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The Semi-Finals Are On Now…4 Teams Remain

The Semi-Finals Are On Now…4 Teams Remain

So here we are, down to the final four!

In what will prove to be one of the most intense 48 hours in CTP Teams history we have 4 juggernaut teams battling it out for a chance to compete for the title of CTP Teams champion!

First up, we have the reigning champion Team Phoenix, going head to head with the hustlers at Easy Team…This battle has already gotten off to a hot start and we will see how Coach Chism motivates her team down the stretch. Phoenix is no easy win, as the champs come into this round as the favorites. Who will come out on top???

Next up is a battle of two of the original power houses of the CTP Teams competitions. We have Cash Surfing Network going head to head with SurfAholics Alpha. Wow, what a battle this will prove to be, as CSN has an early lead I don’t expect this to last much longer…Both teams will be playing strategically going down the stretch.

The battle of the final four ends tomorrow night at midnight, so get ready for a crazy roller coaster ride…I expect lots of lead changes over the next 24 hours!

Good luck to everyone!

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