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500,000 XP Now That Is Something To Blab About

500,000 XP Now That Is Something To Blab About

Traffic Exchange Live could have a new home and this means it could pull in more viewers than ever before…including people who don’t yet know anything at all about the TE industry.

Jon has recently been trying out a new platform called Blab and the initial experience seems very good indeed.

Now as with all things social, followers make a difference, so in return for following Jon on Blab he will give you 500,000 CTP XP which is a great return for a few seconds work.

Jon said: “Blab has got  some huge potential to be a game changing social network and will become the new home for Traffic Exchange Live. But most importantly, as early adopters of this site, we hope to pull in new customers, new members and new active surfers from outside of the T.E. world.

“So let’s make some history today and get people outside of the traffic exchange world, taking notice of our vibrant and powerful community.”

Simply let support know you followed us and presto….Instant CTP XP and, of course, don’t forget to check out today’s TE Live on Blab at 4pm Eastern.

6 responses to “500,000 XP Now That Is Something To Blab About”

  1. Mona says:

    I think this site has so much potential for so many of us, including TE Live most definetly. I really like it. Good blog post today, but where is everyone? Must be over the Blab room 🙂 Happy Labor Day Weekend to everyone. Have fun. Stay safe. Go to Blab.

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    Thanks for turning us on to Blab! I am thrilled with the excellent performance of this great new resource. I agree that it will attract a lot of new people to the TE Industry but will work with anything that you are interested in promoting. I jumped right in an started Blabbing myself and you can too. Click on my name to see our first blab experience titled Learning to Use Blab to Promote Your Best Interest. This is something to Blab about! 😀

  3. marye says:

    New site with a great potential -thank you for sharing this site with us!

  4. Loving Blab, It worth Blabbing about

  5. James Ong says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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