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Member Spotlight: Janelle Pineau The Girl Who Can’t Email

Member Spotlight: Janelle Pineau The Girl Who Can’t Email

You may know Janelle as the team leader of Home Run Hitters and from the work she does for TimTech.

She is a regular in TELive – a kind of friendly troll who always tries to put Jon or I off whatever we are talking about. At that she is very successful. Very successful.

But today I want to let you know that she can’t email. She really can’t. Jon sends most of the TimTech emails, Tim and Justin will do so from time to time, I have done so a couple of times and Janelle has sent a few also.

You will generally know if a TimTech email has come from Janelle. How can you tell? Well it is like a regular TimTech email but different.

Maybe the links won’t work, or maybe they are totally missing altogether, or perhaps you will be sent a “weekend special” offer on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Or maybe everything in the letter will be totally perfect and it is just that it will be addressed to “Dear Janelle” regardless of what your name happens to be.

Dear Janelle email from Janelle

The point is this…there is always some issue online that everyone else seems to take to like the proverbial duck to water but that we have problems with.

So do you think you have the solution to help Janelle with her email problems? Let me know in the comments area below and Janelle will award 50,000 XP to the person whose comment helped her the most or on some other criteria which I don’t even know about.

She did email me how she would choose the winner but the thing never arrived. Perhaps it is in your inbox instead?


27 responses to “Member Spotlight: Janelle Pineau The Girl Who Can’t Email”

  1. Well I suggest that Janelle changes everybody’s username to Janelle and then an email to Janelle will always find a Janelle regardless and that way Janelle can send out as many emails to Janelle as she likes because Janelle will always get it

  2. Jon says:

    Maybe Larry could make a video for her 😉

  3. Lol, that is about all I can do is email. Great post.

  4. Stephen Whittle says:

    My name is Janelle and I think that Janelle rocks! 🙂

  5. Tom Wacker says:

    Well, I have been called worse names than Janelle. Not often, but it has happened:)

    I suggest she hire Sunny to write her emails. After all, Sunny created Your E Mail Series just to help people out with this problem.

    My user name is bigtom13, and the Lucky 13 thanks you for the half million XP.

  6. I think the best way is to focus and forget about everything else and close skype, lastly check everything before you send your email, I think you can even test it to go to your inbox before sending, hope this help

  7. steven schofield says:

    Janelle it takes time and practise to get the e-mails right,can’t be good at everything.

  8. Sunny Suggs says:

    Maybe she does it on purpose? When a kid doesn’t get enough positive attention – they start seeking negative attention.

    Pay more attention to Janelle!

    But still.. vote for Sunny.

  9. Marye says:

    Janelle is EVERYWHERE – WTG Girl – you’re awesome

  10. Patrick Griffin says:

    I am logged in as Patrick Griffin but for the purposes of this comment my name, as ever, is Janelle but I also answer to Jangle from time to time also.


  11. Lynn M says:

    I personally like being called Janelle. It’s a nice change of pace from being called Sunny, which happens often, especially if it’s Jon Olson talking. I guess since we are both blonde, Southern, and about the same age, Sunny and I are interchangeable. So it’s a fun change of routine being called Janelle instead.

    Oh… and what Russell said! Yes! 😀

  12. Carl Davies says:

    She could use the code [name] if she is addressing here subscribers at the beginning and to make sure she finishes off her letter with her full name.

  13. Rhonda says:

    It was Jangle..Jangle did it !!

  14. I have had much to do with Janelle’s support…and writing.
    Hasnt been to bad ! first thing that comes to mind is
    Read…Think…Write and please sign…Janelle as there are people in support not bothering to write name…or regards..nothing…

  15. Sig says:

    Keep doing what you doing Janelle!

    They just trick you, the rest of Timtech, your doing good…and a typo and 2 , that can make the day even more fun.. so why not keep doing what you doing… well maybe add the links in the mails..

    But dont let the rest of the Tim’s mess around with ya head.. 😉

    Good luck and good going on yet an other nice blog post here.

  16. I didn’t even notice, I just skipped straight to the main content of the email LOL

  17. Selya Rollins says:

    So whats going on here, so what she makes mistakes…we all do.
    Janelle always answers my support questions correctly. I thinks she is doing a wonderful job!

  18. Virginia says:

    For name, just put “Hey You!” It’s friendly, hip and to the point. No email code knowledge needed.

    For broken links, just add a URL for people who’s “email does not support HTML.”

    For typos, just say that Canadians use a different spelling and special grammar when it comes to the English language. It works for people in the US all the time.

    For weekend specials, if it is sent after, blame the servers. If it is sent after, you are just giving us an extra heads up because you are cool like that.

    There, very simple and very little effort needed.

  19. Georgia says:

    Janelle does a great job! But it is sometimes difficult to write an email when you are excited about your job and want to send the email in a hurry. I know because I’ve done it myself lots of times – I frequently forget to proofread prior to clicking the send button. After I hit send then I decide to review what I just sent, and I’m sometimes surprised at the mistakes I’ve made. It is totally embarrassing.

    My advice is to write your email, then read the email you just wrote. If you make changes to it, read it again to make sure you didn’t just add, delete, or change something that causes an entire sentence to be inaccurate or not make sense.

    Also, be sure that the coding you used to substitute the email recipient’s name in the mail merge is accurate.

    After you are sure everything is spelled correctly and there are no mistakes that you can find, then hit send.


  20. Patricia Dean says:

    Love ya, Janelle

  21. Debb Lafevre says:

    Hey Janelle….we know what your saying. Maybe the rest need to know the new code you have….lol

  22. Karen Kuty says:

    I suggest starting all of the e-mails with “Hey Good Lookin’ ” or “Big Howdy Everyone”.

    You can also create templates for your e-mails with the appropriate address coding and customization (pictures, html links, etc.), test thoroughly, and save in a “swipe” file. Save all your swipes in a dedicated folder.

    I suggest setting up the templates so that everything that is NOT variable text is already in the template. If you only use text in the “customizing” areas, you won’t have to worry if your images/html will work later.

    I suggest that the swipe file be Word or equivalent. This way you can color code the areas that need to be filled in with dummy text like “xxxx” in a different color than your main text.

    As you fill in the missing areas, change the contrast color to the main text color. Using a word processing program will also flag any misspellings and many common grammar errors.

    When the “fill in” areas have been converted to the main color, the e-mail is done. When it’s time to create a broadcast mail, you can copy into your A/R and send.

    I use this method for common e-mails I send & to create proposals for my dayjob (as a technical estimator). There are a lot of things that repeat in every one, and I can set up most formatting and boilerplate in advance.

    One benefit of this method is that if you are subject to frequent interruptions, you have visual clues to tell you what needs to be finished, so you don’t send things out that are half-done or have glaring errors. I also find that it makes getting back into “work mode” after an interruption fast.

    This method may seem a little cumbersome, but if you are subject to a lot of interruptions (and as a mother of a small child, I imagine that you are), I find that advance planning and set-up for repetitive tasks pays off many times over.

    I hope you find this helpful.

    Best Regards,

  23. Raj G says:

    Janelle is very good at sending e-mails.

    I have received some responses from her,
    while she really helped me with her ‘Magic Hand’.

    Its seems that Janelle likes to address Patrick as Janelle…!!!

    🙂 LOL
    ~ Raj

  24. Mike says:

    Is Janelle also responsible for Team Home Run Hitters disappearance? lol
    My team is gone and I am lost 🙁


  25. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    Hey Janelle, I think you are great. I often get my tongue caught in my eye tooth and can’t see what I am saying … that leads to the thought that it is hard to proof read when you cant see what you are saying. Janelle does a great job emailing responses to tickets. Maybe she needs the guys to back off a little. Love you Janelle you are one of my favorites! I am signing this as “Elaine Janelle” since I forgot to cross my t’s in my middle name.
    PS Janelle, don’t forget to Keep those guys guessing and stand firm. You ROCK~!!

  26. Glenn Witmer says:

    How do I change my usernames to Janelle???

  27. It’s all about the adventure. You’ll never know what will arrive in you inbox when Janelle is at work.

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