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Why Getting Where You Want To Be Takes Time

Why Getting Where You Want To Be Takes Time

How is life online working out for you?

The answer could be anywhere on a scale from “absolutely fantastic beyond belief” to “so bad I am about to give up.”

Think about where you are on that scale and then think about where you would like to be.

Hopefully you are not close to the ‘giving up’ end of the scale, but even if you are then don’t panic and don’t despair.

Maybe you are doing something wrong, or many things wrong or you lack focus or you are confused about what you are doing.

The key to getting where you want is to do little things better and make small improvements all the time.

Regular small improvements adds up to making constant improvements and this is what you should aim for.

The logical conclusion to all this is that getting where you want to be takes time so allow yourself the time you need and keep making progress as you do so by going for those small victories that Justin and Jon spoke about on Monday’s podcast.

Also remember that you are part of a great community here at CTP so make the most of it. Huge bonds have built up among many of the players on CTP Teams and these have led to life-long friendships and business relationships being forged.

Also remember to keep up all the latest industry developments at TELive at 4pm Eastern and if there is anything you want to know then that is the time to ask.


7 responses to “Why Getting Where You Want To Be Takes Time”

  1. Ole Rasmussen says:

    Thank you for good post !
    The big key to success both in offline world as online is Quote you sentence:
    “Regular small improvements adds up to making constant improvements and this is what you should aim for”
    So true and many should learn this as there are no super fast ways anymore to make big bucks fast unless you are a Top Promoter and even then you are left with people who have joined but far from all upgrades…so use communication + time and you will earn at one point.
    As for CTP, it still rocks !! and grows and keep on feeding CTP so it can serve us better, its a circle where we/you are to benefit from !

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    Awesome… Just shared it on the social networks … I have been in for the long run from the beginning … learning all the time … and invite you to do the same!

  3. Bill Darton says:

    These days we live in a world of Instant Gratification. A lot of people come online to start making money …and they want it today!

    The challenge is to get people to take a few breaths and slow down. Building a business online should not be compared to getting a job. Rather, it should be compared more to getting a Doctorate, or at least a Masters Degree.

    Even the industry jargon can lead to great confusion to anyone new to this industry. People get frustrated, quit and then claim that the whole thing was a big scam. The sad truth is that they have just cheated their self out of the best opportunity they will ever find.

    Learn to accept failure as an opportunity to learn. Constantly finding new ways to get better and building on those new “Victories” is the only sure path to success.

  4. marye says:

    I’ve been working online a LOT of years now (1997) – back when everyone I talked to that asked what I did (when I said I worked online) would ask me what I do for a REAL job….so I’ve been thru a ton of incarnations of online biz and marketing – there are ups and there are downs but nothing…NOTHING beats working online and making your own way — CTP is a strong tool for anyone serious about making their way online! Thanks CTP folks for building a strong platform for internet marketing AND an AWEsome community – it’s what keeps me going during the “downs”… Never Give Up & Never Surrender!!

  5. James Ong says:

    Yeah, it’s not an easy journey.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Another good article!

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