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Plus 1 Mondays – Why Justin and Jon Are Looking For Small Victories

Plus 1 Mondays – Why Justin and Jon Are Looking For Small Victories

For the rest of the world it is Monday…but for those in the know then it is Plus 1 Monday with a special podcast from Justin and Jon

podcast with jon and justinThe first podcast had an amazing response with more than 1,200 plays in its first week – in fact it is still getting new hits every day – and now we have the second podcast in this new series.

Some of the comments on the first episode include:

Sergio Felix – “Great first podcast show guys!

Shelayne Fico – “What a way to start my week. Thank you Justin and Jon! So inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.”

Winter Perkins – “Great job guys, seriously looking forward to the next podcast!”

In this episode Justin and Jon talk about small wins and how a series of little success in business add up over time and make a real difference.

Jon said showing up and getting stuff done was a win in itself, especially in an industry where it is so easy to give up and quit.

Justin said that the little wins were important because it helped people get through the tough times of being in business.

They also give tips on how they manage their own business, deal with setbacks, failures and how they measure success.

3 responses to “Plus 1 Mondays – Why Justin and Jon Are Looking For Small Victories”

  1. […] time so allow yourself the time you need and keep making progress as you do so by going for those small victories that Justin and Jon spoke about on Monday’s […]

  2. each small victory gradually becomes one big one

  3. James Ong says:

    They are small steps to success.

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