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It All Comes Down To This…

It All Comes Down To This…

​After months of hard fought battles….Over a week of intense playoff action…

​At midnight tonight eastern, we will crown a brand new CTP Teams champion.


​Team Phoenix, led by power players Ben Frazier, Suzanne Howarth & Greg Worley are in an all out war with SurfAholics Alpha and their all stars including Rip Van Sky, Ole Rasmussen and Terry Allison...

​It’s anyone’s game and the madness is sure to continue throughout the evening. You can keep track of the ​live scoring here and be sure to ​follow me on Blab for live coverage of the finals around 11pm eastern.

What team will win? Which players will step up huge for their team? It all comes down to this…​

EDIT: Crazy finish coming up…..

25 minutes to go and it’s neck and neck….


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