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Lots Of Numbers In Today’s Post

Lots Of Numbers In Today’s Post

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourAs another week comes to an end let’s take a closer look at the CTP Teams leaderboard today.

For the games up until yesterday, all teams will have completed seven games (or at least had the opportunity to complete seven games) and some will have completed eight games.

We have 25 teams taking part in the competition and to date:

  • three teams have won all their games
  • four teams have lost all their games
  • no team has won only three games
  • two teams have won four games and lost four games
  • two teams have lost only four games
  • six teams have won seven or more games
  • seven teams have either won or lost all the games they have played
  • eight teams are counting their XP in billions rather than millions of points
  • five teams have lost seven or more games and
  • 12 teams have won five or more games

Yesterday’s Results:

WealthBuilders and Lucky 13 dominated their respective nerd surf contests yesterday to each chalk up another daily win.

Six teams were collecting badges with SurfAholics Alpha finding more than any of the other badge hunt teams yesterday. In To Win came really close but failed to catch Easy Team and Phoenix was the final of the three badge hunt winners.

Lucky 13 Too needed to complete two sub games to win yesterday but went on to complete 18 by the time midnight came round and CSN crushed the XP collecting once again.

Similarly Uber Surfers could have claimed a super easy victory by opening one vault but they did far better than that and opened 185 in 24 hours.

Enjoy Spirits 388600 WealthBuilders 989600 Nerd Surf the most pages! 2015-11-07
Surf Lovers 334 Phoenix 1406 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-07
Lucky 13 Too 18 SurfAholics – Bravo 1 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-07
SurfAholics – Alpha 2868 Living Wealthy 542 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-07
In To Win 2240 ~ Easy Team 2509 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-07
The Cash Surfing Network 2458038111 TEAM GREEN 1254174 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-07
Lucky 13 1839300 The Badge Seekers 103100 Nerd Surf the most pages! 2015-11-07
Go MORTS 0 UBER SURFERS 185 Complete the most Vaults! 2015-11-07

4 responses to “Lots Of Numbers In Today’s Post”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    Yes us Ubers could have taken an easy victory but we are Ubers and we TOOT lol

  2. Sig says:

    An other Awsome day it was..that we can see of the results.

    And yes we Could have won by open one Vault, but we are in this battle for real..

    Maybe the Ubers aint that bad at all?? Maybe Ubers can make a different…

    Even if we all know, and it sounds like, all look at us as outsiders…

    Why? Dont ask me..

    Success TooT all!

  3. Chris Hewitt-Sowell says:

    How are the games assigned daily? Are there any other games our team can participate in besides the subgame and vaults?

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      We randomized the process of game selection. Subgame and vaults are just two of the types of games we have on offer and they are proving very popular to many of our players.

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