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Fair Play And CTP Teams

Fair Play And CTP Teams

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourCTP Teams is all about fair play. Gaining a legitimate advantage over the opposition is all part of the fun.

Your team may have a great strategy for collecting golden eggs, for example, which means you should do well in this contest until you are up against a team with a better egg collecting strategy than yours.

Equally your team may have done work which means it is easier for your players to collect XP than your opponent and that is all part of the game.

Yesterday, for the first time this season, we needed to take a closer look at one of Sunday’s games, and as a result of that investigation Renegades were awarded the win.

This means that the overall leaderboard now looks like this:

1 Renegades 9 0 1.000 9-0 9W 105.8B
2 Lucky 13 9 0 1.000 0 9-0 9W 95.5B
3 ~ Easy Team 9 0 1.000 0 9-0 9W 2.5B

Meanwhile at the CTP Teams arena yesterday Indulge Yourself decided to take a gamble on their opponents not playing all day…and won.

Go Morts, as they sometimes do, decided not to play so Indulge Yourself opted to complete just one sub game and see if that was enough for the win…and, on this occasion it was.

However this is not a strategy I would recommend for any team. Playing dead is a technique that works…just ask any one who was up against Phoenix in the Season Three play offs.

Interestingly most teams who are up against a ‘no show’ team carry on as if they had real opposition and is, by far, the safer strategy to adopt.

In fact this is what CSN did yesterday. While opponents The Badge Seekers collected only four golden eggs, CSN went on to gather up 350 of them in their super-size basket to secure their win.

Talking of golden eggs, Uber Surfers collected the most yesterday – 1114 – while WealthBuilders walked away with the most badges – 1084.

Renegades and Lucky 13 are two more teams that decided to go in strong and they both notched up big wins in their games.

AdKreator gained 39 million XP yesterday, (and it is always good to get as much XP as possible) but they were up against SurfAholics Alpha who are perhaps the most experienced XP collectors in the league and thus Alphas won that game.

Yesterday’s Results:

Surf Lovers 348 WealthBuilders 1084 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-09
Go MORTS 0 Indulge Yourself 1 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-09
In To Win 533 UBER SURFERS 1114 Collect the most Golden Eggs! 2015-11-09
Renegades 220 Affiliate Prosperity 19 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-09
Lucky 13 131 SurfAholics – Bravo 6 Complete the most Vaults! 2015-11-09
Adkreator 39823090 SurfAholics – Alpha 2819217003 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-09
The Cash Surfing Network 350 The Badge Seekers 4 Collect the most Golden Eggs! 2015-11-09

8 responses to “Fair Play And CTP Teams”

  1. Sig says:

    We Love eggs…so golden and shiny..and Ubers TooTally loves them…

    Allso I think we and most of the teams this season..like this season..allways some that never get happy what ever be done.. but for me this season looks interesting.

    Play on folks..playoff is closing in..and so is Christmas (again)


  2. Adkreator didn’t win yesterday even though we have the most XP? I don’t understand how SurfAholics-Alpha Won when we collected more XP yesterday.


  3. The numbers are hard to read without the commas — 2.8 billion to 39.8 million.

  4. Chris Hewitt-Sowell says:

    Whoever is writing this, please take note:

    Your comments that “Indulge Yourself opted to complete just one sub game and see if that was enough for the win” and the statement about a “playing dead taechnique” is totally out of line UNLESS you spoke to the TEAM LEADER who confirmed this is what he intended for his team to do. In this regard, I have not spoken to he team leader about “opting” not to complete the daily competition.

    I was the ONLY one who completed a sub game on that date. Which by the way is all we seem to get to play. Nevertheless, I did my part, and expected my team to do their share. I was totally surprised this did not happen. And on a 2 occasions I was the only one to complete the task for that day, which is extremely disappointing to me. Maybe the level of play the top teams compete at discourages other teams not to even try at the outset.

    Just check with a team before statements about it that are untrue. If you did check with the TEAM LEADER before making these statements, then state your source. That’s all I ask.

  5. Dubri says:

    As JOURNEYERS’ team leader I need to say something about our duel against “renegades”.

    When people speak of fair play I just wonder which is the mean for some of them. We have the history and story of Goliath boasting against the Lord’s host and David accepting to fight against him. Well, at any time it looked as that were a fair fight. But David has his strategy. He got five smoth stones and put them in his shepherd’s bag, and his sling was in his hand… as they drew near David smote the philistine in his forehead throwing a stone with his sling… David ran and took his sword and cut off his head therewith…

    We are fighting with the means we have in our hands. We are surfers not exploiters. We work hard to make duel against some kind of Goliath we have to afront. We do not complain at all because we believe everybody is using the same means.

    One of our members still is not able to log into his kore4 CTP account.

    So, I will say that those who do not fix his loopholes has no right to complain. And we are free to use in the duel all the means at our hand, surfing of course.

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