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Use Duals or Duels To Foster Better Communication

Use Duals or Duels To Foster Better Communication

Nobody has seen Tim for a couple of days but he is busy working.

I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this short extract from his latest work with you all.

One of the Golden Hens of XP looked through his keyhole about an hour ago and caught a glimpse of what was on his screen.

According to the off duty hen, it was the following sentence repeated many times…

“Remember – Duel has an ‘e’ not an ‘a’.”

I have no idea what that means but I guess it must be important.

Personally I could not care less whether it is Duals or Duels…the important thing is what they represent.

They are another way of fostering team cooperation and of building team spirit and those things are good because they are also good for business.

Brenda summed it up really well when she was dealing with a question in Skype chat from someone who commented that sometimes the duels (or duals if you prefer) took place while they were sleeping.

She said: “We realize we have members all around the world and in many different time zones…… we know that not every team member will be awake each time there is a duel for their team… one of the purposes is to get the teams communicating better.”

Better communication…now there is a thing.

Worth giving some very serious thought I would say…

9 responses to “Use Duals or Duels To Foster Better Communication”

  1. Coming from someone who not so long ago wrote “terrific” when he meant “terrible”, that little (un)intentional misspelling is more than fine.

    CTP Duals / Duels are fun, the question is, will they make more people active or the same members will enjoy the new addition?

    • Jon Olson says:

      We’re just getting started with what these will eventually become.

      Lots of tricks up our sleeves to keep people very excited about the teams.

      • I hope I didn’t send out the wrong message. The only thing you can do to make more people involved in the team competition you do: introducing new stuff to keep the excitement going, trying new approaches every season.

        The rest is up to the team communication and individual choices.

        Personally, I love when things are happening in a business, there’s not just a launch then works on auto-pilot.

  2. Bill Darton says:

    “Personally I could not care less whether it is Duals or Duels…the important thing is what they represent.”

    I bet if someone was really challenging you to a duel, you would be hoping that they meant dual.

    As I understand them, those two words “represent” opposing ideals. In one case you have two items working in tandem for a common purpose. On the other hand, you have two people opposing each other where the sole purpose is for one to completely annihilate the other. Outside of this virtual world we play in, it is hard to imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t care which one I was participating in.

    I do have to agree with Adrian though… while I really do like the idea of the duels, I wonder if it is just another shiny bauble. How effective will it be at “rekindling the wet wood” so-to-speak?

    One common challenge in getting people to become “Active” team members is getting them to understand that there is value in XP. They see XP as something that only benefits the team and provides no direct value to them personally. Rather than wait for the question to come up, I address it in my introductory messages. I let them know that everything they do to gain XP helps them generate more traffic which is more exposure for their offers.

    As we get started, I can see where people will need to be coaxed into participating in duels in the same way as chasing XP.

    As for the time-zone issue, the In To Win team is fortunate to have members from every corner of the world. Hopefully we will see participation no matter what time of day we are selected to duel.

    Happy Surfing!

  3. marye says:

    I will (try) to keep watching for our Team to show up…..

  4. Wendy says:

    Nice new feature.

  5. love Dewling, because Duals creates a duality in duels

  6. James Ong says:

    Yeah, communication is important for such team event.

  7. Raj G says:

    Yeah! Communication develops Team Spirit

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