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The Monthly Points Leaderboard Is Now Active

The Monthly Points Leaderboard Is Now Active

Now that we are into the second week, the Monthly Points leader-board is available for you all to check out.

At the end of Week One the Top Ten looked like this:

1 SurfAholics – Alpha (25/25) 29
2 Crazy Cats People! (25/25) 28
3 Lucky 13 (25/25) 27
4 Empower World Team (23/25) 26
5 Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 (25/25) 25
6 Bonz Brigade (25/25) 24
7 CTP Masters (25/25) 23
8 TEAM GREEN (25/25) 22
9 The Founders! (7/25) 21
10 TE Racing League (25/25) 20


Well done to all – there has been some absolutely amazing team work and individual achievements so far.

30 responses to “The Monthly Points Leaderboard Is Now Active”

  1. Woohoo, my team is in the top 10.

  2. Tom Wacker says:

    I like it! I like it a lot.

    It’s a great and simple way to keep things orderly. Doesn’t matter if you win by 1 point or 1 million, it’s one point in the standings.

    Another great addition to what is shaping up to be a great fun program. Thanks TimTech.

  3. Great stuff right there! WTG Timtech! WTG SurfAholics! 🙂

  4. Matt Badura says:

    I was curious as to how you would set this up, I likey.

  5. Another features was added, woohoo!

  6. Lynn M says:

    Woohoo! Go Team Lucky 13! 🙂

  7. I am on the Crazy Cats Team and we are ROCK ‘N there at Number 2 Spot HOORAY! I love being on this TEAM! Keep going Crazy Cats Team! We can do this thing!

  8. Virginia Herron says:

    Very cool! Great to know the standings.

  9. Sig says:

    This was an amazing 1st week… what more can I say then Well done all.


  10. Joao Ramos says:

    As always…. well done! 🙂

  11. Nuno says:

    This is great, and my team is “awesome”.

    Empower World Team to the TOP.

  12. Mandy Moomy says:

    Fabulous work Bonz Brigade!! 🙂

  13. Congrats. to the top3 teams for the week.

  14. Neil says:

    Monthly standings! How exciting!

  15. Kris Rogers says:

    Thank you for the prize wheel spins. Great going Crazy Cats!

  16. my team is in second place gunning for first 😛

  17. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the winners. But showing more than just the Top 10 to see who is clawing their way up in the ranks would be fun, too!

    I propose that you show the Top 15–since they are all contenders until the very end…


  18. Great stuff……I need to work harder to help CTP Masters get into the top 5 lol!

  19. Hello! thats super with the teams!:)Getting points for doing things I want to know also the value of points of each activity,where I can see that?

    Great work keep goin!

    Giorgos Beltsos

  20. I agree with Keith, I also need to work harder. Just a warning, Those at the top are in for a big surprise

  21. It is a great news. Thank Tim Tech. CTP is now bether

  22. Evelyn Kramer says:

    WTG guys, Someday our team will join you…
    or at least sneak up on you a little 🙂

  23. sarojini says:

    Congratulations to the winners

  24. Mary Golon says:

    I like what’s going on but I think it can be simplified by letting each team having 50 members. This child team seams a bit silly to me and costs our leader more time.

    I htini it can be simplified

  25. See who is at the TOP now for this week my friends LOL Come on TEAMS challenge us TOP DOGS or let’s say The TOP Crazy Cats Team! LOL Just kidding . Just want to help INSPIRE People to keep going with their teams.

  26. Frank says:

    Thanks TimTech!! Woohoo my team is in the top 10

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