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Our New Self Service Promo Service Just Got Even Better

Our New Self Service Promo Service Just Got Even Better

Since we launched our new automated system for sites to take part in the Daily Challenge we have been delighted with the response.

Traffic exchange owners love how easy it is to use and surfers love the way that they can easily see where future challenges will take place for up to a month in advance.

The most frequent question people asked was whether we would automate the process for the Vault’n’Keys too…so we have now done so.

It follows exactly the same format as the Daily Challenge page with the schedule shown on the page and available dates highlighted.

Vault'n'keys schedule

In the image above Tuesday September 29 is actually TE Racing League…and if you want to verify that between now and then just click here. (The moving image just happened to turn totally white as I grabbed the screenshot which explains the blank image above.)

So there are three new pages:

Daily Challenge


Vault’n’Key Gold

And just to make things even easier for everyone, each page has links to every other via clickable tabs at the top.

New self-serve auto promo tabs for CTP

You can also access the pages via the Promos tab at the top of the CTP home page.


5 responses to “Our New Self Service Promo Service Just Got Even Better”

  1. Tim Hanson says:

    Very nice to look ahead and plan the days

  2. James Ong says:

    Thanks for the automation.

  3. Charles says:

    Automation leads to laziness. lol Good job “high five”.

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