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Back From The Dead Uber Surfers Destroy CSN In Quarter Final Nailbiter

Back From The Dead Uber Surfers Destroy CSN In Quarter Final Nailbiter

marcus looks crushed as Ubers hulk smash CSN in dying moments of CTP Teams Season Three play offs.

Marcus looks crushed as Ubers hulk smash CSN in dying moments of CTP Teams Season Three play offs.

If Uber Surfers had worked out this strategy from the beginning then this team must have nerves of steel.

For 47 of the 48 hours of the quarter finals they played dead.

Turn the clock back 48 hours and CSN came out of the blocks at a fast sprint. The opening screen shot showed that they had nearly three billion points at just five minutes in compared with the 500,000 of Ubers.

From then on it was one way traffic. Ubers made small gains and CSN made large gains.

By the final few hours CSN had such a huge lead over ubers that almost everyone – myself and Jon included – had called it a CSN victory.

If I was a bookmaker I would have happily paid out to those punters who had placed bets on CSN going through to the semi finals.

By way of illustration, with about an hour to go CSN was up by 131 billion to 29 billion. This margin was so large and Ubers seemed to be doing nothing that I didn’t even think to take a screen shot.

In fact during the final hour all eyes were on the dramatic battle between In To Win and Lucky 13 as the two teams piled on the pressure and the lead changed several times.

It was then that the team of the waking dead fully emerged from their zombie like state.

They started making gains.

I will be very honest here, I thought they were just try and narrow the gap so as not to lose face, but I had totally underestimated this killer team.

Next this happened.

Here is a screenshot from last night’s quarter final live blog.

Quarter Final live blog screenshot

Ubers seemed to add one hundred BILLION points in the blink of an eye.

Then they followed up with more and more and more. A right hook, followed by two short, sharp rabbit punches and it was all over for CSN.

They never saw it coming and, even if they did, they were powerless to come back from such a pummeling from a team everyone had given up for dead.

The Ubers revival had another side effect too and this could be significant for the semi finals.

SurfAholics Alpha – comfortably ahead of WealthBuilders by 89 billion to 12 billion with less than an hour to go – suddenly didn’t feel comfortable at all.

In fact they felt decidedly uncomfortable.

They must have felt that if this could happen to CSN it could happen to them too.

So with the clock counting down to the final few seconds they dumped a huge, and I mean huge, amount of their reserve XP into the quarter final round.

This is XP that would have set them up nicely for the semis but they didn’t want to take any chances and secured their place in the next round by adding an extra 44 billion XP just to be on the safe side.

I couldn’t help but feeling a bit sorry for CSN’s Marcus Wahl who was on the live blab with Jon to mark the final hour of the quarter final play offs.

The look on his face said it all.

So today is a rest day and the semi finals begin just after midnight Eastern tonight, ie the first moments of Monday morning.

Alphas face Phoenix and Lucky 13 face Ubers.

At the outset I had Alphas penciled in as play off champions but who would bet against Ubers after last night’s dramatic performance?


9 responses to “Back From The Dead Uber Surfers Destroy CSN In Quarter Final Nailbiter”

  1. First of all I would like to congratulate the CSN team for being such tough opponents. It is the value of the defeated that gives glory to the winners, isn’t that what they are saying?
    Yes, it was our strategy. And to tell you the truth, some of us (including me) thought at some moment in time that it was game over. But it was then when Kendra reminded us that it is over only when the fat lady sings. So we discussed and came up with that strategy. We held together and above all we did not give up.
    We went through a lot this last year, but we came out stronger. And the best is yet to come.
    A huge “Thank You!” to all the new members that joined us and gave their best!
    A huge “Thank You!” to all the old teammates that never gave up!
    A huge “Thank you!” to Kendra for being the leader she is!

  2. Kendra Morgan says:

    I am humbled by my great team! This win would not have been possible without your fighting hearts.

    George is exactly right when he said, “It is the value of the defeated that gives glory to the winners.” CSN, you had a great showing and you were great competition!

    Special thanks go to Sig and Howard for working out our strategy and guiding us through the final hours!

    Great Job, everyone!

  3. Rob P. says:

    Glad I had my Credots on the Ubers.
    That was a massive effort by all and full congratulations to both teams for making it a great final 10 minutes.

    Bring on the next round.

  4. Mona says:

    Alphas face WealthBuilders and Lucky 13 face Ubers.

    No Patrick we WealthBuilders are on sabbatical now… and congrats to everyone who won last night. I too felt bad for Marcus as Jon was freaking out on him in Blab last night. Poor guy. Everyone worked really really hard this season, so to those of us on leave of absence enjoy it while you can. And don’t forget the Calgon. lol

  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    It was an exciting come back way to go all that helped out on the Uber come back 🙂

  6. Sig says:


    I just say well done..and very veeeery nail biting it was…nerves of steel, kinda yes.. we just had to work out a counter strike. We did not sleep we did not eat…but we biting nails Too-T!

    Respect to all in the battle…and when ever some say its impossible…
    I Hope this show it aint….or as Kendra says it: It aint over till the Fat lady sings… well now I feel for a Pizza!

  7. Howard Fullmer says:

    On to the Next round Good Luck to all teams continuing on 🙂

  8. James Ong says:

    Real surprise.

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