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Phoenix Crowned CTP Teams Season Three Playoffs Winners

Phoenix Crowned CTP Teams Season Three Playoffs Winners

CTP Teams S3 final score

When Team Phoenix played dead in the quarter final and only snatched victory against a surprised Renegades in the dying seconds, it was brilliant play.

When Phoenix pulled off the same trick again in the semi final to take out season favorites SurfAholics Alpha it was the talk of the competition. (I still think this is the absolute shock of the whole season.)

This double blow took them to the final where they kept their nerve and decided that their team strategy would be to attempt the same trick for a third time in a row.

For 47 hours of the final both Phoenix and Lucky 13 danced around each other with no team making significant gains over the other.

Then in the final hour Lucky 13 started to pull forward and the response from Phoenix was to come back with small gains.

If the strategy was to lull Lucky 13 into a false sense of security by pretending that Phoenix had nothing left in their tank then it worked.

In the final ten minutes Lucky 13 kept pushing ahead and it looked like they had Phoenix beat. When Phoenix failed to reply in the final minute Lucky 13 eased off the gas. They could see the finishing line and were sure they could cross it first; comfortably in first place.

ctp teams s3 playoffs final final seconds

The screenshot above shows what things looked like with just seconds to go and still Phoenix responded with…nothing at all.

Until, just as they done twice before in a row, they gambled everything on their last second play for glory.

It was an all-or-nothing play. They had one move to gain as many points as they could while gambling that Lucky 13 had already thought they had done enough to win.

The gamble would have backfired spectacularly if Lucky 13 also decided to dramatically up the game in the final second.

And the strategy that took out Renegades and Alphas before them also sent Lucky 13 crashing out of the final.

They did this…

Phoenix wins Se ctp teams playoffs with last second gutsy move.

This is why it worked so well.

Lucky 13’s final push was…Lucky 13 Gained 134% – 93.89 billion.

Phoenix final push was…Phoenix Gained 312% – 147.86 billion.

This is how the playoffs ended:

1st place – Phoenix

runners up – Lucky 13

3rd place – SurfAholics Alpha

4th place – Uber Surfers

5th place – CSN

6th place – Renegades

7th place – WealthBuilders

8th place – In To Win

(Places 3 & 4 and 5 to 8 ranked in order of the amount of points they earned in their respective final games.)

This was a great playoff series from first round to last. Well done everyone for making it so entertaining.

15 responses to “Phoenix Crowned CTP Teams Season Three Playoffs Winners”

  1. John Brewer says:

    Well, L13 never really assumed anything as far as I know. They did what they always do – fought till the end.

    I give a guarded congratulations to the winners. I say “guarded” because a couple of the members on that team insulted, offended and outright told some lies about my Lucky 13 Family. The entire winning team is not responsible for that and for them I give my full congratulations 🙂

    Lucky 13 always has been and always will be an honest and upstanding team (now teams because of Lucky 13 Too). If we make mistakes we own up to them. We are not obsessed with winning but love friendly competition. When we loose we loose with dignity and pride and never whine and cry about it. We sleep well at night because we have integrity. Everyone in our family knows how we roll. We are a tight and loving family. Every family has problems and we deal with them in the best was we can.

    CTP Teams has brought the best and worst in folks it seems. For me it has brought out the best because our team concentrates on networking and building our businesses. Along the way we have developed some wonderful friendships. The CTP Teams competitions are simply a plus that ads to all of that and encourages us even more to actually take action with our businesses.

    Looking forward to the next season!

    Go Lucky 13 and Lucky 13 Too!

  2. Raj G says:

    Congrats to Team Phoenix for their tremendous strategy all the way.

    However, not to undermine the great efforts put in by other teams to make Season3 so much interesting.

    Cheers to all players and team leaders for their relentless contribution.



  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    This Tournament was an exciting Ride congrats to team Phoenix. Looking forward to what will happen in season four. TOOT

  4. Sig says:

    This was interesting in many ways indeed…

    And I agree with Howards TOOT!

    And Congrats to the Winners…and some way YOU ALL Are winners!

    Stay positive!!

    TOOT on and have a Fun!

  5. Congrats to team Phoenix for a great win, and to everyone else who participated this season. And to echo Sig… you are all winners.



  6. WTG Phoenix on the win and WTG all the rest for this round of fun 🙂
    Also WTG to Timtech for hauling in on the most expencive contest ever here 🙂
    Rock On !!

  7. Jessica McLurkin says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Ditto’s to Ole’s comment !! Well said !! 🙂

  8. Seems CTP Phoenix acted just like the Mythical Bird there name after pulling out of the ashes to win the entire Tournament in the last seconds of the Game.

  9. Mona says:

    I want to congratulate Team Phoenix on their win and also to the other 15 teams that made it to the playoffs. Everyone should be proud. No one should fault the losing teams either or any one individual as well. Everyone worked hard to help one another and the biggest thing, (hopefully the biggest thing) that everyone could take from this season is the UNITY of the CTP teams – not the he said, she said rhetoric or mud bashing.

    Someone had to win. Someone had to lose. Simple as that. Just like in the baseball and football games. It is quick to throw out – “he could of did this” and/or “she could of did that” – but in a more balanced sort of way a good loser can show true sportsmanship and shake the winning teams hands at the end of the game. And a true winner can acknowledge the competition to the losing opponents team. And yes, shake their hands as well.

    Just like in all other major sports teams do at the end of the game. I would hope this is what has happened. Congrats again to Team Phoenix and to all the teams that made it to the playoffs. As in the South we say – “Ya’ll did good.” Cheers.

  10. Tame Bear says:

    Congrats Phoenix, well played, in for the win. Soooo, when does CTP Season 4 begin ???


    Peter Oakley, webmaster (aka: “Tame Bear”)
    Blog: http://www.tamebear.com
    Biz: http://www.oakleystudio.com
    Twitter: twitter.com/TameBear
    Skype: oakleystudio

    P.S. Just one more thing, Phoenix… HOW did you do it ???

  11. Jon Olson says:

    Huge win for Phoenix!

    Congrats to all the teams that competed and get ready for the next season…

    What we have planned, should change the game again and you are all going to love it!!!!!

  12. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Oh No Jon!
    That’s the kind of thing you say that always gets us hooked in for another wild ride. I am taking advantage of the down time to have some Duel fun.

    This was a good season and I was open mouthed excited and shocked by the spectacular plays in the finals. All the Teams are to be congratulated. I definitely second the words of my Buddy Mona. She said it perfectly.

  13. James Ong says:

    Really unexpected win for Team Phoenix. Congrats!

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