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Oops Look What I Forgot To Do (ii)

Oops Look What I Forgot To Do (ii)

This week is also the start of a new month at CTP Teams…a new month so this means the battle begins once again to take the honors in the all-importnt monthly contest.

So what happened last month? Well let’s see…first of all let me refer to my notes, or at least to a screengrab which really is much easier.

CTP Teams Monthly Standings


The Top Ten are as follows:

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. Cash Surfing Network – Team 1
  4. Empower World Team
  5. Kore4
  6. CTP Masters
  7. Bonz Brigade
  8. The C.T.P Renegades
  9. Dream Team
  10. Wake Up Now

Rewards points, as ever, for the top 25 teams. So with a new month well and truly underway lets see what lies in store over the next few weeks.

36 responses to “Oops Look What I Forgot To Do (ii)”

  1. Wendy says:

    Go The Strays! New month, new challenge, new strategy.

  2. Georgia says:

    Great job, everyone!

  3. Ehm …… already new month 😀

  4. Marye says:

    WTG Teams 🙂

  5. Jon says:

    Wow. Look how well Kore4 did with the smallest top flight team 😉

  6. Uday N says:

    Good to be part of Wake Up Team and it is at 10th place. Good luck to everyone!

  7. Charlotte Ericson says:

    Congratulations to all teams. 😀

  8. Selya Rollins says:

    So far, we are not done yet!

  9. steven schofield says:

    New month , we can do this come on Strays.

  10. You’re getting very forgetful Patrick….I hope you know what that means because I can’t remember!

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    Woohoo to all the winners! Woohoo to everyone who played!

  12. Bonz Brigade got knocked down to the Competitive League last week; but: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPw-3e_pzqU&feature=kp

  13. Lynn M says:

    The month end stats are by far the most important really. Lucky 13 might have been held at bay at third place all thru June, but hey, look where we ended up, right…?

  14. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG Teams! Go Lucky 13!

  15. Glenn Witmer says:

    Good Job to everyone keep up the great work

  16. Mandy Moomy says:

    Good job guys – go TeamBonz 🙂

  17. Matt Badura says:

    Consistency pays off GJ to all teams keeping it going.

  18. WTG Dream Team! We really pulled together and slammed our month!

    I’m very proud of our team – a special thank you goes out to our leader, Mary! Thank you!! 🙂 🙂

  19. Thanks I wish all the team great great success.

  20. WTG team. WTG players. Have fun and keep on keeping on.

  21. Myra P says:

    Congrats to all the CTP Teams, another great month down in the CTP history book!

  22. Go team SurfAholics Go Go Go YEAH!!!! you guys rock

  23. Thats a good swag to be handing over, well done

  24. Virginia says:

    Hoping for the best possible spot for this coming month.

  25. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Glad to be in the hunt. Rounding out the “bottom end” of the top teams. I’m happy with the growth and progress our team has made. 🙂 Best of all we are building some good relationships.

  26. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    Wake up now still has work to do but we are looking for recruits to help us out. Any Stray cats still looking for a home?

  27. R Van Sky says:

    It will be a battle to the end. To win you need to stay on top of your game to get the job done.

  28. Sig says:

    Some interesting stuff ongoing here indeed. And more stuff will be happeneing, I know you cant ever get empty of ideas of what to write down to us…

    Good Luck

  29. So much fun and excitement. Gotta love it!

  30. Raj G says:

    Thanks Patrick for the update on all teams…

    Best of Luck to all teams for the next month…


    ~ Raj

  31. Patricia Dean says:

    Keep working hard, team

  32. Anton Parvov says:

    Great job, everyone!

  33. Gary Calvert II says:

    Good job to all, keep up the good work, and go Team Wake Up Now! 🙂

  34. Ken Wolff says:

    WaaaaaHoooo! Wake Up Now finished in the top 10! We enjoyed the rewards and are working hard to do even better in the future.

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