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You Want MONEY?

You Want MONEY?

CTP Teams has announced the playoff structure and payoff structure for the end of season 3.  It is mammoth!

Remember we told you that XP would be important this last week?  Well it certainly is.  The playoffs are seeded based ENTIRELY on XP earned this last week of the regular season.  16 teams make the tournament and you can view the brackets right here: http://clicktrackprofit.com/reloaded/teams.brackets.php.  Can’t be bothered to remember that link?  All you have to do is type Brackets into the TimTech chat.  You will get a clickable link right there.  But wait, there is more!  That bracket is in real time.  What you see there is where your team is currently in the standings.

Round 1 takes place on October 6th and 7th.  That’s right, each match is 48 hours, and 48 hours only.  After a travel day round 2 takes place on October 9th and 10th.  Semi Finals are on October 12th and 13th with the Finals on October 15th and 16th.  Format is knockout play.  Lose a match and you are done.

Money.  Did some one mention money?  The payout is spectacular.   Winning team will receive $1000, second place $500.  Third and Fourth (tie for third) each get $250 and fifth through eighth will each get $125.  You only have to win one match to cash.

Justin has promised $500 of his own money to any bottom 4 team that beats a top 4 team.  And Robert Arnold announced at the beginning of the season that if a team from the Ragin Redneck division wins the tourney he will sweeten the pot by $1000.  That means if a bottom 4 team from the Redneck division wins they will get $2000 total.  Two thousand dollars!

It is crazy and it ought to be a whole lot of fun.  Let the trash talking and the clicking finger resting begin!


4 responses to “You Want MONEY?”

  1. Andrew Stark says:

    Hooray, I’m in a top 16 team, will have to really go for it next week, see if I can get at least 100 Million towards the cause.


  2. James Ong says:

    It will really be an awesome achievement if bottom 4 teams can win.

  3. Bill Darton says:

    I am not sure what it going on. Did we get an official count and positioning at midnight last night. It seems that the Brackets page is still live. When I went to bed last night the In To Win was in 6th place. When I got up this morning (6am Eastern) we were in 13th place. Now, at 5pm, we are in 10th.

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