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Tim And Justin Draw Up Battle Plans As Playoffs Are Live

Tim And Justin Draw Up Battle Plans As Playoffs Are Live

The fantastic 48 hour frenzy of playoff action has commenced and it looks like two additional “teams” have managed to enter into the contest…but more about that later.

Check out the special playoffs zone within CTP – it has its own “Playoffs” tab on the CTP teams page which will take you directly to the ‘Tournament standings” table.

The table makes it super-easy to see what is going on at a glance – scores for teams which are currently winning are shown in green while their opponents’ numbers are shown in red.

It is great to see that all 16 teams are playing hard to progress to the quarter finals and seeing the numbers change is a great spectator sport.

In some positions huge gaps have already opened up while in other spots there is very little between the two teams.

Where the gap is narrow, all players know that it is going to be a long 48 hours and where there is a big gap even the top teams know they don’t have the luxury of taking their foot off the gas.

Officially there are 16 teams in the contest but two more secret “teams” are also doing battle and it is getting very intense indeed.

Team Justin is battling against Team Tim and their aims could not be further apart.

Justin has put up $2,000 of his own money by offering $500 to each of the four bottom teams if they win their first round game.

There is a problem though…he has not told his wife that their personal cash is on the line so he clearly wants the top four teams to win.

Tim has decided to get behind the smaller teams because he wants Justin to pay out and have to explain to his wife what has happened.

He has already written a blog post asking for ideas about how the bottom four can be helped.

This is a twist I didn’t expect.

There will be another playoffs update later today…this is getting fun.

2 responses to “Tim And Justin Draw Up Battle Plans As Playoffs Are Live”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions Tim. We’re reviewing and using all that we can.

  2. James Ong says:

    It’s tough for bottom teams to win unless the playing field is levelled without all team bonus.

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