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Mid Season All Star Team

Mid Season All Star Team

Well, we are halfway to the end of season 4, and it’s time for the Mid Season All Stars.

Many of these can be seen on the leader’s page, but not all of them. There are some specialists on this list, but for the most part I tried to keep it to people that really helped their team.

Once again, this is a subjective list from Mr. Subjective himself. Please feel free to put your own nominees in the comments section.

Any All Star list has to start with Rosy DiLuca. If we had a captain it would be Rosy. She’s just a better surfer than everybody else. She leads 3 categories.

From here on, the players will be listed in order of their teams standing as of Monday morning. No other order is implied.

Lucky 13 has a new leader this season, and Boris Petrivevic is leading them. Renee Fay is way up the leader board and Thomas Rasmussen has good all around numbers.

Renegades members Georgia Stewart, Thomas Sheets and Norbert Ladner have a great spectrum of help for the team.

SurfAholicsAlpha has Ole Rasmussen and Gary Schmitt right at the top for a reason. Those are some huge numbers they have put up, and make SAA a potent foe in every duel.

Though they don’t have the most XP on the UberSurfers, Colleen Fitten and Robert Young have big time participation numbers that will translate real well to many of the contests.

Easy team leader Debra Chism is an all star as is Mark Manypenny. Mark has the only perfect score in the Daily Challenge column at the halfway point.

Cash Surfing Network gives us Scott Rohn and Ken Locatelli who both have outstanding numbers other than XP.

Mary Ervin-Barett and Kathy Javellonar have great mid season form for Ultimate Surf Warriors.

Tim Hansen and Evelyn Kramer are carrying the freight for the WealthBuilders.

Karen Kuty, Javier Godoy, Vicki Osgood-Whatley, Kevin Cron. Dualberto Brito and Debra Gaylor round out this all star team.

Who did I miss? Who shouldn’t be? Let me know how you feel about these choices.

14 responses to “Mid Season All Star Team”

  1. Tony says:

    As usual you have got a handle on things keep up the good watch.

  2. Just want to mention I also have 1000% on the DC.

    Just to let you know. 11/16/15

    I may not get it done as soon as Mark but I have 1000%.

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    I just TOOT lol

  4. I would name several of the SurfAholics Alpha team to any All-Star team without any reservations. They are constantly knocking it out of the park day-in and day-out — Ole Rasmussen, Gary Schmitt, Carl Belcher, Jessica McLurkin, Mary Golon, Thomas Buckley, Diana McCarbrey, Rip, Brenda, Tony Fi, and Giuseppe Lanzara, and the rest of the SurfAholics. I hate leaving off any names, because it does take a team to keep on winning, week after week. Everyone plays a part in teamwork.

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    For some strange reason I find this list particularly appealing….LOL.

    Thanks a bunch, Tom!

    And go Team Living Wealthy!


  6. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Congrats to Colleen Fitten and Robert Young – all stars indeed! Very proud to be on the same team with them.

  7. I guess some team members will forever remain the Phantom of the CTP Opera. LOL

  8. Bill Darton says:

    Congrats to Javier Godoy for making the All-Star Team! I would also like to name him as Team Captain! He has been a tremendous asset for the In To Win team.

  9. Dubri says:

    Well, I would say that Rosy DiLucia is the great all star. She does deserve to be in for his great job and excellent way of surfing.

    Best regards for you Rosy!
    Dualberto Brito

  10. marye says:

    it’s a shock to be on the same list as surfing all-stars like Rosy, Gary, Boris, Renee and all the rest…thank you!

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