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Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 2 Update

Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 2 Update

We are just on the second day of the badge hunt and you guys are getting very good at this indeed.

Day Two is only just over half way through and we are already closing in on nearly 5,000 badges claimed.

Today the fickle finger of fate lands on Leone Marziano who has a number of badges in this particular hunt.

Right now her most popular badge is one which is very easy to claim:

Plus 1 badge hunt badge 143

She also has badge number 144 which is you have successfully claimed the first badge will also be an easy one for you to pick up.

Badge number 145 should also be a relatively easy claim but requires a little more work – however if you already have the first two then you are already well on the way.

To get Badge 146 then you will have to make a purchase.

Plus 1 badge hunt 146 badge claim page

I want to highlight this because there is nothing wrong with asking people to make a purchase in your program in order to get a badge.

Now I am not suggesting that people will spend money just to get a badge but the badge hunt is a great way of introducing people to the products or services that you either own or promote.

Some of these people may go on to make a purchase because they have seen what is available and want to buy. This is why shops put elaborate displays in their shop windows and Leone is using the Plus 1 badge hunt as her virtual shop window here.

Leone has even more badges in the hunt so be sure to check those out too. It is a badge hunt after all so I can’t put all the links up here. Happy hunting everyone.


5 responses to “Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 2 Update”

  1. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the review, I originally only had 1 badge for the hunt and Jon had a discussion with me about the importance of giving my newly relaunched site the best chance of getting seen. I took his advice because I trust his opinion! It has been a fun couple of days so far and look forward to see how the hunt and my promos go.

  2. Sig says:

    Let the Games Begin…and they have!!


  3. Howard Fullmer says:


  4. James Ong says:

    Thanks for the explanation.

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