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Epic Battle Between L13 And Phoenix Is Game Of Season So Far

Epic Battle Between L13 And Phoenix Is Game Of Season So Far

legacy hits sponsor ctp teams season fourIf ever there were two teams determined to win a main season game then it was yesterday’s battle between Phoenix and Lucky 13.

This was played more like a playoff final rather than an early season game as both teams fought hard to win the xp collecting contest.

One correction – that “Feelin’ Lucky” splash page wasn’t ours. It appears  was the creator of that splash.

Randy Sult from team Phoenix was even inspired to showcase a splash page which was created for the clash and was clearly designed to add to the pressure of this high-intensity clash.

With only a few hours into the contest Lucky 13 was already counting its points in the billions – long since having consigned the ‘smaller’ millions of points to history.

Phoenix did what do best when faced with pressure like this…they did nothing at all for quite some time. Phoenix like to lull opponents into a false sense of security by playing dead and then pouncing near the end.

Did they pounce yesterday…they sure did.

By 3pm eastern they were well in the lead – Phoenix     15,384,841,796     Lucky 13     4,261,665,531 – with 15 billion XP to the 4 billion earned by Lucky 13.

Feelin Lucky splash page

This is around 700 million xp per member on average gained at a rate of more than one billion per hour and points like that can only be earned by amazing team work.

I wondered if Lucky 13 could come back from this onslaught but they were determined. Perhaps sensing that Phoenix had made their move a little too early, they opted to pile on the pressure in the final stages of the game and they kept up this pace right until the very end.

This must have been the hardest fought match of the entire contest so far. It shows how good these two teams are when you can gain 45 billion team points in 24 hours and still lose to a team which collected 64 billion points.

This is a combined points total of more than 109,000,000,000.

In other words the two teams were gaining points at the rate of 4.5 billion an hour or 75 million every minute which is more than 1.2 million every second.

Yesterday’s results:

The Badge Seekers 80550 Ultimate Surf Warriors 628450 Nerd Surf the most pages! 2015-11-05
TEAM GREEN 81050 UBER SURFERS 1228750 Nerd Surf the most pages! 2015-11-05
In To Win 25 Dark Clickers 1 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-05
Lucky 13 Too 790 Enjoy Spirits 662 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-05
~ Easy Team 1340 Surf Lovers 267 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-05
Phoenix 45069388095 Lucky 13 64269613515 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-05
Go MORTS 43 SurfAholics – Alpha 2293 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-05

Elsewhere yesterday we saw easy wins for Ultimate Surf Warriors, Uber Surfers, Easy Team, In To Win and Alphas. Lucky 13 Too beat Enjoy Spirits in the badge hunting contest, but it was a relatively close game, by yesterday’s standards at least.

Lucky 13, which has a much-needed day off today, are now top of the table but Renegades are in action today against AdKreator and a win today on the nerd surf contest would be enough to put them top.

Right now Renegades are winning – Renegades     336500     Adkreator     26200 – and must be firm favorites to claim victory in today’s game.

5 responses to “Epic Battle Between L13 And Phoenix Is Game Of Season So Far”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Definitely was a big battle yesterday between Lucky 13 and Phoenix.

    One correction – that “Feelin’ Lucky” splash page wasn’t ours. It appears Randy Sult of Phoenix was the creator of that splash. 😉

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      I have no idea what you mean Lynn…the post quite clearly says it was Randy’s page. (Well it does now. Thanks for letting me know 😉 )

  2. Sig says:

    I allways feeling Lucky 🙂

    That was a Big turn in the battle indeed…all Respect for that..!

    NEXT(ooT)! 🙂

    Happy Friday all!

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    Oh what a wonderful felling oh what a wonderful TOOT.

  4. James Ong says:

    I still don’t like how List Viral can still play a major role in earning XP.

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