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CTP Teams Is A Massive Opportunity For TE Owners

CTP Teams Is A Massive Opportunity For TE Owners

Lucky 13 Team logoI think we would all agree that CTP Teams is progressing quite nicely indeed. It is great to be part of a program where we can watch people grow and develop and see new leaders emerge.

It is also great to share the ups (and the downs) of the community and all help each other to become more successful.

CTP Teams also represents a great opportunity for other TE owners with the Daily Challenges which have proved to be immensely popular with…well everybody really.

But then again I would say that wouldn’t I? Well yes but these are not my words.  Step forward one Scott Wright from Lucky 13. Writing recently on the team’s blog, and every team really should have a blog by the way, he said:

“One of the biggest companies in the industry and arguably the most successful, has give an owner an opportunity to host a Daily Challenge with CTP Teams.  The cost, $50.. for the day, the benefit, more traffic than your site has seen in months. Imagine 52 teams, most with 25 members in them, surfing your site for the goal of reaching 1000 pages for the day….

“…hosting the daily challenge is not just about paying your $$ to TimTech and sitting back to watch the traffic come in, its about taking advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, your faceplate, and impress enough so that surfers will come back and surf your site even if they don’t have to get to 1000 pages to get some XP. “

It is a really good, well-reasoned and well thought-out article so I suggest, if you have not already done so, you check it out on the Lucky 13 blog.

Oh and while you are doing so you can find out why Scott specifically mentions Walter Mulder and Sunny Suggs.

27 responses to “CTP Teams Is A Massive Opportunity For TE Owners”

  1. Scott Wright often speaks wisdom in an around the community, and sometimes even on his on sports program. WTG Scott.


  2. Well said Scott (Triple Thumb Up)
    I Love this paragraph and parts
    “its about taking advantage of the opportunity to grow your business, your faceplate, and impress enough so that surfers will come back and surf your site even if they don’t have to get to 1000 pages to get some XP

  3. Lynn M says:

    My Lucky 13 teammate speaketh some real words of wisdom there. (He usually does, but this post in particular!)

  4. Kris Rogers says:

    Yes, love the team blogs!

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    Hi Patrick,

    You’re quite right–CTP Teams is a great opportunity for TE owners. I’ve joined and surfed some sites that I had not surfed before, as well as upgraded in some sites that are frequent sponsors of mines/keys.

    Of course, I did not upgrade just to get XP–that would be a foolish business decision. Rather, it was by frequent exposure to the TE that I was able to see that it was a site that I want to go to regularly, thus making an upgrade a worthwhile investment.

  6. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Excellent blogpost, Scott!

  7. Steven Schofield says:

    Great blog post Scott.

  8. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    The other thing that is happening is an awareness level of TE’s that have not been used by individual surfers. They then join them and decide if it is one they like to surf and why they like it. On that note, maybe there should be “suggestion boxes” at the TE’s to send notes to the owners about what they like about the TE. (Or…. vica versa) LOL.

  9. Selya Rollins says:

    The team blogs share some amazing insight.

  10. Howard Fullmer says:

    Great blog awesome sauce

  11. Ken Wolff says:

    Excellent blog post Scott! Owner or not the CTP Daily Challenge, the Silver and Gold Key sites along with the Sub Game Mines sites is the place to be.

  12. Great stuff…and it never ends 🙂 love it

  13. Sunny Suggs says:

    Yay Scott! Thanks Patrick!

  14. wtg Scott and like blogs very much myself.

  15. Tom Wacker says:

    Yahoo! Scott always has good things to say. This is no exception.

    I would note that Lucky 13 has fresh content every day.

  16. Well said, and some great points in the blog post.

    If I had a TE, I would not hesitate – BOOK IT!

  17. Stephen Whittle says:

    Great job Scott!

  18. Great Scott. I mean post Scott. I read the whole article and you are spot on with all you say. I lost money that day because of a comma. My ppal email had a comma instead of a period in it.

    So, word of advice, check and recheck all that you write; it could cost you.

    And Kudos to Sunny and Walter for spending time with the people! my next investment is in a chat space so I can talk to folks too.

  19. Virginia says:

    Fantastic! I love that we have Kris writing for The Strays. Blogging is great :D.

  20. Great team and post thanks for the recognition of our members. I love team Lucky13, and everyone on the team. They are a collaboration of great minds and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

  21. Raj G says:

    CTP Tournament has really boosted on to the exposure to every participating Traffic Exchanges… Now the bar has been raised and surfers are completing 1000 pages a day, at ease…

    As things progress further, we would definitely witness many more positives…

    ~ Raj

  22. Sig says:

    Thx for sharing this one with us too

  23. All I can say is ‘Indulge Yourself’ Today

  24. Scott Wright says:


    Thanks to you and all of those that commented here for the kind words, it is greatly appreciated.

    As most of you that know me understand, I tell it like it is, I don’t pull any punches, and for the last two months all I have seen from participating in the Daily Challenges and all of the other hunts related to CTP Teams, there has been a lot of camaraderie amongst the teams and a lot of new friends have been gained.

    However, as I stated in my post that along with all of the good I have seen, there have been a few owners out there that have underestimated what the power of TimTech can do for their site and their traffic. They have not been ready, and it appears that a couple felt the DC could run on auto pilot without any supervision. That make is it appear to those of us that surf on a regular basis that they either don’t care about their business or they just aren’t all in like other owners.

    Along with Sunny and Walter, I have also seen owners like Robert Arnold and the Showbiz gals Lisa and Chris that have taken the ball and ran with it. Once again the only advice I can give to owners is to not only take advantage of the unique and awesome opportunity that is the Daily Challenge, but also be ready for what comes with it. High traffic, increased sales, and most of all, exposure of your business to a large number of new surfers!

    Scott “The Sports Nerd” Wright

  25. Excellent post from Scott.

    He points out the importance of not only implementing the tools available to TE owners, but actually using them to the utmost advantage.

    This concept also applies to the TE community as well (who are also trying to promote their online business)…USE the tools that are available to you.

  26. Patricia Dean says:

    Great post Scott.

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