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Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 12 update

Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 12 update

I always like new stuff.  And far as I know, nobody has ever done this before:  http://clicktrackprofit.com/reloaded/spoturl.php

Yep.  Dr. Adel Elassy has his badge in the members spotlight at CTP.  What does that mean?  Only that every single member that logs in today will get a good look at his badge and the requirements to get it.

It certainly doesn’t hurt a thing that Dr. Elassy has a great montage to get your attention ‘above the fold’ for this.  In fact, at the risk of sounding British, it’s brilliant!

Speaking of brilliant, our friend William Miller has done a great job of setting his clues and actions.  Again.

First off, you have to log into Surf Skeleton or Traffic Pharaoh to even see the pop up to get to his badges.  If you aren’t a member of either site you have to sign up.

Then you have to click the pop up to get to the clues.  You are FORCED to play a game to qualify for any one of the badges (Really Boss.  I was doing research for a blog post) and if you don’t win, you have a number of pages to surf to qualify for the badge.

Each badge is only available for 3 days.  You have to come back 5 times to win them all.

Or you could just buy all William’s badges and be done with it.


It’s the word of the day, and William certainly fits it!

I’m just sayin’


4 responses to “Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 12 update”

  1. James Ong says:

    That’s great advertising.

  2. Many people got creative with their badges.

  3. Marye says:

    Great idea!

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