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Lucky 13 For Lucky 13 (And Renegades Too Of Course)

Lucky 13 For Lucky 13 (And Renegades Too Of Course)

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourLucky 13 has notched up 13 wins and no losses which is exactly the same as Renegades which means these are still the top two teams to catch for this second half of the current season.

Yesterday every team which was scheduled to play were in action throughout the day. Renegades triumphed in the only badge hunt game of the day while WealthBuilders and Uber Surfers were golden egg collection winners in their respective games.

Phoenix were sub game champs while the six remaining teams playing yesterday were all on the hunt for XP.

The Bravos got millions of XP during the 24 hours but they were up against an on-fire CSN which was able to collect an amazing 54 billion worth of XP, by far the largest amount of the day.

Living Wealthy were also XP winners and Easy Team romped to victory in the final XP collecting game of the day.

Yesterday’s Results:

SurfAholics – Bravo 8363921 The Cash Surfing Network 54003541603 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-16
Indulge Yourself 3843283 Living Wealthy 135219890 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-16
Go MORTS 25 Renegades 2073 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-16
Phoenix 55 Enjoy Spirits 16 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-16
JOURNEYERS 554 UBER SURFERS 1193 Collect the most Golden Eggs! 2015-11-16
WealthBuilders 214 Affiliate Prosperity 56 Collect the most Golden Eggs! 2015-11-16
BEGINNERS and WINNERS 19046586 ~ Easy Team 288448406 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-16

4 responses to “Lucky 13 For Lucky 13 (And Renegades Too Of Course)”

  1. Can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday 11/21 when Lucky 13 meets the Renegades in a (perhaps) epic battle of the last two unbeatens! Unless perhaps the Renegades get upset the day before by Lucky 13 Too? Stay tuned!

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    It was fun TOOTING out them eggs 🙂

  3. Sig says:

    Shiny Golden eggs My preeecioooouuuuusss….!! Too-Tally awsome!

    Wtg Teams!

  4. marye says:

    WTG to all Teams!

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