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Season Three Round Up – The Complete Winners List

Season Three Round Up – The Complete Winners List

CTP Teams

The third season at CTP Teams and the rapid fire play offs have finally come to an end.

All the TimTech admin following this massive six months plus has also been completed and this is how things ended up.

Play off winners and prizes.

1. Phoenix – $1050 (This includes the regular prize money plus a $50 bonus from Justin for beating Lucky 13)
2. Lucky 13 – $500
3. SurfAholic Alphas – $250
4. Ubers – $250
5. CSN – $125
6. Renegades – $125
7. InToWin – $125
8. Wealth Builders $125

Season Tree winners and prizes.

Legacy Hits Division:

SurfAholics Alpha   $600
Lucky 13   $300
CSN  $200
Uber Surfers  $150
Wealth Builders  $100

Pharaohs Army Division:

Renegades $250

Ragin’ Redneck Division:

Living Wealthy  $250

SiteXplosion Division:

Hunters   $250

GPower Surf Division:

Affiliate Prosperity  $200

Wealth Builder Division:

Easy Team  $200

Well done to everyone who took part in this marathon season and congratulations to all the winners.

All the winnings have been paid out to the respective team leaders. How the prizes get distributed are up to the individual team leaders who have full discretion to decide how the winnings should be split up within the teams.

Next up is to work on Season Four and that is what we are busy doing right now.

It will be different from Season Three…there is definitely not going to be another six month marathon.

Exactly how different remains to be seen. That is what we are working on right now but expect big changes ahead.

9 responses to “Season Three Round Up – The Complete Winners List”

  1. Congrats to all the winners, all the contestants and all the owners and affiliate marketers.


  2. Nina Rena says:

    Congrats to the winners !

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    Congrats to all the teams this was a crazy long season it ran the TOOT right out of me. Excited for the new Season and new TOOTs

  4. David McKay says:

    Congratulations to the winners and to all the Teams that took part. 🙂

    What about the Cup of Traffic Division?

    Well done to Janice Campbell and her Success Seekers Team for winning.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Like we mentioned when the season started, Cup of Traffic division wasn’t up for a cash prize. It was part of the perk of getting into the top divisions. Lesson learned, Success Seekers and Fahrenheit are in the mix this time for sure 🙂

  5. Sig says:

    its gonna be a interesting new season…!

    Congrats to all teams who been in this “battle”

    Best wishes for next season

  6. ajay gupta says:

    Dear Jon and team
    Again i would question the concept of all the winnings being handed over to team captain.A day back I posted to the entire fellow team members about the news that our team hunters was amongst one of the winners.So a few hours approx 8 hrs after that all members get the message from the team leader of the now defunct team “hunters” stating since expenses have been huge since August ’14 hence he is disbanding the team and he prefers to keep mum on sharing any of the winnings with the team members. where is the transparency bit?You may carry on with the rigid approach of team leader deciding on sharing all the winnings asper his/her wishes.
    Also the guy himself had started taking more interest in zubees than ctp at fag end of 6 month long competition.

  7. Alzira says:

    Congrats to all teams. Winners and not winners.
    For all efforts and the accomplishment to participate on the game

  8. James Ong says:

    I’m not sure taking half of the prize money to be put into playoffs was a good idea. I thought that $5000 is supposed to be awarded to Season 3 winners and playoffs is after Season 3.

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