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Bombs Away, These Promos Are (The Vault And) Key To Getting Your Site Alive With Traffic

Bombs Away, These Promos Are (The Vault And) Key To Getting Your Site Alive With Traffic

A lot of people in this industry complain that the activity levels at their traffic exchanges are not exactly sparkling. Traffic trickles in, views are nothing to write home about and not a lot happens.

It does not need to be that way. It does not need to be that way at all. What if you didn’t have that problem? What if somehow there was a way to put the sparkle back into your program?

What if the only problem you had was whether your server was up to the job of dealing with all the traffic we could put your way?

Well this is TimTech and we crash servers of the unwary by bringing in tons of traffic to your sites.

Our Vault and Keys and Submarine Game promos are loved by traffic exchange users because of the gamified elements we have built into them. They are loved by traffic exchange owners because they bring lots of new eyes to their sites…new eyes means more traffic and this translates into more signups and upgrades.

Maybe you have never tried it…well now is time to see what partnering up with TimTech to leverage the power of CTP and our awesome community could do for your site.

You could tie it in with a giveaway of CTP experience points (XP) for every “x” pages surfed on the day you hold a promo. (Huge hint – people love collecting XP. It is a traffic magnet right now.)

Stuck for ideas or need a little bit more help? Then Brenda (BrendaBroyles on Skype) is the person to talk to at TimTech. Check them out on the CTP Promo Page (scroll down to Vault and Key Promos or Sub Game Promo) or check out Brenda’s blog for more information.

Brenda Broyles blog for CTP promos

30 responses to “Bombs Away, These Promos Are (The Vault And) Key To Getting Your Site Alive With Traffic”

  1. Debb Lafevre says:

    Always lots of fun

  2. Would have loved to see some facts…from stats after todays Vault and Keys and Submarine Game promos…as its mostly Nerdsurf s sits on both ….traffic…how much ?

  3. thanks great tips for traffic exchanges owners to increase surfers and of course commissions etc etc

  4. charlotte ericson says:

    Collecting keys and bombs and badges makes surfing more fun. Some say that the collecting distract you from seeing the ads but that’s not true, atleast not with me. If I see something interesting I check it out. I might not sign up for any program anymore 🙂 but I see the ads.

  5. Steven Schofield says:

    Love collecting badges ,keys and playing the bomb game i also love nerd surfing. great to do.

  6. Maya says:

    This works for everybody so surf and get surfed 🙂

  7. Wendy says:

    Love Brenda’s Site.
    Love sub games, vaults and prize wheel!

  8. Yup, definitely lots of fun!

  9. What a wonderful post. If I were a TE owner I would absolutely take advantage of CTP and all the ways they offer owners and users in way of advertising. I wish I had known about this program a long time ago. I used to see ads for CTP and even though I did a couple of times check it out it seemed time consuming. And I was right it does take time but you utilize your time instead of wasting it. So if I ever start up a TE site I will for sure sign up for vault keys and daily challenges.

  10. Virginia says:

    I have to say that nerdsurf sites with keys is where I ended up spending a lot of time. A shorter time will draw me in too.

  11. Yep Patrick, lots of reasons for owners to take note…even those TE way off in a galaxy far far away should take notice. There are lots of TE’s I’d like to see take a shot at it. But maybe they are afraid, afraid there severs can’t take the strain.


  12. LORNA HEATH says:

    Woa!! We all love to surf don’t we?

    But just look at how far we will go and go that extra mile just to get a Badge, some XP Points or a pretty Key (not to mention a few pennies here and there).

    Bring on the Freebies to make us work!!

  13. Raj G says:

    It’s true that lot of eyeballs are attracted by some unique CTP features and competitions… most TE owners are making use of it… and I am sure many more would follow soon…

    Well done CTP to involve both surfers and owners…

    ~ Raj

  14. Georgia says:

    I think it is blast surfing for the vault and keys and the bombs, plus the nerd surfing. If I owned a TE I know I would jump at the chance to get involved.

  15. I do own a TE and am all over the Bombs, Vault & Keys and Challenge sites. In fact I have an on going subscription to the Bombs as well as the Vault & keys. every time I have them my traffic goes up and they have definitely been a part of my on going strategy of getting the best surfing experience for my members that I can.

    William A. Miller II
    Owner and Webmaster of:
    SurfSkeleton.com and TrafficPharaoh.com

  16. Stephen Whittle says:

    These are a great way to help new TE’s grow. Take advantage!

  17. Evelyn Kramer says:

    These promos are definitely worth the advertising expense for your site. But beware. CTP surfers are serious. Be prepared to watch the site all day to keep up with any issues.
    Still for a TE owner, the site exposure is great!

  18. Sig says:

    Keys and bombs are a good traffic maker indeed.

    the investment in them are worth it, even for the fun !!

    My fav is Bombs, as I allways love a good explotion!! 😀

  19. Karen Kuty says:

    I think the vault/keys and bombs promotions are a great way for TE’s to bring in new members and allow them to know you. There is a lot of competition for people’s time out in TE-Land, and it’s not enough to just bring people in one time, it’s important to bring them in multiple times, so they can see what sets your TE apart from all of the others. Using promos like the vault/keys or bombs is a way to bring serious surfers into your site. Depending on what they encounter (and how you treat them), many will either advertise/upgrade and surf when there are no promos or a promo alone will not induce them to come back…

  20. As an owner I can highly recommend these promos, they are one fun way of keeping your membership engaged and a great way of leveraging the community

  21. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    I am for the idea of competing and going for the prizes. Sometimes they can be a distraction like killing frowns can take awhile when the try to hide in the edges. But they definitely can put a smile on my face.

  22. Rob Paris says:

    I also hold a monthly subscription for the mines and vaults with TimTech to run on my TE.
    I have supported the mines and vaults since there inception and they have proved fruitful in supplying a regular flow of traffic at my site.
    I would love to see a few more owners get on board with a regular subscription as it would benefit all involved, the days I see no mines today is disappointing but I am only one and do my best to take on what I can.
    I am not a big TE owner but at present every month I have 9 mines and 2 vaults, it cost’s me but I put my customer before me so if I break even every month I am happy.
    When daily challenges came in I opted to take a few more mines a month than the daily challenge maybe a few others should look at the fact good flow is better than mayhem for one day.
    And you never know you might just end up been in a daily challenge without realising it as has happened to me a few times now.

  23. Great post Patrick….. And Love the comments. Yes the promos are Great to get traffic to your site and as u can see if you continue to use them the people come back…. The owners with subscriptions like William, Russell and Rob can tell u this does WORK…. If you are a new or old owner would be glad to work with you….. Promo and badge surfers are very loyal people……Just let us know brendabroyles on skype

  24. Tom Wacker says:

    Almost every TE owner I have talked to about it says the same thing. “Traffic is amazing, the cost is way outweighed by the traffic and sales.”

    The few that are unsatisfied are typically hobby site owners that are completely unprepared for the increase in traffic.

  25. Lynn M says:

    Those that take advantage of these promos are reaping such big rewards, when they do it right and especially when they promote it themselves for maximum benefit. I would love to see more of the latter.

    And thank goodness for Brenda’s blog… I use it as my bible every day to see what I need to do the next day!

  26. Patricia Dean says:

    Gotta love the 10,000 xp vault

  27. Marye says:

    All the games and promos here actually make surfing/promoting FUN… WTG

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