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The Quarterfinals All Star Team

The Quarterfinals All Star Team

Half the playoff teams are eliminated and the All Star List gets smaller also.  These are the players that propelled their teams whether they won or lost.

This list is based strictly on my perception of the Quarterfinal contest.  These players are the ones that, in my perception, stepped up big for their team at a critical time.

Listed In The Order of my Scattered Notes:

Gary Schmitt

Randy Sult

Rosy DiLuca

Robert Young

Eric Goettman

Bill Darton

Thomas Sheets

Evelyn Kramer

Stephan Berg

Suzanne Howarth

Boris Petricevic

Sig Skeie.

The last list was primarily based on points.  On this list, I tried to project the players that stepped up and provided a spark for their teams and spurred them to greater effort.

There is no doubt that I missed some.  More than a few.  I would be very interested to see who you think should have been put on this All Star List.  Go ahead and use the comment section to explain just how stupid I really am:)

12 responses to “The Quarterfinals All Star Team”

  1. Kendra Morgan should definitely be on this list. 1000%.

  2. Javier Godoy says:

    Tom Rasmussen was definitive our KEY-Player on In To Win, and was our bigger scorer at all rounds. He must be All Star. 🙂

  3. As a proud Lucky 13 member I am happy to see Rosy and Boris on the list. But how about my buddy HOWARD on the UBERS? Someone got a TON of points for them and HOWARD was on top of their list at the end of the round!

  4. Jon Olson says:

    Yeah Ubers deserve a tip of the hat for sure….What they pulled off is pretty much something of legend….Loved every minute of it! Tip of the hat to Kendra for sure!

  5. Adam Brockie says:

    Congratulations to the All-Stars and the others mentioned above. I would like to submit a write-in ballot for Jake Arrieta 😀 Oh wait, wrong list LOL. Go Cubbies and good luck to the 4 remaining teams in the CTP Playoff!

  6. Adam Brockie says:

    Oops, I neglected to mention the Blue Jays, a Canadian-US World Series would be epic. It would fit right in with our community here at CTP as well.

  7. Howard Fullmer says:

    Awesome TOOT Sig you got on the list 🙂

  8. Sig says:

    Congrats to those who is named, but yes there is a few names to be added indeed.

    Howard is one of many that should be there too indeed. What a fun time we had planning some strikes that round… and he should be there just to keep me up all night till the next morning..and yes I am still half a sleep.

    But it was F U N… Just that we came this fare in this Good, hard contest is a good win.

    So again Respect to all on list and to those that should been there.

    Success to all.

    Season 4 ?? are you comming? 🙂

  9. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Thanks for including me but I would have added Howard from Ubers and Mona Lasala, Ken Wolff, and Carla Frey from Wealth Builders. Ok Ok I’m prejudiced. Karen Edwards and…

    I know the list has to be parred down somehow, but there are so many dedicated surfers I don’t envy having to make the selections. I am really impressed with most everyone. Congratulations to everyone who gave it their all. Win or lose you are all worthy of recognition.

  10. soph142 says:

    Feel sorry for team players (& teams) who played so hard for almost 6 months then killed by hard hitters last week. Congrats winners but mmmm long standing regular surfers got nought!

  11. James Ong says:

    Definitely great players.

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