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While Jon Was On A Boat And While I Watched The World Cup, TELive Was Hijacked By An Ovendog

While Jon Was On A Boat And While I Watched The World Cup, TELive Was Hijacked By An Ovendog

On Monday Jon announced that there would be no TELive yesterday because he had to teach his ovendogs how to swim and I took the opportunity to watch the first semi-final match of the World Cup.

Jon’s ovendogs were getting all dressed up for their day out on the water…

dressed up ovendogs

While I witnessed what must go down as one of the darkest days in Brazil’s international footballing history…

Brazil v Germany screenshot

But at the same time #ovendogs team leader Richard Arblaster decided to fill the gap by putting on his own rival Spreecast TELive hijack…where he talked about, amongst other things, the weather.

Richard Arblaster TELive hijack

So British. We always talk about the weather. And no matter what the weather is, apart from perhaps one or two days in Summer, we always find it to be too hot, or too cold, or too windy, or too rainy or too dry.

So what is the weather like where you are?

And Richard, good job in taking action and stepping up…I actually had a feeling that somebody would do it…just don’t get too comfortable as the host of TELive.

30 responses to “While Jon Was On A Boat And While I Watched The World Cup, TELive Was Hijacked By An Ovendog”

  1. Good job Richard!Keep it up! can you imagine if we had all the time a Spreecast from CTP going on as we surf???that would be incredible

  2. Kris Rogers says:

    Well done Richard, I watched a recording of it at a later time.

  3. great job Richard, as I was there at the spreecast.

  4. steven schofield says:

    Great job Richard on your spreecast.

  5. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job!

  6. watched some of the replay, and it looks like brazil lost again, well done Richard πŸ™‚

  7. charlotte ericson says:

    WTG Richard.
    Swedish people are like the English. The weather is always too …..
    Right now it is too hot

  8. Tom Wacker says:

    Yay Richard. Way to take the step up!

    The locals think it’s very hot and dry. I think it’s just about perfect.

  9. Thanks for the post patrick and the comments πŸ™‚

    This is what happens when patrick isn’t given the keys to the TE Live mansion LOL.

  10. Jon Olson says:

    I’m on a boat!!!!! That is all.

  11. Lynn M says:

    Love the hot pink doggie life jackets…. so fashionable!

  12. Carl Davies says:

    The weather has been great for me here.. πŸ™‚ Well done Richard for stepping up and filling in for Jon.

  13. Great work πŸ™‚ …and for me pretty much the same as UK weather !

  14. Virginia says:

    I was lucky when I got stuck in London because of a strike (I think it should be obvious what country would have an airport strike. When are they not on strike?). It was the prettiest, sunniest, mildest day. When I boarded a plane the next day it was foggy, gloomy, and chilly. Too late by that moment however, I was already madly in love.

  15. Georgia says:

    Because Jon was on a boat Brazil lost??

  16. Patricia Dean says:

    I was glad to be on it.

  17. Sig says:

    …there is good things comming with a boat.

    “sink the pink” –

    Success to all, either your on a boat or our on a float πŸ™‚

  18. Debb Lafevre says:

    Was that really Jon saying “I am on a boat” or did Tim write that?

  19. Karen Kuty says:

    LOL, good idea to swipe TELive! And it is soooo hot here (over 110F when I get home at night).

  20. Marye says:

    I am on a boat..that is all? LOL…

  21. Raj G says:

    Moral of the Story:
    Able Leaders steal the Limelight… πŸ™‚

  22. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    Had you been kidnapped by a crazy cat or a stray, the results might have been different and you could have been sitting on a fence yowling at the moon. LOL

  23. So if I’ve got this right, while the original oven dog was out on the boat in her pretty pink life jacket, we were here receiving XP in her name. Cool.

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