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Massive News For CTP Teams – Your Team Can Win

Massive News For CTP Teams – Your Team Can Win

Season Three has been a long, long season and many teams had simply just given up.

We can really understand why but we want to change all that.

Even at this late hour – the season ends on Sunday night – we want to bring back the energy and hunger to succeed to Season Three.

So for this week every single action counts and every team – regardless of their position in the contest right now – has a chance to win and to win big.

For this week only every team is playing for a chance to get into the play offs which begin on Monday.

The 16 teams with the most XP earned during this week will make the play offs.

This means whether you get there or not is based only on this week’s activity. This is a sprint to the finish and anyone could win.

As Jon explained on his own blog: “The top 16 teams, based on CTP XP, will compete for a 2 week playoff in a bracket format. No divisions, no leagues, just the top 16 teams that earn the most CTP XP this week get into the brackets on Monday.”

The playoffs will work like this based on the amount of XP the teams earn this week:

Team 1 v Team 16

Team 2 v Team 15

Team 3 v Team 14

Team 4 v Team 13

Team 5 v Team 12

Team 6 v Team 11

Team 7 v Team 10

Team 8 v Team 9

Basically we already know the teams which will win their respective divisions – that seems to have been settled some time ago – but ANYONE at all could make the play offs and you will be playing for hard cash money.

Remember, as far as the play offs are concerned there are no divisions or leagues – just teams competing against each other.

If you don’t take part then the top teams will probably win the play offs…but if you do then there could be some really massive surprises.

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15 responses to “Massive News For CTP Teams – Your Team Can Win”

  1. Sig says:

    This is something refreshing I think for this Longe season!

    A playoff… that can become very interesting!

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    Very interesting set up to start the playoffs! We are looking forward to the excitement! 😀

  3. Howard Fullmer says:

    I just want to say TOOTING exciting

  4. If I could make a suggestion…,

    The Season is too long, if you are planning on changing that could I suggest that you go with 5 – 10 week mini seasons and a two week playoff at the end. After each mini season prizes would be awarded to the division winners and then the divisions would be shuffled by the winners being promoted and the last place team being demoted to a lower division.

  5. Mark Manypenny says:

    Just a suggestion for the playoffs, there should be no purchase XP as a part of the competition. I think the playoffs should be who surfs better, not who has the most expendable financial resources.

    Just one mans opinion 🙂

  6. go teams , here is your chance

    • Janice Campbell says:

      Russell – what are you giving the low team if they win from your Division?? Success Seekers took it, baby!! SWEET!!!


  7. James Ong says:

    Yeah, I think it’s too much unfair advantage when it comes to purchasing XP to win team competition.

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