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Why We Created CTP Teams…

Why We Created CTP Teams…

Today I was doing a lot of soul searching and asking myself WHY, what is the real reason CTP Teams exists. The obvious answer and some folks might not like this, is to create a fun way for TimTech to create a revenue stream. This is business and we discovered when you put a healthy competition on top of business, good things happen….But then, I get news like this….

David McKay of the Renegades dropped me a line a few days ago and let me know that him and his team mate Norbert Lander have created a brand new splash page building service called Unique Splash. If you have ever seen Norbert’s work, you can understand why I’m beyond excited for this release.

Seeing arguably the best designer in the industry create something of huge value like this….Makes me one happy camper!

Unique Splash Page Design

But let’s dig deeper and see what truly took place here…

A few weeks ago, Norbert (and his wife), David and fellow Renegade Maya Van Doorn met up in Germany! Three team mates that have battled with other teams, grown as entrepreneurs and have been building REAL relationships in business and in life. WIN!!!

Norbert and David then go on to create a program that is filling a huge void in this business, and the way they met was through CTP Teams. WIN!!!!

Renegades have gone from being a ‘just for fun‘ team into real relationships. Real businesses. Real progress! WIN!!!

And it’s not limited to Renegades, go up and down the lists of teams in this competition and you will win action takers, driven entrepreneurs and so many stories like this….I’m beside myself! I absolutely love it! I’m so proud of every single member of this community and everything folks have accomplished!

So it hit me….THIS is why we started CTP Teams. Because years ago, Justin, Tim and myself got out of our comfort zone, met up offline and went on to create TimTech…You never know WHO you will meet online and when you start working together, great things can happen. For every badge collected, XP earned, Golden Egg uncovered….THIS is why CTP Teams exists!

12 responses to “Why We Created CTP Teams…”

  1. Tim Hanson says:

    There will always be those who get it and those that do not. What is CTP teams ? It is what we make it to be. What are our business’s, they are what we make them to be. Those that dont embrace a team environment become lone wolf’s just scratching for their next meal.

  2. Maya says:


    when I joined team Renegades it was my 4th team and it felt like coming home.
    We have come to great results in a relaxed way and positive stimulation in stead of pushing. With working hard though!
    That is the first win.

    Then we started to know eachother better and you find common interests and find out where we lived. And then the idea was born to meet up somewhere. That was the best idea we had since I joined Renegades. It was the second time I felt like coming home! David and Norbert and his wife are great people and I am very glad to have met them and to meet them again.
    That was the biggest win!

    I wish that all teams will get such wins in future. If you win or loose that is not important but keeping in contact with eachother and share what ever is going on, is!
    It is still early but now I’m in the mood I wish everybody happy holidays and maybe next year it is time for you to step out of your comfortzone.

    Enjoy life!!!!

  3. Congratulations to team Renegades, Norbert, Maya and David! That is so awesome those 3 met in person and created a program! Very good news Jon 🙂 Wishing Norbert, Maya, David a prosperous future!

  4. I need to create some better splashes and really can use this program how much does it cost to use.

  5. John Brewer says:


    To me, CTP Teams is about networking and business building. It’s about taking the things we have learned from the outset as members of the CTP community and putting it into action. The friendly competition is simply a plus – the icing on the cake.

    No matter why you bought the cake, the question is, what do you do with it. Do you gobble it up yourself, or do you share it with others? Do you make note of how delicious it tastes and think… Hmm…. I can make something like this as well, and this is what I can do to make mine taste just as good if not better.

    The cake was bought from TT. So credit should be given where credit is due. Why TT made the cake is not necessarily relevant. You can buy it or not. You can eat it or not. You can share it or not. It’s your choice.

    Team Lucky 13 bought the cake, examined the recipe, and produced our own – with great success I might add because it led to the creation of Lucky 13 Too. We took the TT recipe and made it all our own, while still being loyal to the originators of that recipe.

    CTP Teams is so much more than what TT created it to be – if one can recognize why. Yes, some get it, some don’t.

    We in the Lucky 13 family get it. We don’t live and breath according to what TT says and does. We listen, evaluate, learn, use what is beneficial according to our goals, and we leave the rest. When you are a part of our family you know how we roll. Our family is dear to us, but if a family member screws up and is not willing to repent of their actions – they can hit the road.

    The Lucky 13 family is about as diverse as a family can get. Therefore, we have a perception of things that is quite all-inclusive.

    Thank you TT for the concept you created – no matter what the reason. We ALL need to evaluate what we do and why we do it and make sure that we are true to ourselves and the values that we say we have. How you roll will be obvious to all who care to notice in time.

    Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs. Let’s try to be reasonable adults this time huh? 🙂

    Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

  6. Patsy j Payne - konnektions konsultant says:

    I have admired Norberts work for a LONG LONG TIME. Now I have the opportunity to have access and I AM THRILLED.
    Thank U…

  7. Shon Jimenez says:

    I love his work. I ordered as soon as I could. Can’t wait to see what he comes up for me.

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