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Wow, What A Finish To Round 2

Wow, What A Finish To Round 2

Wow….What a crazy finish to the second round….

Yesterday we saw 8 teams battle it out and 4 remain after one of the most intense endings we have ever seen in the history of CTP Teams!

We saw Team Phoenix once again RISE from the ashes and with a last second push, defeat the previously undefeated Lucky 13. A huge 25-0 record was what Lucky 13 had going in, but Phoenix once again showed why they are the reigning champs! Well done by Lucky 13 for a remarkable regular season!

In the second match, Easy Team snuck up and beat Renegades with another last second push. Down by multiple millions of XP, the team led by Debra Chism rallied and snatched the victory. They will now move on to face Phoenix in the semi-finals. Good luck!

The other match saw Cash Surfing Network out last Uber Surfers. This was a redemption of sorts for CSN as they lost last season’s playoff round at the last second, but they weren’t going down this time. Congrats to Ubers on a great playoff and season as well.

And the final match saw SurfAholics Alpha defeat a very determined and powerful Wealth Builders squad. Wow, what a great season for both teams but SAA’s move on to combat team CSN in the other semi-final match up.

All in all, this was one of the most exciting rounds in playoff history and it all gets started again in less than 24 hours…

Who will be moving on in Round 3 to compete for the title of CTP Champion?

6 responses to “Wow, What A Finish To Round 2”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Congratulations to the winners and to the fighters – there were no “losers” in my eyes.

    Lucky 13, you are a class act! Keep doing what you do and keep doing it with class and finesse. Being in the Lucky 13 family has taught me what networking is truly all about.

    Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

  2. Way to go all teams that made it to the next Round. Good job to all the Ubers they put in all they could. It was a fun TOOTING season will see what happens next season 🙂

  3. GOOD job to all who made it to the next round of the playoffs. The Uber team put in all they could to continue on but CSN let off a bigger TOOT. Will be interesting to see what happens in the Next season and happy TOOTING 🙂

  4. Sig says:

    Congrats with a Big TOOT to all!!

    And much success and good luck in next round!!

  5. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck to the very skilled winners of round 2
    I will be rooting for Debra to make it all the way. Easy Team can go all the way!

    Love my Team. Wealth Builders were fantastic and we had a great season.
    Have fun, make money.

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