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CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog

CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog

The CTP Teams Season Three semi final play offs are live.

Check in with this blog to see some of the key developments over the next 48 hours.

Good luck to all the teams taking part.

This is for a place in the final and absolutely anything could happen.

I am already gearing myself up for some surprises and absolutely nothing can be taken for granted here with four top teams competing like they have never competed before.


6 responses to “CTP Teams Playoffs – Semi Final Live Blog”

  1. Linda says:


  2. Jon Olson says:

    This is going to be an epic show down….I think the teams are going slow right now and trailing on purpose….Is this a good strategy?

  3. Mona says:

    Some amazing scores my eyes were rolling…23 more hours and the show will go on… best of luck to the 4 teams crushing it right now.. Amazing stuff after surfing so many days already. Just amazing. Now this is what I call fortitude and determination.. Thumbs up to the teams!

  4. Javier Godoy says:

    I think Phoenix and Ubers go to the very top limit on past rounds… probably the semis has their winners: Lucky13 and Surfaholics. But, is my opinion…. will see….

  5. James Ong says:

    Way to go, everyone.

  6. Karen says:

    Oh Wow so far this tournament has been like one wild roller coaster ride and I have been so impressed with teams just bringing it round after round. Well done all, great stuff. 🙂

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