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The Teams Are Locked In And The Season Four Schedule Is Live

The Teams Are Locked In And The Season Four Schedule Is Live

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We are locked in and ready for Season Four.

Justin has announced that he has joined Easy Team for the duration of the season…he made his decision live on yesterday’s blab broadcast.

Everything starts on Monday morning and the team schedules are now up and live for all to see.

The schedules will show all the dates that your team is playing and who you will be playing against.

Every team plays every other team and your mission for this season is to win the most games you possibly can so that you secure a place in the final 16 for the playoffs.

The schedule will help you and your team mates plan your strategy, know when you get a day off and ensure that you are all rested and ready for action.

We decided to leave out just one tiny, little bit of information…you don’t know what the challenge will be until the last minute.

When we asked on blab whether people would like the added excitement of not knowing all the challenges in advance, people seemed to like it. We like it also and we hope everyone has a great, super, fun-filled season.

This is about enjoying yourselves, working as a team and building relationships. CTP Teams Season Four has Plus 1 written all over it.


9 responses to “The Teams Are Locked In And The Season Four Schedule Is Live”

  1. Cool stuff 😉
    Now you dont want to say what challenge will be, thats okay but can you please post what the meaning of the shortned word are and what to be done to imrove those? . like:

    Here PCT (percentage) seems very important but percentage of what? and how to improve it?
    What I ask for is a user manual for the teams columns

  2. Bill Darton says:

    TEAM(Your Team)
    PCT(Winning Percentage – Total Games Played divided by the number of Wins)
    GB (Games Behind – how far back from the Leader)
    L10 (Results of your Last 10 competitions. i.e. how you are doing lately)
    STK (Current Streak – Wins or Losses in a row)
    PTS (Points – Total team XP)

  3. Thanks Bill !! the best post I read this week 🙂 and I know others liked it to

  4. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    Yes, I am sure Bill knows a lot of details with Tim Linden on his team.

  5. yep and its all up on team page also now… so let the rumble begin !!

  6. Janice Campbell says:

    Thank you Bill! It’s good to know that someone knows how to communicate well!!!

  7. Birdie Hurt says:

    I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way about it that I do, but I wish the “PTS” on the individual team pages hadn’t been abbreviated. I don’t mean the word, I mean I’d like to know precisely how many points I have, not “1.3M”. Will this be changed once the season starts tomorrow? Or are the digits below “B” or “M” or “K” inconsequential?

  8. James Ong says:

    Looks like it’s going to be an interesting season.

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