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Some Days Are Easier Than Others

Some Days Are Easier Than Others

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourIt is funny how a day can make a huge difference at CTP Teams.

Take yesterday for example where SurfAholics Bravo opened just three vaults to secure a win. This is what could be called a really easy win.

Just a couple of days earlier WealthBuilders opened 40 vaults and did not come even close to winning that day.

Some games will be easy while others will be hard. There may be some that you expect to be easy but end up being particularly challenging or others you expect to struggle with but manage to secure an easy win.

I certainly like this aspect of the current season as it all adds to the overall fun of the competition.

There were two XP collecting games yesterday and the winning totals were measured in the millions – 79 million for Ultimate Surf Warriors and 60 million for Living Wealthy.

Both WealthBuilders and Beginners and Winners battled really strongly in the only nerd surf game yesterday – to lose with almost 400,000 pages viewed is a very creditable performance indeed but WealthBuilders surfed their way to more than 622,000 views by the stroke of midnight.

Elsewhere it was badges, badges and more badges. By far the closest game was Journers v Affiliate Prosperity where a 571 – 618 margin meant that these two teams were very equally matched.

Easy Team saw more daylight between them and AdKreator while Renegades romped home with a massive haul of 2,626 badges collected during the day.

At the top of the table things are really interesting.

1 Renegades 14 0 1.000 10-0 14W 131.3B
2 Lucky 13 14 0 1.000 0 10-0 14W 130.5B

Renegades and Lucky 13 have not put a foot wrong all season. Now here’s the thing…on Saturday these two teams go head to head for the first time this season in a nerd surf contest.

As battles go I don’t think we will see anything as intense. These are two great teams and it is one of those games where I would love to see them both win but, of course, there can only be one winner.

Yesterday’s Results:

Living Wealthy 60,119,323 Enjoy Spirits 25,094,509 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-18
SurfAholics – Bravo 3 TEAM GREEN 0 Complete the most Vaults! 2015-11-18
Indulge Yourself 8,763,107 Ultimate Surf Warriors 79,806,226 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-18
Renegades 2,626 Dark Clickers 174 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-18
WealthBuilders 622,650 BEGINNERS and WINNERS 399,400 Nerd Surf the most pages! 2015-11-18
Adkreator 435 ~ Easy Team 1,603 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-18
JOURNEYERS 571 Affiliate Prosperity 618 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-18

13 responses to “Some Days Are Easier Than Others”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    I thought the games were random interesting to know what the challenge is going to be on Saturday all ready TOOT

    • Sig says:

      Oh my T-oot…so now those 2 teams gets a headup – what they gonna play on saturday.. that was a interesting information..of was it a loophole??

      “…on Saturday these two teams go head to head for the first time this season in a nerd surf contest.”

      Well Howard you got a good Question about the random.. anyway all teams get ready… ! And Soon Merry Christmas 🙂

      • Patrick Griffin says:

        Howard, Sig.

        The answer to this mystery is all rather simple…I messed up.

        I totally forgot that the challenges were only revealed to the teams at the last moment so I really should not have given that information out in advance.

        Like all the other challenges it was decided randomly.


  2. Chris Hewitt-Sowell says:

    Howard, I figured that out after the 1st week after seeing the higher ranking teams repeatedly land the XP and Badge challenges. just gotta lol

  3. Maya says:

    And I still keep on believing in Santa Claus….

  4. Chris Hewitt-Sowell says:

    Howard, if you’re placed on a liat for speaking your mind, and God forbid, speaking the TRUTH, then that tells a lot about the what’s really going on here. Take for instance what happened with this site’s commentary:


    SURFAHOLICS BRAVO (as seen thru rose-colored glasses)
    Comments “Take yesterday for example where SurfAholics Bravo opened just three vaults to secure a win. This is what could be called a really easy win.”

    TEAM INDULGE YOURSELF (as seen thru disparaging eyes)

    Comments “Go Morts, as they sometimes do, decided not to play so Indulge Yourself opted to complete just one sub game and see if that was enough for the win…and, on this occasion it was.”

    However this is not a strategy I would recommend for any team. Playing dead is a technique that works…just ask any one who was up against Phoenix in the Season Three play offs.

    Interestingly most teams who are up against a ‘no show’ team carry on as if they had real opposition and is, by far, the safer strategy to adopt.”

    My take on the situation: YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES HERE IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING THE BLOG POSTS. If not, then to sum it up.. “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Chris thanks for your comment but I am not entirely sure what you are getting at.

      I have no horse in this particular race so to speak. I am not on a team and I am not affiliated with any team.

      I don’t have a favorite team, I don’t know which team is going to win and I am not supporting any team over any other team to win.

      I don’t like any team more than any other team and neither to I try to help or hinder any team in this contest.

      I write what I see happening. No more or no less.


  5. Chris Hewitt-Sowell says:

    lol, Maya. If so, then I’ve got a PTC site named “NERDBUX” I can sell you. Heck, I’ll even throw in my Lifetime Membership I purchased during the 12 Days of Xmas..or was it Black Friday? The details are beginning to be a bit fuzzy. One tends to want to forget a gift wrapped in a nice holiday package, tied with a large bow in BS 🙂

    • Bill Darton says:

      For someone who provides a lot of negative commentary, you are not very productive…


      3 MEMBER Chris Hewitt-Sowell 0 0 0.141 0 0 12.1M

      If you don’t like it here, why don’t you just leave?

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