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Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 1 Update

Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 1 Update

The Plus 1 badge hunt has got off to a flying start with badges being claimed left, right and center.

With just over 20 hours gone 3,545 badges have been claimed already which is a great start indeed.

Whether you are a new member taking part in a badge hunt for the very first time or an old hand at it, then have fun.

For the first time in a TimTech badge hunt we have made it possible for the top 75 hunters to win a cash prize so there is everyghing to play for.

Teams can win prizes too so you can collect as an invidivual, as a team player or both.

Don’t forget that there is a badge hunt button on your CTP home page for the duration of the contest so you can quickly find out how many badges you have claimed so far and which ones you still need to get.

CTP Badge Hunt Button

Remember some badges are available throughout the duration of the contest and some are only available on certain days.

Here is an example.

William Miller has multiple badges in this contest and if you want to collect all his badges then here is how…

The “The Plus 1 Badge Hunt 100 Badge” at SurfSkeleton.com and “The Plus 1 Badge Hunt 126 Badge” at TrafficPharaoh.com will be available for free for the duration of the contest.
SurfSkeleton.com and TrafficPharaoh.com will each host 5 other badges apiece with the following schedule.

Badge#  Dates available:
#1  Sept 23rd , Sept 24th, Sept 25th
#2  Sept 26th, Sept2 7th, Sept 28th
#3  Sept 29th, Sept 30th, Oct 1st,
#4  Oct 2nd, Oct 3rd, Oct 4th
#5  Oct 5th, Oct 6th, Oct 7th

As always, you just need to click on any of the badges shown on the main CTP badge hunt page to see how to claim that particular badge.

Also keep checking back to this blog as we will also highlight some of the badges throughout the contest and Tom has said he will be posting some of the badge hunt statistics as they catch his eye.

Happy hunting everyone.

4 responses to “Plus 1 Badge Hunt – Day 1 Update”

  1. osemar10 says:

    So things always look

  2. Sig says:

    This is a good one!!!

  3. James Ong says:

    I was absent for the first part of the badge hunt so I can’t get some badges anymore.

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