there are have been some crazy finishes in the history of these playoffs but this one takes the cake….


There was massive lead changes, billion of XP separating each team during the last few minutes and literally, with 2 seconds left on the clock….Team Phoenix pulled it out!

On behalf of the guys at TimTech, we can’t salute the teams enough for all their awesome sauce work!

SurfAholics Alpha reminded people why they are such a powerhouse and one of the legends of this competition. They kicked butt all season long and had a playoff to remember. Huge congrats to Terry and all his team!

The Undisputed and Reigning CTP Teams Champion…..Team Phoenix!!!!!

Team Phoenix

Tonight, belonged to Kris Rogers and her Team! Amazing playoffs. Amazing season. Amazing competition!

We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas holiday and get ready for Season 5….We’re going to take this competition to another level 🙂

P.S. Special note: All prizes will be paid out this Wednesday instead of Friday because of the holidays!

2 responses to “And still….Champions! Your Season 4 Team Phoenix!”

  1. You know you got to wonder where did all that Last second XP come from I mean wow

    two teams slapped each other silly in the last minutes and Phoenix just hit harder to win it.

  2. Well done Team Phoenix.

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