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We Have Never Seen Anything Like The First Round Playoffs

We Have Never Seen Anything Like The First Round Playoffs

Screenshot 2015-10-08 04.48.26One of the downsides to be in a timezone five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time is that I am usually miss events which happen at midnight in the Eastern US.

It just so happened that the end of the first round playoffs ended at midnight eastern but this is was one event I was determined not to miss.

For a start we have never seen anything as intense as a playoff before and we were also going to have a live blab and a live blog ongoing.

Add to that the instant knockout of half the teams taking part and Justin’s $2,000 from his own pocket at stake then it was sure to be exciting. I was not going to miss this.

A lot of us predicted a fight to the end and that was exactly what we saw for the most part.

OK so SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 more or less coasted through, they did enough to guarantee their first round win and saved their big guns for the later stages of the contest. That makes sense, it is good strategy.

CSN could have done exactly the same but they sprinted off the blocks and only slowed down once they had a 31 billion point lead over their opposition.

The other teams in the contest did not have this luxury…far from it. This was an intense 48 hour battle where as soon as one team made a huge gain their opponents countered with an even bigger gain.

As the contest reached its final hours then this only increased and in in the last 15 minutes we saw activity that we have NEVER seen before in the history of CTP Teams.

For a taste of what happened you can follow the events as unfolded on the First Round Liveblog. (There will be more liveblogs for the subsequent rounds too by the way.)

Screenshot 2015-10-08 04.58.16Everyone will have their own highlights for the first round but for me the move of the playoffs so far goes to WealthBuilders.

With less than two minutes of the 48 hours to go, WealthBuilders were trailing to Fahrenheit after a gruelling battle and were looking set to be eliminated.

Then they threw everything they had at it and went on to snatch victory from their opponents by sprinting so far ahead in their final push that Fahrenheit, who were really worthy and hard working opponents, could not respond.

WealthBuilders are through to the quarter finals and they will really need the 24 hours to recover because their opponents are SurfAholics Alpha.

Clearly the Alphas are favorites but I know that WealthBuilders won’t let them win without a fight. One thing is certain already…Alphas will not have the luxury of employing cruise control if they want to reach the semi finals on October 12.

For the full listings and to see how each team finished in the first round then check out the CTP Teams playoffs page.

8 responses to “We Have Never Seen Anything Like The First Round Playoffs”

  1. Stephen Whittle says:

    Congrats to all the teams that advanced! Looking forward to the next round!

  2. Congratulations to all who moved on to the next round and condolences to those who did not.

    You may notice that I did not say winners or losers, because none of you are losers; everyone of you are winners, but in this kind of contest “There can be only ONE”!

    Every team in the contest has shown great sportsmanship, determination, and teamwork; so I say “Well done, very well done” to each and every one of you!

  3. Raj G says:

    William’s well-made comment sums it all.

    Cheers to all participants.

    Great format presented by CTP.

    Hope everyone enjoyed a lot.

  4. Tim Hanson says:

    Man is it nice to breath again. Looking forward to next season and continuing to grow my team . The benefits never end

  5. What an exciting playoff, for sure! Congrats to all teams.

  6. Jon Olson says:

    That was intense….Haven’t seen such high competition ever in CTP Teams…

    Looking forward to round two tonight!!!!

  7. Andrew Stark says:

    Like Patrick I missed all the end game excitement.

    In a normal week I’m happy if I can get a million XP, so getting past 300 million this week is a big achievement, and that was without spending anything at list viral or using batteries.

    Overall this shows that the community is active, and I hope the people spending money actually get a positive return on investment.


  8. James Ong says:

    Getting more exciting.

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